Episode 63: Interview with Keith RA DeCandido

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Episode 63: Interview with Keith RA DeCandido

Postby Firecracker on Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:27 pm

Keith RA DeCandido had some interesting things to say about why Brian did not want to call the Farscape Comics season 5. They are still canon - but they are not Season 5.


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Hosted by: Brent Barrett and Kimberly Thompson

ScapeCast Crew: Kurt Armbruster, Kevin Bachelder, Brent Barrett, Wendy Hembrock, Sammy Mohr, Lindy Rae, Hank Shiffman, Kimberly Thompson, and Nicola Wood

Additional Writing by: Penny Sullivan and Kelly Morris

Additional Voicing by: Alan Rae

Edited by: Brent Barrett

Running Time: 01:01:32

(00:00:47) Our hosts Brent and Kimberly welcome listeners to The ScapeCast
(00:01:40) Tralk Talk
(00:05:06) Our hosts return
(00:05:15) Farscape Trivia Question
(00:05:46) Virginia Hey says hello
(00:05:55) The Last Peackeeper: Braca in Peacekeeper Wars by Penny Sullivan
(00:14:26) Our hosts return
(00:15:08) ScapeCast News with Wendy Hembrock
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Sid the Science Kid
Tammy MacIntosh's The Flying Doctors on R2/4 DVD
Farscape 2nd Frelling Farewell Convention November 7-9,2008
The Muppets on TV
(00:18:14) Our hosts return
(00:18:43) Interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido, writer of Farscape Comics
Links to come
(00:37:58) Our hosts return
(00:38:48) Promo for Christiana's Shallow Thoughts
(00:39:46) High Impact Characters: Grunchlk by Kelly Morris
(00:48:13) Our hosts return
(00:48:41) Kevin Bachelder tells you how to contact The ScapeCast
(00:49:41) Question of the Week: Which two Farscape characters would you like to be stranded with in the UTs?
REMEMBER! You can answer any question of the week at any time!
(00:56:38) Our hosts return with their answers
Next week's question: What is one of your favorite relationships in Farscape? (Excluding John & Aeryn and D'Argo & Chiana)
(00:57:36) Promo for Shortcomings Audio
(00:58:08) Our hosts return to promise that Kevin and Lindy will be back next time... :)
(00:59:04) Farscape Trivia Answer
(00:59:41) Eema, Zoey, Mr. Hoople, Apoo, and Nookie tell you the words of the episode
(01:00:00) Our hosts return to close out the show

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