Official Peacekeeper Wars general comments/discussion thread

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Official Peacekeeper Wars general comments/discussion thread

Postby Dani Moure on Fri Oct 15, 2004 11:06 pm

This is the catch-all playground for general thoughts and comments on mini-series "The Peacekeeper Wars", following it's airing on Sci Fi.


Please try to keep general discussions like "this rocked" or "this sucked" about the mini-series in this thread. If you have something specific, then it's cool to start a new thread, and I'm sure lots of specific discussions will come up. If things get in-depth here, we will split the comments out to new threads as appropriate. We just want to get away from a zillion individual "Why I liked/hated the ep" threads.

I hope you all enjoy it loads.

Please also be reminded that not everyone gets the mini-series at the same time, so spoiler warnings should be used in thread titles outside of this thread.
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Part 1

Postby Cattivo on Mon Oct 18, 2004 9:42 am

Umm, no one has posted here yet, instead they've posted all over in the General Farscape Forum...but here it goes....

Overall, I definitely loved it. Great show.

Anyone else love the explanation for Sebaceans and Humans being so similar? That was the best way to do it.

Did anyone else think Jool's death was kind of senseless? She could have easily just gone with Crichton back to Moya. She didn't really seem to have anything left to do back at Arnesk. If I was a big Jool fan, I would be pissed.

I loved how Jool kissed Crichton. Every girl who has ever been on that ship, Aeryn, Chi, Zhaan, Jool, Sikozu, and even Noranti eventually developed a thing for Crichton in my opinion. That guy just draws the women in to him. Of course, I think Jool being stranded on that planet for a year helped.

It's strange how Jool looked much more attractive in the mini than she did in the show, but Sikozu looked less attractive.

I finally didn't mind Grayza. I just hope that her baby was the Grand Chancellor's and not Crichton's. That would just be messed up.

I could have used more screentime for Chi, and more time devoted to her eyes getting fixed, but because of the time constraints I understand.

It seems like they're cementing Chi and D's relationship, which I don't like, but oh well.

Chiana's using her superjump again! Yes!

So is Chi's new power detection of energy sources? Sometimes it seemed more like x-ray vision. Not quite sure.

I'm happy with Chi in Part 1. It's not all that I wanted, but it was more than I expected - especially the superjump. I guess with the big budget they were able to afford it again.

I'd still love for the Nebari to factor in, but I doubt they'll be involved at all.
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Postby Mycroft on Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:23 am

FYI: Dani, under Future Farscape, posters are directed to General Farscape to discuss the PK War.
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Postby john_aeryn_fanatic on Mon Oct 18, 2004 1:06 pm

from what ive heard of the first half it was fan bloody tastic.... im in waiting for my taped copy from Hawaii here in OZ.... so im trying to stay away from huge spoilers.. but i cant help myself!
the mini rocks! its too hard to stay away from this site! :P:P:P:P:P

RIP Jool :cry: :cry:
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Farscape continues on scifi prime

Postby AgentSmythe on Mon Oct 18, 2004 8:47 pm

So I have not posted in awhile, but it is good to see farscape back (it is me Durka35, I am sure you have been dying to hear me talk again :roll: ). The first minutes, especially the pk space battle brought a smile to my face. The special effects were amazing, among the best I have seen on tv or film (and the puppetry of the Trakans were excellent). And some things like the vomiting continue… very farscapesque, always willing to throw class out the window.

I didn’t find anything spectacular with the main characters or their plots. They went back to the ensemble nature of the show, and I guess the entire mini felt like an attempt to resolve as many plot arcs as possible, so that any future projects will be narrower.

The BIG winner appears to be the Arnessk/ Idolans plots. Intriguing and well acted and the driving force for the mini. I was irritated with the use of Noranti here, although she discovered they were Idolans, they just had her speak the same gibberish that Stark spewed and pushed her aside. Hello writers, I think it is long overdue an explanation in her past/current role!!! Two years ago I thought that Fascape would eventually use the Arnessk priests to bring peace between the PKs and Scarrans (maybe the temple would be some technology that magnified an aura of peace on the galaxy), now it seems they need direct contact. The concept is kinda absurd, how can they even get close to the warring parties to make them willing to accept peace. But I guess the entire point is that they had more people for the task in the past, and now have almost been wiped out. The writers kept playing with us… maybe they can bring peace, no they are dead, wait one is alive… now it depends on Stark. (so Ritual do you finally see the difference between the Vorlon’s Order and Arnessk’s Peace methods/outcomes).
The war has afftected the crew directly with the death of Jool, maybe they will show some effects to the crew. She was probably the most expendable character (and now joins Zhann and Crais). Maybe the casual brutality, and lacking visibility made the death feel empty (it felt like another statistic).
Interesting revelation that the PKs were created by the Idolons, maybe even a hint that the pks may one day become true to their origins (and not the hippocritical nature now).

Why did they make Jool a “Christina Aguilera-skin and bones-forgot to wear her clothes” clone? What happened to her scholarly nature and why was she fawning over John, especially when she left with feeling for Dargo? Sikozu looked butch (and it looks like a clown put the makeup on her face).
What is up with Chiana and her eyes (good call Tinemo on her getting new eyes), but I still think it would have been better for the character to deal with blindness (could have been like that blind Thundercat character), it would give new depth (and yes, they did use the word tralk again for her). And they keep changing her powers every two episodes, some coherence to that plotline would be useful.
Did Rygel really need the baby (reminds of Kira on DS9)? And what are the odds that the tides would not sweep away their remains?? And why don’t the crew use the personal defence shields that they got in Lava.
For awhile I was concerned that Dargo/Chiana were killed and that the writers were reducing the size of the cast.

Were all the cameos necessary? Grunschlik? Ahkna was little wooden/ 2D. Jothee was ok and worked with the plotline. Was the Einstein scene even necessary, felt very empty, he shows up, waves hand and leaves and then john leaves. I don’t want to even start on how annoying Harvey was, the concept needs to be dropped, it ran its shelf life in season 4 and does not add to the plot, outside of a crappy way for Scorp to easily find John. Good use of Staleek.

Bishan finally made an appearance!! I hope Rygel isn’t stupid enough to take the offer, me thinks it is a ploy to lure and execute him.

And I don’t know if Farscape is still ahead of the political subversive plotlines or behind now. The “preemptive strike” comment felt forced and a little cheap (hell, even Justice League has done commentary on that). Maybe the peace concept is unique to tv, not many shows discuss it. It would probably be easier for the writers to dumb down the show to sell to the viewing public, if they started defining the characters as “bad men”, and removing the intricacies of Scorp/ PK/ Scarrans actions. Simplicity and stupidity seems to sell better to the audience, as is done in Stargate. And what happened to the character’s darker nature. They seem to have returned to the incompetent good-guys motif. Hopefully they will touch up on them being anti-heros on occasion, a main part of seasons 3/4

If you got to this point I would be surprised. Good to see some back, and it seems a lot of new people. I am surprised that Dani has stayed, Whatever Happened to Ms Garibaldi, I mean Mary Wood, will we ever see her finish her reviews? Although I enjoy farscape, I don’t seem to have the same enjoyment from extensive discussions on it (maybe I did too much speculation earlier or have seen too much of these plot coming that there isn’t much mystery remaining in farscape outside of the Nebari contagion). I will be around on occasion (and definitely finish my review of part 2)

Ps. one complaint Dani, why does this board always end up having problems when I post (even in the past), it rejects my posts and I end up losing all that I write, and even when I hit ‘back’ my posts are deleted…
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Postby trustywinona on Tue Oct 19, 2004 4:09 am


that was the most beautifully amazing....happy...sad...tear jerking....ugh...emotional overload. THAT WAS SOOO was worth all the letters, all the ad was worth it all

thank you all for pitching in and banding together to bring back this show we all love! i love you all i love this show!

K...calm down....AAAAAAAAAAnyway

I thought that this was the most beautiful story end they could have done (keeping in the true Farscape theme). CANT WAIT for the DVD
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Postby Reido on Tue Oct 19, 2004 6:11 am

Part two was absolutely perfect. I am without words to describe it. Absolutely perfect.

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Postby Hoot on Tue Oct 19, 2004 6:33 am

Pt 2 Was AMAZING!!!!! Mind Blowing as well :o
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oh a few comments from a first time poster

Postby flavamartinez on Tue Oct 19, 2004 7:34 pm

First, let me state that I LOVE Farscape. This event -PKW- has been sooooo anticipated.

Oddly, the first part of the movie was my preferred. It held such possibilities... would zahn return? what would happen to stark? Would that baby get born? would they corn out and make the usual "a baby brings us hope..." operatically over the top?

Things I liked: the look. What great art direction! - I loved the scarren world (aside: i kept thinking of the thoth tarot as a reference. hmmmm). the pacing. claudia black... d'argo and aerin... seeing the gang again... the homage's to 'star wars'... aerin sun... Obviously, I'm highly greatful for this chance to even review something that might not have existed.

Hmmmmm: Firstly, the baby being rammed down our throat with sweet, innocent syrup was a bit much. It was my least favorite bit. I love the whole crew - not just John and Aereyn.... I do feel that d'argo's killing off should have taken place "off camera" a bit. Maybe revealed in flashback once back on the ship. I'm all for a mushy, weepy exit, but... Also, as usual, ben browder's ad libs seem so glib, but I suppose I'm in the minority here. Stark's promise in the first part seemed squandered: he channels the great being and becomes dr. mcoy ferrying spock.... Ben Browder's chrichton (excuse my mangling of the character's names) has become so over-indulged and pure "hero". ... I would rather rygel had died. It would have been more interesting and set up a better plot line for any future (please please) installments.... I would rather the baby be a girl named Zahn. I would rather have ended with the whole crew together in one of my favorite type of scenes.

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Postby Avenger0 on Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:34 pm

-Part II spoilers-

They made Sikozu look more menacing and evil so people would despise her. She looked too nice from the series to be considered a spy, I bet.

Two more questions:

When the wormhole weapon was activated, did it destroy most of the Peacekeeper and Scarran fleets or were they able to retreat, unlike the command vessels?

Also, when Aeryn shot War Minister Ahkna, did she shoot her in a weak point? I thought all Scarrans where impervious to small arms fire, or is she weaker because she is the diplomatic and smaller breed?

Also, I liked Jool and D'argo a lot, but their deaths were needed. If everyone made it out alive, then the show wouldn't be very realistic... And, I think that they did a grand job on the PKW. I thought there was going to be too much devoted to the baby after part one, but they did an expert job of balancing it out.

Greatest series ending ever!

If it is over, that is...

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the lurker has finally redelurked again.

Postby manwithnousername on Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:42 am

First post reposted because this is the offical thread. Scorpius and john becoming friends at the end, D'argo continuing the daddy joke (my favorite if you didnt know), areyn getting a happy ending and so many future opprotunities. It was a great ending that i will love when i finally get the funds to own the series and the special edition dvd of PKW to a great series. a few questions left: hynerians, chi's race, the wormhole researchers all great future stories to be told in any form movie, series, book, good ole wacky rare fanfic. also an idea i got at the end.

i am just saying my theory on the end. too schumltzy(sp?) i think john's mind got blasted off to who knows frell and now harvey is in control now and impresonating john. John gave him the memories. it was john who disapeared. and harvey said he was removed from john. so maybe john could go who knows frell. and on my viewing it went from harvey to john waking up. harvey also has had an interest in his Officer Su'n. soo much evidence if you think abt and only slightly average as farscape twists go.
and harvey did always go for the silly stuff compare to John.

my first post so i must add no... Sikozu! I understand it as she was stuck choosing two sides.. the scarrens are desperate right now (flowers) and however small chance of freedom she has to consider it. she could have turn the team over multiple times or shrink it down with some misaim. instead she immediately worked with them and acted as their friend (they helped her out many times and she saw just as good if better chance for her people's freedom with them and/or scorpius. Scorp's betrayel did feel strange since of what he went through, even working with the scarrens himself at the end.

although if she is still alive, Harveyjohn could team up with her when he betrays everyone for his own personal goals. and johns kid would be loyal to him as well so add that too to possible future insanity.
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Postby Sun on Wed Oct 20, 2004 3:06 am

I think they did a very good job with series. I loved every second of it. I have to agree they did make Sikozu look evil. She looked pretty innocent on the series. Her eyebrows kinda freaked me out though this time... I would put out specifics, but since Dani wants this to be general, I'll just keep it at that.
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More mini-series

Postby blitzkreg on Wed Oct 20, 2004 5:50 am

Ya know, as much as I would like to see the mini-series go into another season (5th)...I'd rather see more mini-series released every six months.
What i'm saying is that as much as I love this damn great series...I'd feel cheated if we sat down and started watching a new season or new series...and then have the rug pulled out of us like they did previously. And it doesn't have to be another 4 hour mini series. Why not make it 6 hrs or 8 hr mini? I know a lot of people would say..." Well if that is the case....why not another season or two?" With mini-series....we get a lot more bang for the buck. At least that's what the PK Wars proved.
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Postby motz7d on Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:06 am

The mini was awesome. It had everything I expected, some stuff I didn't, and an ending that could either be the end or a new beginning. Just awesome. My favorite part was in the conclusion after John shut down the wormhole weapon and Einstein came to take the knowledge back. Then John fell to the floor, seemingly dead (but we all knew he wasn't), and Aeryn just kept screaming for help. It felt like her voice was the only one in the universe, like everything else was silent except for her cries. That really hit me hard, even knowing that John couldn't really be dead. And then the look on her face when John wakes up next to their child, just amazingly spectacular acting. I loved the mini, and I'm going to keep on loving it on my DVR until the DVD comes out.
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Postby Dani Moure on Wed Oct 20, 2004 11:47 pm

I forgot to post this earlier, but for those that don't check the main site much/at all, here's a few links to our coverage of The Peacekeeper Wars:

Part One Synopsis

Part One Review

Part One Image Gallery

Part Two Synopsis

Part Two Review

Part Two Image Gallery

Please feel free to discuss/criticise the coverage. :)
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