Fusion - Richard Manning's new baby

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Fusion - Richard Manning's new baby

Postby SunKrux on Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:36 pm

Being the good Froon groupie that I am (Froon for those not familar with that nick name is Richard Manning, aka one of the evil geniuses behind Farscape) when I received the following email from him I decided to come post it here for those of you who may or may not frequent any FS related fansites or fanboards.

Dear friends, family, fans, and foes,

FUSION, a 12-minute science-fiction pilot webisode, premieres Monday, January
26, 2009 on http://www.strike.tv -- an online network created by Hollywood storytellers
to distribute original, high-quality video entertainment.

Please have a look -- then join us at http://www.FusionTheSeries.com to leave feedback,
check out behind-the-scenes information and photos, interact with fans, cast,
and crew on the community forms, and even post fanfic or fanart if you're so

And -- please spread the word!

Thanks --

Ricky Manning

P.S. If this is the first you've heard of FUSION, here are the gory details:

Homicide cop Rocco Banyan and forensic psychologist Jasmine Fairchild – each
cursed with a horrific secret and an unearthly ability – battle a superhuman
killer in FUSION, a webisode series which is a, well, fusion of genres: science
fiction, action, mystery, romance, police procedural, horror, and more.

FUSION is created and written by Richard Manning ("Farscape"; "Star Trek: The
Next Generation") and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (a genre veteran with
more than 42 movies and TV series to his credit). It stars Chris Cleveland
("Heroes"; "The Prestige") and Julianna Robinson ("Wasting Away"; "McBride").

The show's official website, http://www.FusionTheSeries.com, actively invites fan
involvement; visitors are invited to share comments, feedback, questions, and
their own creative “riffs” on the FUSION universe.


I saw the sneak peek of this at the FS con back in November. It's a great little show (for now) and here's hoping it goes somewhere as it does have great potential. Enjoy! :D
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