What would've happened to Sikozu?

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What would've happened to Sikozu?

Postby Renorei on Sun May 03, 2009 8:06 pm

If Farscape had continued on television and we had gotten a season 5 and 6 instead of the Peacekeeper Wars, what do you think would have happened to Sikozu? Initially, Chiana was my favorite character but over the years I've come to prefer Sikozu and I'm curious what her future might have held. Unlike a lot of people, I think she's very different from Jool. Yes, they are both arrogant, intelligent, annoying redheads, but for me the similarities end there.

I've seen a lot of fanfiction which has her crawling shamefaced back to Moya or to Scorpius. Somehow, I think she's way too proud to do either of those things. If Farscape had continued, then the ending of the Scarren/Peacekeeper war would have necessitated some kind of new conflict to crop up for the Moyans. I can't help but wonder if Sikozu might not have become a full-fledged villain in her own right.

I hope that the BOOM! Farscape comics continue to be successful and I hope that eventually make a few issues with Sikozu in them.
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