Farscape Comic- spoiler thru page 6

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Farscape Comic- spoiler thru page 6

Postby Mreen on Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:08 am

Yes it's coming out Dec 24th, but you can read the first 6 pages online

Once you've read it...then we get to my complaint:

[spoiler]Doesn't it seem Chi is a bit off in this so far? Yes, I can see her going thru a nymphomania stage of grief and all ..but remember DK's first words of advice to writers for the show? Make it real- if the writer came to him and said "I've got a great idea about a guy who's so strong he can destroy a planet!" DK would say back "How about if he's so strong he can lift a car instead?" Less extreme- still very strong, but a story the reader's can buy as "That might be possible in some way." Instead of Chi having sex 52 times - wouldnt 2 dozen times have sounded just as extreme, and something you wouldnt have to just say "hey, it's comic book aliens, they can do that in a day or two" Jothee could have said the first 20 times were great ... it just all seemed a little off. Maybe I'm being too picky- normally I'd say Krad would always get the characters right...but I feel like he felt he had to go to ridiculous extremes to get a laugh with Chi, rather than just going to realistic extremes for the same effect. That unless she's nearly nekked, shagging everything in site, beyond human capacity, people won't read the comic. Little disappointed.
Also - what the heck is Crichton thinking, getting a bottle from Granny for his baby? She nearly killed Crichton with every first try at a potion- who in their right mind would let her near his baby's formula? Crichton should test it on himself first, then after he wakes up from the near deadly knock-out potion, explain to her that little babes cant handle this amount of drug.
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Re: Farscape Comic- spoiler thru page 6

Postby SunKrux on Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:43 am

moved to Merchandise Forum, since this is about Merchandise. :D
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Re: Farscape Comic- spoiler thru page 6

Postby OssianMacCoul on Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:43 pm

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