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Postby TINemo on Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:51 am

Yup I've crossed swords with Walter's girl too---and over something utterly mundane....don't bother to post there anymore.

Now if you watched the season finale......I suppose these are spoilers, but does anyone care?......apparently Col Ty(the drunken First officer), the woman who is Roslyn's secretary, Sam who married Starbuck and the Chief all think they are really cylons....AND Starbuck has emerged from a cloud, apparenttly unscathed by her viper burning up since she is still flying it----and tells Apollo she will lead them to Earth......

I don't get it, I just don't. I can't follow the mythology( the arrow of Apollo, the temple of the five,etcetcetc) And they keep story lines just hanging with no resolution.

And they cancelled Farscape and SG1! Boonie Hammer, Bonnie Hammer
WHY does NBC leave you in charge??? and now get ready for Jane the Pain Killer --that looks gross.
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Postby KaraS on Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:40 pm

Sorry guys, but I haven't had any trouble following the plot. If you've got any questions I'd be happy to try to answer them.

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Postby chryse on Wed Apr 04, 2007 1:22 am

Kara, it's the not plot that I can't follow, it's the writers' thinking about what they are doing with the show. BadMagumbo tells me the highlights, I know what's going on, but it's just so badly written, imo, that I can't stand to watch it.
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Postby KaraS on Sat Apr 07, 2007 1:16 pm

You think it's badly written? I've gotta disagree. Sure, some episodes are less than stellar but on the whole I think the writing is good and even Farscape had a few less than terrific episodes.

I can see why some people wouldn't like it. It's definately written for a mainstream audience, people who "don't like" science fiction. And so some of the series feels strangely pedestrian for a show about interstellar refugees fighting an army of robots and clones. And a lot of the allegory this season has been really thin over the political commentary. Somtimes I felt that if I wanted to watch coverage of the war in Iraq I'd watch the news, not a scifi show.

And many of the characters are, frankly, unlikable. Starbuck is a screwed up mess that makes Dirk Benedict's coniving rogue look wholesome and clean. Baltar isn't evil enough to hate but rather possibly the weakest person ever portrayed on television and totally contemptable. Tigh is an alchoholic, viscious wife murderer. Even the most noble characters on the show, Roslin and Adamas senior and junior have sacrificed their honor, lied, murdered, fixed elections and generally acted in a manner unworthy of respect in the name of expediency. The ONLY character I would ever really want to spend time with is Helo who is almost too idealistic to be real.

But it's kind of like a car wreck in that I can't look away. As much as I don't like some of these characters, I want to know what happens to them.

And BSG is real science fiction in that it examines big ideas. It deals in a big way with religion, religious zealotry (mothestic Cylons vs polythestic colonials), fate, predestination, reincarnation and free will. It deals with what it means to be human. Does anybody doubt that Cylon Sharon is a better person than Baltar or Tigh (who may or may not be a Cylon himself, oh no!)? It deals with justice and class warfare and wether or not suicide bombing or torture can ever be justifiable.

Oh, and a really obnoxious love quadrangle, and that was poorly written. But even t he best show falls flat on it's face sometimes.

And it fires the imagination with possibilities. But then, I can get off that way with The Power Rangers so maybe my imagination is overly easily stimulated. (And there were some mighty fine young men on that show, fit and athletic. Don't look at me like that! They may have been playing High Schoolers but the actors were all of age. But I digress.)

I guess BSG isn't for all tastes. It's science fiction made for mundanes. It's overly topical and hard to watch sometimes. But that season finale was dynamite and I'm looking forward to seaon 4. In 2008. *sigh*

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Postby BlackAdder on Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:08 pm

I agree, KaraS, what it comes down to is whether or not a series appeals to someone. BSG does not appeal to all, but for me the appeal is there. I've loved watching these characters change over the course of three seasons and I even like that they are so flawed as to be rather unlikeable as a whole.

The answer to that for me is in the premise, their entire world was destroyed in a devestating, almost complete genocide. Having lost everything and everyone they really do drift around morally. Yet, I love them because their situation evokes sympathy and in some cases empathy in me.

I can't agree that it is poorly written though, and it did win a Peabody based on the strength of its writing, I just think the manner in which the tale is told is not for everyone.

Season three told a different kind of story than the first two seasons, but when I look at the horrible quadrangle love story in retrospect, and what happened to all the characters (save Dee who is just sort of there) involved I find that it had interesting ramifications. Kara isn't an admirable character but she is painfully human...and yet she is the one with a divine destiny. That's the kind of stuff that works for me, sure, she's ultra destructive and frequently unkind, but she's also the choice of the gods. Religious murkiness abounds both in scripture and in the place that holds, plus the impact it has, in the lives of the characters.

Although the long wait ahead sounds like it will be interminable, I'll be back. For a lot of reasons, but just as a for instance, someone like Tigh - reprehensible as he so often is - is played by an outstanding actor. So, between a grim storyline that holds me, and the strength of the cast, I'll be back.

They did have write slipups this year though, I do so hope Michael Angeli (responsible for several of them) decides to go follow his bliss elsewhere.
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Postby desert fox on Sun Jul 22, 2007 5:17 am

I like this show very much because characters are just....human. Decent but flawed. Trying to be good but sometimes screwing up badly. Just like you and me might have done under similar conditions....At the other hand the universe as a whole has a gritty realism. You know that there are wounds , scare , anger , injustice , bitter words exchanged , personal weakness etc as well as good things like victories , survival , love..... It makes characters much more real. Everything good has a price. Nobody is picture perfect. For everywrong doing ( by Cylons , humans ) there is a price paid also. There is no cheseness like silly bad jokes , campy humour..These people are in a war and we also feel their stress.....Not everything resolved at the end of a 45 minute episode with deux machina or technobabble ( increase tachyon field and send the photon blah blah ) There is no RESET button either. Everything has after effects echoing in future episodes , changing them.

Viva BSG ! With Farscape gone you are the only thing worth watching in tv.
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