Anyone into Eureka?

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Anyone into Eureka?

Postby Chi_fi_Eagle on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:54 am

Still cannot understand Sci-Fi channel going to SyFy channel...not watched much since Farscape ended, however I have been recording and watching Eureka and find myself very entertained! Glad that Comcast has it on Demand also. Strange ending to season 3 last though...mostly flashbacks (probably a SciFi mandate to get more people interrested in season 4)...still I enjoy it very much
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Re: Anyone into Eureka?

Postby Mreen on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:42 pm

I havent peeked on here for quite a while.

Yes, I really enjoy Eureka! Andy Griffith meets the space age - Jack Carter and family adjust to life where every exploding gadget for slicing bread or making tea is delivered to their door, without asking. :mrgreen:

In particular I loved the ending of season 3 (well, season 3.5) and the new Tess/Jack romance they've added in - gave the show quite a zing and is a very refreshing change from all the will they/wont they romances that so many shows rely on (including Eureka, in a laid back way, when they had the Jack Allison Stark love triangle, but Nathan won that round). Now we have a big style romance that makes me think they'll all start bursting into song as Tess and Jack make the fireworks go off whether they're happy or fighting again <g>
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