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Postby sleeper on Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:17 pm

So, we end season 2 (or season 1 1/2) with HRG back to being the bad guy and Sylar loose with his powers intact. So much for Season 2...

What the hell does Mama Petrili, Bob, and HRG know that they have to follow this path that they are on?

Well, Nathan is dead.... Poor Nathan, sorry I ever called you a Shark. At least you were smart enough to figure out that you were just being used by Mama and Linderman. Wished Peter could bring him back. If he did it once, you would think that he could figure out that he could use his own blood to bring back Nathan.

I really feel bad for spark girl. She is, all of a sudden, is a character that I want to know more about. Can she ever be free of her dad's influence? We saw a brief scene of her thinking for herself, but she still thinks that "daddy" is going to welcome her with open arms about chasing away Sylar, when he will turn around and blame her for letting Sylar get away.

I nominate Molinder for being the bonehead of the year award. Why bring the blood with you, when you know one of the most evil psycopaths in the fiction world needs it to continue on a path of distruction. They can't kill him off fast enough for me. At least one of the wonder twins is still alive, but will she ever get close enough to get her revenge on Sylar? She needs to learn how to focus her power on one person only. Then she will be a true threat... or hero.

You know Adam will be back, he has forever to dig himself out of that grave that Hiro put him in. (Hiro....jeeesh, you aren't as cute and cuddly as you used to be... :twisted: ) I'm glad that Hiro and Peter were finally able to work together to stop Adam. I wonder what Matt will do since Nathan is gone. In a strange way they were a good team.

Ah sweet and fine lookin' Nikki. Will you survive? It was great seeing the boy in action, but the copycat cousin needs to watch some more videos on how to fight people before she does something as reckless as she did.
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first half of season 2 ends...

Postby Mreen on Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:16 pm

HRG is back,
HRG is bad,
HRG's first act,
Was killing his daughter's dad!

Well, the first half of season 2 completed a volume without rescuing Caitlain. So I hope they show that bit soon. I dont understand why Peter wasnt trying to bring her back more often during the road trips anyway. Stopping the virus could occur after that...but what if he left her in a future that doesnt exist anymore..can you go back to a timeline that you erased?

I disagree about the award of bonehead of the year going to Mohinder. After all, when he arrived he didnt know Sylar was powerless, he just knew he was holding Molly hostage. He kept the blood, cures, with him as an insurance policy, but kept his big mouth shut till it came down to the life and death situation.

I'm not claiming Mohinder was up to his previously brilliant quick thinking moves,(I mean before he always stalled the villain or solved the situation for a bit of time at least) but clearly Bonehead of the Year Award must go to Peter. He finally reached the point where he questioned why a good guy like Hiro would go after Adam, and when he questions Adam he doesnt read his mind to check if Adam's honest or thinking up lies!!!! I'd have been okay if 400yr old Adam was clever enough to think in ambiguous terms, but not showing Peter reading Adams mind?

(oh, its only virtual spit, the writers can live with that. They can picture it in an italian or french accent if they like.)

Other wildly out of character moments - Peter choking Hiro??? Peter is no murderer, the only person he ever tried to kill was a serial killer that he thought was about to take out New York city. Hiro tried to help him... Peter would simply never kill him.

The in character thing to do would be for the two of them to stop time and talk instead of battle- Hiro saw Adam try to take the vial before, he could take Peter to that point in time to show him, or allow Peter to read his mind, or any such thing. No reason to do otherwise. If they wanted an action sequence fine, more time battles scenes,...but no "hey, Adam said I should kill a guy who helped me save the world, so I will!" Just does not fit any pattern. Peter questioned Adam on every death, because he felt killing was wrong. He never supported the decisions, just believed them to Adam's last resort, and thought Adam was over reacting slightly, for which Peter forgave or understood.

Wretched Sylar is back. *sigh* Well, his body count was just as high whether he had powers or not. They just had everyone behave with low IQ's around him till he hit them over the head with a rock. Or shot if he was in a hurry. Now they'll die the canopener style again..we'll see what happens next.

I'm surprised Virus Girl lived tho, I thought for sure that she was a goner as much as brother in the storyline. She just seemed so doomed.

HRG's act at the end there - now that was the shocker. If they'd led that as the Villians opening sequence instead of just Sylar, that would have been more chilling. That was what rocked the Heroes world more.

What I picture is that Claire-bear, seeing her biological dad shot on live TV for attempting what she was about to attempt, will grab her ex West and head east and south and save him with her blood. After all, it just saved HRG, she knows that, and she'll want to do it again. Maybe they'll bring Nathan back that way, maybe she wont get there in time to try. Peter could help with that, if you think about it, but of course he wont. Peter's new self isnt exactly known for "thinking about it".

Eville Madame Petrelli is back in action, tho her mentor Adam is a good couple of decades of digging himself out at least, she still has the burn and salt the field mentality of how the company, and someday the world (if she gets hold of another big disaster to establish her foothold in it) should be run. Destroying NYC to put a controllable president in place. Killing her son when he stops being that controllable. She really hasnt learned a thing, and Bob - the more we learn about him, the less nice he is. Both brutalize their children for company goals. And we STILL havent had her big reveal of her power moment. (I'm still waiting for the "No, Peter, I killed your father." moment. Okay, she wouldnt confess like that. But you know that sort of thing is in her past)

Mohinder is about to have his naive little eyes opened wide with the number of murders he can trace back to company orders.

Yes, Miss Murder Whoever Isnt Really Important For Kicks is actually becoming a sympathetic (sort of) character. Mohinder may actually teach her about morals (a wee bit), now that HRG opened her eyes to the idea that Daddy Is Bad. HRG will surely tow the OIW line now, but that crack in the not so together psychopath has been made. I know HRG will be coming after Mohinder at some point...but the two of them will be after Sylar together. For, whoever's powers Sylar goes after, Claire's is his favorite. (He'll never interact with Adam)

Maybe Mohinder and Matt and HRG can make a pact to protect Molly and Claire from the OIW. If the company goes after Claire, HRG will beserk on them, and Mohinder will rat if its not to save lives. HRG would go after Molly if the company told him to, but Mohinder wouldnt like it. If the two of them formed a secondary partnership to work for the company but never to hurt either's daughter, the Company wouldnt dare touch them. Too much to lose.

Its kind of weird seeing them end the volume in the middle.. I know the writer's strike had an influence, but it ended and the new eps will continue at the normal time in January, it looks like. I wonder if Tim simply decided that he liked the shorter ending because he really wanted to get started on the next volume and do it better. We'll see.

He said in the first "Post Show" that he felt they left the 'reveal' a bit late in this one...maybe he wants to do it right and keep us all waiting on that close time table again. That's what really worked for them before, the Vol 1 Ch 1 ep gave us the what, the Ch 2 ep gave us the when. It kept a gripping tightly wound story embedded in several stories that had us glued to the screens on Monday nights. They could do it again, they know what they need to do.
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Postby Chocolate on Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:20 pm

Well, I am quite glad that they filmed this version, to tell you the truth. If this was going to be the way it ultimately ended, I'm glad they took pity on us and gave us the short version :twisted: ...

The whole Peter-Adam thing really wasn't working for me, I must say. Actually, that whole "Super Heroes can be stupid too" isn't working for me. How is it possible for Peter to absorb so many powers yet have so little brain-power? He should have met Charlie when WE had the chance... :lol:
I won't even start about Matt or Mohinder, because you know how I feel about them :P .

Too bad about Nathan. Whenever he becomes vaguely useful something like this happens :lol: ...

Poor Nikki! They can't kill her off, she's my favourite character! Well, this is Sci-Fi, and we all know that until we see a body, nothing's final (actually, nothing's final even if we DO see a body :lol: ).

Sylar is the ultimate villain, so I'm glad they brought him back. I was wondering at the beginning of the series, if they would be able to come up with a better villain than him, and I must say they failed quite miserably. Adam's power was the one power Sylar didn't have, but it doesn't make him as dangerous or as interesting.

When Sylar shot Maya, my first thought was, "Why were these twins even IN this show?!", but having read Sleeper's post, I think that she might be interesting if she learned how to focus her power on just one person (*cough*Sylar*cough*). That is, if Sylar hadn't taken her brother's powers 'just in case' (you know, should guests drop by unexpectedly or something, it's always good to have an extra super-power lying about the place 8) ) when he killed him.

Are you sure it was HRG who shot Nathan? because I didn't really get that.
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Postby chryse on Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:57 am

I thought Noah went back to the company, not because he turned evil, but because Bob was threatening to kill them all if he didn't get Claire to shut up. Bob knows how to kill Claire, just the same way that Adam could be killed.

Speaking of Adam... well, there's that dark streak of Hiro's again. We saw it last season when he came back in time to try and Save the Cheerleader. It was always there, but Hiro really didn't need or want it... until he saw his father murdered by his friend. Btw, didya notice? Adam's screaming under the Nakamura family grave... just where Kaito's spirit can listen to his scream for all eternity... or at least until Adam gets out.

You know, coffins do eventually rot and rupture crushing the remains within them with about a ton or so of earth. It's actually possible that Adam will permanently die there if that coffin happens to rupture and crush so that a very large splinter lodges through his brain.

Peter gets the bonehead award.
1. He could have phased through the safe door to get the virus and destroyed in the room, by himself, Adam didn't have to walk in.

2. He could have read Adam's mind at any time after they met, but he never did.

3. He could have used his own blood to save Nathan, but he won't.

4. He could have talked to Hiro more to find out about Adam, even if he didn't read minds already. I mean, hello! Peter, you were a nurse, and not just any nurse, you did end of life care! Your dad recently died, Simone's dad/Mr. Deveroux, your client recently died (ok, in the past year... but he was close to them both), aren't you still on some level still grieving? Don't you have ANY empathy left for your FRIEND?

5. How does stopping the virus rescue Caitlyn from being in the wrong time? Go back/forward with Hiro and get her out yourself. Stop messing with Adam. Virus or no, she's still somewhere in the future.. maybe.


Mohinder had the blood on him because he was about to go to Nikki and cure her when Sylar called him up from Molly's bedside. Where was he going to leave it?

and that, btw, confirmed that Candice not only was working for OWI to heal Sylar but also gave Sylar the virus on OWI orders. We were right.

It might be Noah who shot Nathan, but I'm not so sure. I think they deliberately left it too vague. It may be another Hero, or ordinary, who works for OWI... a new character for next season, maybe?

Matt, I know you are new to this, but start thinking. He could have 'heard' the shooter BEFORE he shot Nathan.

I am really glad that Molly just can't find someone if they are dead. I was afraid she'd have some sort of horrific image of a rotting body or something.

I'm also really glad that Elle is growing as a character and growing up. I hope we see more of her too. What hole did Bob stick her in that she had so little contact with anyone else that Mohinder's gratitude touched her so?

Bob is an a$$ of extreme size and stinkiness. I think they are or were setting things up for Elle to confront him later.

Hiro to Adam: You aren't a god. YAY
Adam should have spoken more Japanese to Hiro, especially when he first saw him after Peter knocked him out at the beginning of the ep.

I don't know if Maya CAN focus her power on one person. It depends on her power works. We think it's a virus, but it actually works too fast to be a virus. And that couldn't really be directed that way, in spite of what I said in an earlier post about interacting with viruses. It seems to be more a gas/chemical weapon... on the other hand, at her brother's wedding, she was inside getting beaten up while everyone outside was dying too. It'd be nice if she could, but there are too many unknowns about her power, imo.

They didn't show another roach when Sylar got his powers back. The spinach can was funny in a very ironic sort of way. Sylar is sooo not Popeye. Was it just me or did they deliberately show Sylar shooting up like a drug addict?

Where is the HAITIAN?

I don't think Nikki is dead just yet. I think it's highly possible that "Jessica's" strength came back to save her from the building before it exploded. But poor Micah, he's gonna have a truly deep hatred and fear of fires for the rest of his life.

Late night thoughts:
nearly all the Heroes are orphans or missing a parent.... the twins were orphans, Hiro's mother died young, his father recently died, Peter/Nathan's father recently died and if Peter finds out what his mother sanctioned with Nathan and himself, she may as well be dead to him as well. Matt's mother seems to be at least absent, likely dead, and he imprisoned his father in his own nightmare so he's also completely absent now, just as much as leaving his family did years ago. Molly's parents are dead via Sylar. Sylar's parents are dead. Micah's now an orphan. Nikki was more or less an orphan, we never saw her mother or heard her mentioned, dad was an abusive drunk. DJ's dad was never mentioned... is Nichelle Nichols, DJ's mother or grandmother? I never really figured that out.

Claire's really the only one with BOTH parents, and 2 sets of them. Even West's parents are absent and he seems to disdain them anyway. Even Mohinder, who despite his super stupidity, isn't a super, has lost a father, and his mother is so far away, he might as well be alone.

It ended too quickly. *sigh* unavoidable, but still... :(

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small points

Postby Mreen on Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:16 pm

Nicolle is an aunt. You met DL's mother last season and she went on about raising a son alone, so we know his dad was out of the picture. Besides DL said he didnt have much of a father. Sounds like his dad and Nikki's dad had a lot in common.

Also - the strength is not "Jessica's" it belongs to Nikki...and whatever personality is in her body. Now, while I can buy that Jessica is gone, if they want to us too, I dont believe they "cured" Nikki, but created a new personality that would do what they say. Nikki is still there, because her love of her son will keep her there, but I really suspect something else was added.

HRG didnt go back to the company bcs he turned evil, more the other way around. He's always been a bit evil, killing off old friends because the company told him to, or because he thought it would bring the company down. He offered to go back to work for them to spare his family, so now he's all "let the evil reign!" inside him. Its his job...and part of his nature. As Claire told her brother "Dad is a bad guy." Not incapable of love and all human emotions, but he's never been all that good either. Remember how he was letting Blink attack his daughter alone in his house, to wipe her memories and keep her safe - he didnt want her to have a choice, and he didnt want to be there to comfort her and make it easier for Blink to do his job. He just wanted it done and over with - for his sake.

Claire and he are going to end up on opposite sides more than once - each will betray their larger goals to help the other, I forsee, but the conflict will always be there. (*wonders if someday Claire will say to HRG "I can bring you back, to the good side."*)

Yeah, Peter's empathy need some work this season. Seemed all wrong for him, particularly with the timeline involved. They are year behind us and all of it just happened for them. Of all the things you pointed out he failed at, only one can I see is not true- I dont think his blood would heal anyone. Remember he doesnt have the ability to heal in his blood, his blood mimics the ability in reflex, or in deliberate thought. That is likely not transferable with an infusion.
However, as his dad met up with Linderman all the time, I suspect that he knew him as a kid. Peter didnt have powers then, but if he thinks of Linderman, I bet he could heal someone. That would be interesting.
Just like I think he could do the voice of Evil Waif ..

Anyhow, I watched the last Post Show, finally (I never watch them till a few shows later bcs they beg spoilers from the guests and I hate that) and Tim had actually planned the volume to end this way - he was going to surprise everyone and do 3 volumes in one season. He says NBC is advertising the ep as the season finale, but its not. He's not sure how much he can do with the strike now, and might only get to two volumes as they keep cutting stuff out of the show each week that it drags by, but he'll do what he can.

He did say the obvious, about the Volume labeled Villians.. that we've seen hero after hero introduced, and now its time for villains. Hope you dont consider that a spoiler, bcs even I dont <g>

I doubt Adam will die so easy as collapse and burial. He's the type to dig himself out, some year, some day. If Hiro doesnt go back for him some time. I did love how Adam was yelling for Carp to come let him out- not in despair, but fury and anger, like it was inevitable that he was gonna come get Hiro and revenge someday if he didnt.
I think that's cool.

I enjoyed Adam as a villain more than Sylar. Sylar is just.. you know, a monster. Instinct masquerading as a cause. Adam is a thinking villain, who could do good, could get over his evil urges, we've seen him reformed once and its tempting to think he could do it again. But you can doubt him so much more easily.

I think they can give us even better villians tho. Looking forward to Volume 3.

West's parents, I suspect, are suburban normal folks living in blissful unaware of what their son would do, and would never suspect that their boy isnt the nice boy on the block. Maybe distracted and a tad neglectful, but I suspect they are ultimately normal. West tho ... still cant shake that bad-seed feeling I've got about him. Like ...someday he may get rid of them. (Well, not that bad. Run off and never look back, maybe. But he was really shocked to see Claire's family grieving over HRG and I thought that might be sort of wake up call, that normal people are important too. But he split before we could see if it had a lasting effect)
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Postby chryse on Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:22 am

Nikki believes that the strength is Jessica's. In her mind, the 2 are linked and neither have anything to do with her. She really, REALLY wants to be normal. That's why I think if her strength comes back, Jessica will as well.

Peter's blood may not save Nathan, you're right. But it still won't occur to Peter to try it out either. bonehead.

DL's aunt. ok, That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Villains next chapter huh? *evil grin* Then Nathan's assassin is definitely a new character. No, I don't consider that a spoiler, that's logical plot/show development. What else were they really going to do?

Adam is a better villain than Sylar. He has a more complex character.

3 volumes this year? Geez. That's a LOT. I'm actually kinda glad they are paring it down as the strike continues. Not that I don't love story development, that sounds like a LOT.

So what about the "alternate ending" because of the writer's strike? Did they actually do that or was that something else?

And we never really did talk about the scene you saw filmed mreen. That was in the 2nd to last ep, right? When Monica was doing her St. Joan bit to get back Micah's backpack? Spill the beans NOW! ;)
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not gonna say not gonna say not gonna say- not yet!

Postby Mreen on Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:53 am

Nikki's preconception that the power belonged to Jessica was spelled out to her as WRONG in the season 1 finale <g> so she knows she's the strong one, and that's why she tried to take on Sylar later on that ep, till Micah called for her. She wasnt worried about her power till the suggestion that she might develop more personalities was implanted by Bob, and then she started taking the drugs. Micah knows its her power, DL knows its her power, and that's why Micah kept trying to persuade his parents that they should all be heroes together.

I think slamming us with 3 Volumes would have been cool- we'd never have seen it coming (each was to end during the natural breaks in eps, when everybody stops and shows reruns and movies) and I'm sure the next volume would have left us something tantalizing and new to worry about :) He was supposed to have 24eps to play with, and a spin off series "Origins" running in April to explain even more plot points as it happened concurrently. Origins chances are pretty slim now. But we'll see how long it takes a network exec to wise up in this day and age.

Turns out there was no alternate ending, that was both Heroes people hiding the fact that they had so many volumes planned, and the network attempting to spin this volume ending as a series finale, which Tim said is absolutely wrong. Its just the end of one volume.

As for the scene I saw filmed - it hasnt happened yet - hehhehheh- I can only tell you it was filmed one day before the expected writer's strike was announced, so the 2nd to last day of shooting that people knew for sure they'd have.

So I expect it was part of Villians ... - the suspense! The mystery! The oooh, how does it work into the story ....
I hope we see it soon!

As for HRG not shooting Nathan - sure, possible- but Villians might have been more about he and Bob and their interactions with new bad guys in sort of a spy vs spy badguy vs badguy kind of story. The story of how they justify their actions without seeing themselves as just as much the problem.

I like to think of HRG as the guilty one. I'm just having more fun that way. 8) :twisted:
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Postby Mreen on Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:26 am

I keep hoping they'll give us another ep - they havent used that scene I saw yet - they might have one or two eps they've filmed in the box!

Of course they may be waiting for the writers strike to end so they know whether to go ahead with "villians" or if they need to shorten it or lengthen the volume.
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Re: The Official Heroes: Season 2 Thread

Postby frenchkissing on Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:33 am

I have finished the three seasons of Heroes long time ago!!
now i am watching the farscape 1-4 box set DVD, have you ever seen that? when will the next new season published?
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Re: The Official Heroes: Season 2 Thread

Postby Mreen on Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:18 am

Wow, a spammer and an idiot - not a hard combination.

Season 3 hasnt finished airing, and no one here is gullible enough to click on your link and get malware and viruses.
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