This section of the site is designed to help get new viewers, or those that may have missed a lot of Farscape, up to speed with current events, ready for the second half of season four. We'll point you to the various sections on the site that may be of help.


A Farscape Primer: Love & Life, Lost in Outer Space

This guide will take you through the main characters and events, season by season, up through the middle of season four. It covers all the major plot lines that could be needed to pick things up.

Other Useful Reading...

Farscape Episode Guide

Our in-depth episode guide contains complete and extensive synopses, images and reviews on every Farscape episode to date. If there's something specific you want to know, or want to read about certain events mentioned in the Primer in more depth, just check out the relevant episode.

Character Profiles

These are in-depth profiles covering the various characters on the show in great detail. Unfortunately, they're not all yet complete, but we're working on the remainder.

Other Articles

We currently have "In A Clamshell..." guides for season one and season two, which take you through the season episode by episode, with minimal spoilers. Also, Mary Wood's fantastic articles, A Newbies Guide to Farscape and The Essence of Dark are a good read if you're looking for more.

Post on our Forums

If you're looking for even more on the show, have any questions to ask, or just want a chat, our forums provide a friendly place to do so.