Full Music Credits: Premiere Ep

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Full Music Credits: Premiere Ep

Postby JMH on Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:37 am

Perhaps this has been discussed here... way long ago, but I cannot
find it here or on the www through various key words:
I am trying to find the full music credits (track listing/artists etc.) for the Premiere episode.
The music in this, and other episodes includes more than just the themes and tracks
available on the soundtrack CDs.
For example there is some music with vocals in scenes showing the transport pod
and Eryn's Marauder flying down to the Commerce Planet.
...anyway,... trying to get a lead on the actual full credits for the episode

Thanks for any assistance.

P.S. in case anyone stumbles upon this and can help
I also cannot tell(have not come across it) if the music during the Gilina "death scene" in
Hidden Memory is on the Subdivision Soundtrack cd.
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