Scapecast Ep. 61: John Char Review, Pt 2, Buffy and Farscape

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Scapecast Ep. 61: John Char Review, Pt 2, Buffy and Farscape

Postby Firecracker on Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:51 pm

Click Here to Download The Episode

Hosted by: Kevin Bachelder and Lindy Rae

ScapeCast Crew: Kurt Armbruster, Kevin Bachelder, Brent Barrett, Wendy Hembrock, Sammy Mohr, Lindy Rae, Hank Shiffman, Kimberly Thompson, and Nicola Wood

Additional Writing by: Alyrenee Greaves

Additional Voicing by: Alan Rae

Edited by: Brent Barrett

Running Time: 01:19:19

(00:00:33) Our hosts Kevin and Lindy welcome listeners to The ScapeCast
(00:03:06) Tralk Talk - The Hidden Chicken, Part 3
(00:12:00) Our hosts return
(00:12:07) Farscape Trivia Question
(00:12:52) John Season 4 (Part 2): I Fall to Pieces by Wendy Hembrock
(00:28:18) Our hosts return
(00:29:13) ScapeCast News with Wendy Hembrock
News Links Coming Soon
(00:32:50) Our hosts return to discuss DragonCon
(00:34:05) Richard Amirault tells you how to contact The ScapeCast (contest entry)
(00:34:36) Buffy and Farscape by Alyrenee Greaves
(00:50:58) Our hosts return
(00:51:51) Promo for Mur Lafferty's Playing for Keeps
(00:53:43) San Diego ComicCon 2008 Report by Lindy Rae (with Kevin Bachelder)
(01:09:37) Question of the Week: What was your favorite part about John's return to Earth in season four?
REMEMBER! You can answer any question of the week at any time!
(01:13:39) Our hosts return with their answers
Next week's question: What was your favorite part about the other Moyans' trip to Earth in season four?
(01:15:45) Farscape Trivia Answer
(01:17:02) Dr. Spam, Eema, and Apoo tell you the words of the episode
(01:17:16) Our hosts return to close out the show

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