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Postby FarscapeForeverBrand on Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:46 pm

I really love Farscape. I really miss it. I really think you are all great for keeping this alive and I for one, am positive and hopeful for more mini series or at least a movie. I can honestly see another mini series being made one day. What I don't understand is the question of whether or not D'Argo is dead. D'Argo is not dead! There are clues that tell us this. Notice the background before John and company get swooped up into the docking web. Notice the pulse blasts? Are the Scarrens suddenly fighting each other? No, D'Argo is clearly still firing away and we still hear the pulse blasts as John and the others are rescued. Also, didn't D'Argo tell Chiana, "I'll find you." Come on, everyone. He is alive.
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Postby pushka on Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:24 am

I agree, but regardless to whether he's still alive or not, D'argo would have told Chiana that he'd find her again simply to make her run with the others so she wouldn't die. I mean, telling her "I wont come looking for you because I'll be dead" wont exactly make her want to leave him, will it?

But good points about the pulse fire, I believe that if they want to make another series of Farscape, then they'll need to bring D'argo back.
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