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Postby ScarranHalfBreed on Fri May 06, 2005 7:31 pm

scaper1000 when aeryn dies in the locket and john is saying all the places that he wanted to take herand then he opens the locket and theres her voice 'the only man i ever loved'

Oh yeah. And that bit.

scaper1000 wrote:AND ZHANN!!! when she died i just had to rewind and play and rewind and play just so i wouldn't forget her lovely blue face because she was the mother and everyone loves there mother

LOL! I think that's brilliant. What other show does that to you, huh? HUH?
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2 Saddest/Emotional moments.

Postby AERYNSUN on Fri May 06, 2005 10:07 pm

One, could be D'argo's sayin "I'm your Daddy" while he was killing Scarrans, D'argo's detah, ina word.

And another could be in Infinite Possibilities Part 2, Icarus Abides, when Talyn-John dies, the last conversation between He and Aeryn.

Well, it's difficult chosing only two. There are a lot of Emotional moments.

I would also say at the end of Bad Timing, when John and Aeryn are crystalised and the sight of D'argo crying desèrately afeter watching two of his best friends dying before his own eyes.
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Postby Winona on Fri May 06, 2005 10:18 pm

ScarranHalfBreed wrote:
Surprisingly, I was bored when the twin John died. I saw it coming and was far more upset with Claudia's reaction after he produced the wormhole ("John?"), but I can remember doing the shopping list in my head during his actual death. It was overly manipulative.

No way! Really thats what you thought?!? I loved that ep, especially when Aeryn says 'I'm very angry' she's just like a little girl... it totally wreaks me. I'm such a sop :roll:
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Postby BlackAdder on Tue Jun 07, 2005 7:39 am

I don't often cry over relationship moments but John and Aeryn got to me more than once. Usually in the simple "and then I teared up" sort of manner.

However, I full on cried when Aeryn returned to Moya after the death of Talyn-John, sees John there and the look on her face was heartbreaking. I bawled and was really glad that I was alone at the time so that no one could witness my waterworks.

Kansas - an episode that I didn't love but I did not dislike tremendously either actually got to me badly. When John calls out to his retreating mom in a voice that breaks (and she does not hear him ...and worse still he knows it and knows that it must be that way) "When you first feel the pain...don't ignore it." It was just such a human moment and Ben Browder brought across in his expression the saddness the character of John must have experienced when she died.

Paul Goddard (Stark) had a weird ability to make me cry. I think because the source of his insanity (initially) is so heart rending - that he takes on part of a person's pain/torment in helping them pass over ...and that he still does the work anyway really made me love him.

So whenever Stark started in with the honestly pained, or perhaps agonized rantings I was a pile of mush. Even when he torments Jool with "show you something that will make you cry forever." I was in floods of tears.

There were plenty of times that Stark drove me up a tree but I always loved the actor. Heck even in the PKW....


When John and Aeryn rip off his mask and force him to take on the abilities of the dying peace maker (which, hey, it isn't as if they had any other option) I cried because I was yelping "Please don't! You'll fry what little is left of him." Then again, at the end when he puts his mask underneath John's hand.

Most of Choice did not make me cry. I've lost loved ones and it was pretty familiar territory - and honestly I think I cried myself dry over death on TV in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "The Body" (which sounds ridiculous if you haven't seen the series...if you and the Fruit Punch speech? I lost my stuff badly) ...or so I thought until Aeryn, in a desperate attempt to lash out and drive Crais and Stark away from her turns on them both - telling the hard, cold truth - I ended up crying at the look on Stark's face when she rounds on him.

He really sold his part at the most crucial of times and that was one of them. That was the gentle form of Stark trying to help and to have Aeryn speak the plain truth of the matter to him...and see his facial expression, and then hers...

Yup. It was a KLEENEX! STAT! moment for me. I also think that beyond Goddard's ability I was also touched by the fact that the character had been a slave. Then even when free he is still very much chained to the pain within him ...and it manifests in fits of sometimes funny, sometimes annoying but just as frequently moving insanity.
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Postby Urpling on Tue Jun 07, 2005 9:16 pm

BlackAdder wrote:Paul Goddard (Stark) had a weird ability to make me cry. I think because the source of his insanity (initially) is so heart rending - that he takes on part of a person's pain/torment in helping them pass over ...and that he still does the work anyway really made me love him.

Love reading all your posts, BA...humane, intelligent and funny. Don't stop, willya?

I am gonna say something that our BritAngie will never forgive me for... :) ...but I think that Paul Goddard is a better actor than Ben Browder. Paul is method+. He so 'lives' his parts from his toes to the bum-fluff on his chin that it pours out of every pore...but mostly it's in his eyes...well his 'one' eye. My god! One eye...and it's all there.

When Stark collapses and wails...I am undone. When he is enraged, I am angered too! He draws me in totally...and I am so picky about 'aaacccctooooorrrrs dahhhhling' and 'draaaaahhhhhmah!' takes something very powerful to suck me in 101%...and Paul does it for me without fail.
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Postby BlackAdder on Thu Jun 09, 2005 3:51 pm

Thanks Urpling :)

I think that Paul Goddard was called upon to do something that would have had a lot of actors shaking in their boots. A two time slot as the "seems crazed but in reality isn't." character would be a challenge.

Stark upon reintroduction became a character that had tremendous complexity, would be played for laughs or pathos sometimes - and would sometimes be called upon to do things that were off-putting to the fan base. It's a strong actor's dream in terms of challenge. A weaker actor's living nightmare. So the very fact that Goddard didn't crap a herd of bovines upon learning that this is what he would be doing says to me "That would take a really confident actor."

Browder was cast as the hero/main figure and he truly delivered very well in that capacity. He showed a full range of human emotion and I was often tremendously impressed. Sometimes I was even in awe. Other times I just drooled because I'm not blind. The man is gorgeous.

Goddard had a character that was secondary in nature and meant to convey a full range of emotion but with an added twist - the audience might be able to conceive of his pain but truly understanding how his mind worked was never shown - it couldn't be in order for the character to work.

Shakespeare relied upon many characters that were mad upon introduction. I've always assumed (and never checked into this so I may be wrong) that part of the reason they cast Goddard was that he must have been well schooled in Shakespearean theatre.

He has a flawless way of snapping into those rantings and it never seems like "WHOA...where did that come from, that was completely inorganic!" Instead with limited screentime Goddard somehow managed to deliver believably on everything that he does. Even in Meltdown (not a good episode) ...Whereas Stark drives nearly everyone batty - Paul's performance is actually far better than the material.

I don't know if he is a better actor than Browder but I do know he is an excellent one. For instance, falling in love with Zhaan was something we are shown very little of and in terms of the arc it was kind of "Huh? Okay, that dropped out of the clear blue sky." (or rather...deep black spcae) Virginia Hey, faced less of a challenge there in that Zhaan being loving was a huge part of her character construct. This was an established part of her character she was extending towards another player.

It's Goddard that really sells how deeply he loved her. We barely got two entire scenes that fleshed that out with the actual character of Zhaan but Goddard's pain, torment and further descent into madness was almost palpable after she died. Particularly in The Choice where he first hear's her calling out to him. Along with Stark I froze in place and then you can literally see the tormented decision to continue with what he is there to do until it is completed play out over his face. In maybe a second. That was powerful to me.

I think that's why the scene with Crais and Aeryn got to me so badly. She is speaking the truth to him - the truth that she knows. His face shows momentarily the truth that he does not tell her. That he can hear Zhaan calling for him and is still trying to help Aeryn.

One of the very few times in TV I've been able to say "Okay, we didn't see it at all really...but now I truly believe it anyway."

That was a huge risk that the Farscape writers took with the story line. It's never a good idea to passport or telegraph imprortant emotional developments. I'm thinking they must have had a lot of faith in Goddard's ability to deliver.

He's not a drop dead gorgeous guy. He's sort of oridinary looking but the moments when his face settles into a peaceful expression pack a wallop. In those moments it doesn't matter what he looks like physically, he honestly managed to look beautiful in a different way - not judged on the "So Hot!" scale but rather the "So beautifully, emotionally compelling."

At least for me. I guess some fans wanted to hit him in the head with something extraordinarily heavy :)
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Postby Urpling on Fri Jun 10, 2005 7:03 am

BlackAdder...I do so LOVE how you write.

You choose simple words that feel like you grew them in a garden...they are so naturally plucked and fragrant posies. It's a real talent that you have. It's like you seem to really enjoy rounding-words-about...'reaching out' in this way.

Ben is certainly gorgeous and he is very intense about line-delivery...very focused, like Claud...(in more of an exacting mental exercise sort of way than a profoundly emotional one)...I can 'feel' the work that he puts in...but he doesn't always 'feel' what he acts like Paul isn't in his eyes. (Ben barrels too, which is decidedly naughty!)

Ben knows the theatrical tricks of appearing to cry, (with all the attendant gestures etc.) when he isn't in fact moved from the inside out. But that's hard to do when you're on, say your third or fourth take!

(Having said that Ben's Killer Within explosion, at the end, really hits the mark...he had a very restrained part in the story and it was almost like he was saving himself for that last scene...when the script gives him the green light to let rip. That was beautifully executed.)

Paul (who obviously had a far lighter work-load on Farscape than Ben) seemed to know his lines, marks/blocking (camera) and in addition, he allowed himself to feel...and I often wonder how many takes there were before he got the 'print' call. You could argue that this is a very 'yin' thing, kind of a 'feminine' side...and Ben is more of a blokey chap.

Ben has physical presence in a way that Paul doesn't...I agree with you, yes...Ben has less of the tender, vulnerable, inner 'feely' stuff, but plenty of the macho heroics and mental smarts. To me, Paul has the emotional smarts.

Paul has a poetically attractive face to me, whereas Ben is Adonis...pure 'thud'...hetro stuff. As Fran delivers in Scratch 'N Sniff, Ben is just "Ffffwoooorrrr". However, Ben's physical presence doesn't, at least to me, make him equal in terms of pure acting chops.

But hark at's all very sitting here...passing judgement when I would rather die, than act. (In terms of acting, I stay very firmly on t'other side of camera!) Actors just blow me away...full stop/period!
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Postby manalishi on Sat Jun 11, 2005 11:45 am

Well, this is my first post here on the boards --- Over the past 3 or 4 months I've watched the entire series via boxset. I must say, it's become my favorite show... bar none.

I've read through parts of this thread (mainly the first 2 pages) and agree with most of the others -- there are simply tons of emotional moments in this series.

One of THE most emotional, for me at least, came in the middle of season 4, in the episode "Kansas". Which John first sees his "1985" family, he sees the banner saying that his father is the new captain of the space shuttle challenger, which (as we, the viewers know) exploded in 1986.

The reason why this hit me as especially emotional is because my uncle actually WAS the captain on the space shuttle challenger in 1986 -- in real life.

It was a very... surreal moment for me. This is a show I've come to absolutely love, and has redefined "sci-fi" and drama for me.... and then for it to have a tie-in to my own personal past.... was very unexpected and sobering. It gave it an even more personal touch, if that was possible.... because from episode ONE of this show, the first people I thought about when I saw Crichton and was exposed to his personality was a mix between my uncle and his son -- my uncle because of his looks (and the fact that he was an astronaut), and his son (my cousin) because of his very quarky sense of humor.

And then at the end of the episode, where they're flying away from Earth and D'argo asks, "there's nothing we can do for those doomed astronauts on that shuttle mission, is there?"... And John just shakes his head.
Wow... memories, memories... :(

Ok -- I'm rambling a bit; sorry about that.
Just wanted to pass that along. Carry on!
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Postby BritAngie on Sat Jun 11, 2005 2:07 pm

Welcome to the board Manalishi and my condolences on your Uncle. That is quite a story you have there! I'm glad though that Farscape touched you in a positive way. :)
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Postby BlackAdder on Sat Jun 11, 2005 6:57 pm

I'm so sorry, that must have been very difficult.

Truthfully I wish that Farscape had not included the Challenger tragedy in their script. They made the call to use the footage but they totally jacked the date on the actual event didn't they?

I thought that occurred on January 28, 1986. If that's the case the Halloween date in 86 made no sense.
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Re: kansas

Postby Urpling on Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:18 pm

Hi, managed to get a gasp out of me with your connection with the real space programme and the FS story.

My God! This is not just another 'space-chase' story for you, is it?

What made you stay with all the seasons...from the first to the fourth...what kept you hooked?

Glad to have you aboard...this one kind of...ah...'space' experience where the crashes are not lethal...cyber space Scapers with life! :wink:
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Postby manalishi on Sat Jun 11, 2005 10:29 pm

Urpling --- The main thing that hooked me was the sense of humor of the show... and how unpredictable it was. I've always been a sci-fi fan (star wars, star trek, etc. etc.), but it seemed as if Farscape didn't play by the regular "rules" of sci-fi... and I liked that!

After about episode 3 or 4, I went out and bought all the boxsets, because I knew this was a series I'd want to watch all of... and in a hurry! And I was right. :)

BlackAdder -- You are correct, the date of the Challenger accident was January 28, 1986.
Having the FS episode take place during Halloween obviously helped with the whole "costume" angle of the plot...... but other than that, the only thing I can figure is that they were treating October as when the crew was "announced". (In reality, the shuttle crews are actually announced a year or more in advance... but anyhoo.)

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. I just finished watching the Peacekeeper Wars a few nights ago, and I'm already anxious to go back and watch the whole series again. I'm going to make my "special someone" watch it with me, though -- because there were so many instances in the series that made me think of her..... but that's a line of thought for another thread... 8)
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Postby scapecadet on Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:46 pm

Manalishi, thanks for posting and I am very glad to welcome you here. The refrences to the Challenger made for a pretty intense episode and that was without your personal link... I visited Cape Canaveral in 1990 and saw their awesome IMAX documentary, which really changed me inside. One thing that had a real impact on me was the fact that we saw some of the Challenger crew in this film and their shots/videos - it was very poignant, but at the same time made me feel that at least they have a fitting and lasting memorial in that film.
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Postby Kheldrion Dawn on Tue Aug 09, 2005 4:22 pm

Hi Manalishi,

If anyone can relate to that strange moment you had in that episode, it is me. You see, my relation is not nearly as spectacular as that, but for me it was the Crichtons mom dying of cancer part that got me. My mom died last september, and she suffered greatly from that infernal disease. The moment when that became clear (I think it was in "wont get fooled again", i had to switch off the TV, too much for me). Later Crichton tries to warn his mom, but in vain. Sometimes TV eps are just good entertainment, but once in a while it gets personal. And then it hits you like a Jackhammer.

Let me add my condolences to the others.
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Postby Alphabet Cookie on Fri Sep 23, 2005 2:35 pm

To both Manalishi and kheldrion Dawn, my condolences.
one of the saddest moments i thought was, i think at the end of season3, Aeryn gets really upset and pushes John and says "Garantee you wont die in my arms again" and John"Garantee you wont die in mine!" Aeryn replies "iam! by leaving"
i dont really know why but it really got me. I never get emotional at TV shows but farscape is the only one that gets me.
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