Inf Poss 2, What did I miss?

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Inf Poss 2, What did I miss?

Postby ukscaper on Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:19 pm

Hello, just watched Infinite possibilities 2 where John dies from a radiation overdose of Partanium. Or I thought he did until I watched the next episode where he is arguing with D'Argo. How did he recover and what did I miss?

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Re: Inf Poss 2, What did I miss?

Postby SunKrux on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:46 pm

Back in the eps, Eat Me, John was "twinned". The John that died in Infinite Possibilities 2 was one of the "twins". The John you see arguing with D'Argo is the "other twin".
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