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Postby Emram on Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:32 pm

Emram watched Rag disappear under the surface, and checked his own air tank. Plenty left, certainly enough to help his friend. He prepared to follow.

"Be careful," Kara said. "Mermaids aren't exactly what you might expect them to be."

Emram pondered that - he had no familiarity with Mermaids at all, but figured that, as Rag had gone back under without pause, there couldn't be that much of an issue. And Sandworm needed to get back to the surface - while there was still a lot of air inside the longboat, it wouldn't last forever, and if the weather changed, anything could happen. Inside the boat wouldn't be a good place for anyone, let alone someone unable to be touched by water, if a storm developed. He checked his equipment, and slipped over the side.

He went back inside the boat, and made his way to where he could feel Rag and Sandworm. Rag was just about to jump back into the water as Emram broke the surface.

"Thought you might need a hand," the Jedi said. The Viking nodded appreciatively.

"Follow me," he said. "We might need your lightsaber to open some doors."

They both slipped back under the surface, leaving Sandworm alone again, huddled in the corner as far from the water as possible.
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Postby RagnarRB on Sun Apr 16, 2006 11:25 pm

Upside down and backwards. That was the trick and Emram and Ragnar were quickly learning it as they made their way thru the Longship towards the locker. It worked pretty well until they reached their destination and found the locker open and empty.

*What the....Need I explain further Ragnar's thoughts, surprised and otherwise? Thought not.

Emram was suddenly jerking at one of his feet and pointing. Ragnar did his best to respond and turned to look. Air bubbles were swelling around him but he caught on.

There wasn't much to see but the fleeting image of two fish tales, arms, hair, ample skin and....being carried away between them....THE DIVE SUIT!

As the Mermaids vanished Emram and Ragnar shared a key thought.

They needed that suit!


Meanwhile, as some distance away Crais relayed Rae's message to the remaining Scoobs, Jila was really starting to enjoy the new ability of flight. She knew she loved riding Geraldens back but this? This was even better!

Rae let slip a half smile but said nothing. She kept one eye on Jila and the other on scanning the horizon.

It was deffinately an island but which one and how hospitable? With the luck the Scoobs had been having it was likely home to Dinosaurs or worse. Caution would be the order of the day.


In the life boat Kara and Chryse were starting to feel much better. Not that they were really drying out much but they were out of the water and some warmer.

Crais kept scanning the horizon. Kara slid up beside him. "See anything?" The Mandroid shook his head in the negative.

"No nothing."

"You can still contact Rae, right?"

"Yes, for the moment but if she travels too far she'll be out of range." Crais said the words but he didn't sound too worried...yet.

"Um guys, aren't we drifting kind of far from the longboat?" Chryse paying attention to immeadiate matters.

Both Kara and Crais turned to look. Sure enough they were sveral hundred yards further away. Kara looked over the side again. They were deffinately in a current of some kind. With no oars and no immeadiate propulsion at hand....

If only there was a way to contact Emram and ragnar and tell them to hurry. They'd been gone a while already.
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Postby Kayde on Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:12 am

"Oh no!" Kay said standing up in the boat and almost tipping it over.

"Sit down!" Kara and Chryse yelled together.

"The puppy! The puppy is in the longboat still!" Kay said frantically. "I have to get him!" she looked like she was going to dive over the side of the small boat.

"No!" yelled Chryse grabbing her and pulling her back down. "The guys won't leave the puppy there. They will get it for you. Don't worry."

Kay prayed Chryse was right and that the guys would remember the little border collie puppy was still in her stateroom.
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Postby Emram on Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:01 am

Emram paused, suddenly remembering Kay's puppy. He reached out with the Force, and felt it's presence, strong but slightly panicky, in Kay's stateroom. He considered the matter, but decided that the dog could wait. There was plenty of air in the room, and the suit was getting further and further away.

He followed Rag as they swam deeper, in pursuit of the filching mermaids. He wished they had thought to take some form of communicators, as, while he could pick up and project images and concepts from and to Rag's mind, he didn't like to - it was somewhat invasive, but needs must, and needs were musting quite strongly at the moment. He flashed an image of the dog into the Viking's mind, and saw him turn and nod briefly. He felt Rag's agreement that they would rescue the dog, after they had rescued the suit.

As they continued down, Emram sent reassurance to Kay that they hadn't forgotten the puppy, and then ignited his lightsaber. He had no idea whether it would work underwater, and how much illumination it would provide, but it was worth trying - the visibility was getting down to mere feet. The blade came on, and stayed on, seemingly unaffected by immersion in water, but didn't really provide much light. He shut it off, as it would show up for a long distance, announcing their location like a beacon.


On the surface, Kay slumped back into her seat, breathing a sigh of relief.

"They haven't forgotten," she informed the others, "but they can't go and fetch the puppy yet - they've got to do something else first."

"Such as?" Chryse asked.

"And how do you know?" Kara added.

"Emram told me," Kay replied, "although I'm not really sure how. They need to do something related to getting Sandworm out, but I didn't get any details. It was more of a feeling than anything else."

The three of them pondered for a moment, and then Chryse gasped.

"The mermaids!" she cried. "I'll bet they've taken the dive suit!"
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Postby JilaCosa on Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:14 pm

Meanwhile in the sky...

Jila and Rae had spotted land and flew toward it. The angel wings were so graceful that Jila hadn't had to think about flying, just where she was going. Unfortunately neither Jila nor Rae had the eyesight of the birds or other creatures that flew the skies.

"......." Jila opened her mouth to yell as a spear flew straight up past her face but nothing came out. With the shock of knowing she'd nearly been skewered she forgot altogether that she could fly and dropped like a stone toward the ground.

"What the...?" Was all Rae got out as her own wing folded back and she fell like a skydiver towards the flayling Jila. Jila! Rae mind shouted. Stop it now! You have wings! Use them! Rae grabbed Jila's ankle as it was the closest thing to her and opened her own wings. The pain in her back was horrendous but she held on to Jila's ankle with all the strength she could muster. As the two slowed Jila flipped over and fully extended her own wings. She almost, almost folded them against her back to ease the pain as the wings gave a sensation like slamming into a wall.

"Who shot that?" Jila finally regained her balance and the two regained their altitude.

"I don't know but I'm going to find out." Rae dropped altitude far to fast for Jila who was still pretty shaken after the near fatal fall.
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Postby Kayde on Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:53 am

"What's that?!" Kay asked as she looked toward the horizon and pointed.

"I think it's land and it seems to be in the right direction. It'll be easier to see when we get a little closer. Crais, can go you any faster?" Kara asked, allthough she knew that Crais was allready going about as fast as he could in getting them to land. He gave it his best shot though and pulled harder.

As they got closer to land, Kay said "I wish we had binoculars. It looks like something moving over there."

"I can see farther than most." Chryse said, and concentrating she stared toward the shore. With a gasp, she exclaimed. "Those are some sort of native and they are throwing spears! Right at Jila and Rae!"

"Ragnar, Emram, you guys had better be reading my mind!" Kara said with determination. "Ray and Jila are in trouble. So are we when we land. The natives deffinately don't seem to be friendly."

The guys did indeed know something wasn't right with the Scoobettes. However, at the moment, there was nothing they could do. They couldn't let that wet suit get away. They had to have it. The mermaids laughed gleefully and went deeper.

Sandworm heard Kay's puppy howl in fear at being left alone but somehow that comforted him. He didn't feel so alone with the puppy close by. He didn't know if the puppy could hear him, but he called out softly and made encouraging comments to him.
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Postby JilaCosa on Mon Apr 24, 2006 7:14 pm

"Holy One beware!" The lead man yelled. "The Evil One is near!"

Rae prepared to fight off her captures. When a small group parted from the rest and made a shield of themselves between her and the others she was slightly shocked.

Jila on the other hand was more than shocked when a dozen spears flew in her direction. Recovering quickly Jila flew higher and the spears flew under her.

"STOP!" Rae ordered, and the men turned to look at her. Realizing the situation Rae continued, "You will not harm her." You'd better be listening good. Need you to act again.

What are you doing to me now? Jila chuckled

"But Holy One..."

"I said you will not harm her." Rae's voice lowered menacingly. "She is my servant and will be treated as one of your own."

"Yes Holy One." The leader went down on one knee and bowed his head, the others following his actions. In a moment they stood again

"Jila, come down." Rae ordered loudly. And no smiling Rae mentally winked.

Jila landed and immediately went down on one knee and bowed her head. "I await your command, Mistress." Jila stood and stepped back a pace or two, her wings folded down against her back. Now what?

Now we see what kind of Holy One I am. "My entourage and I require food and shelter."

"Entourage?" The leader said slowly, not knowing the word.

"The group I am traveling with." Rae replied kindly so as not to make the man feel stupid.

"But Holy One, our books say you travel alone."

"Most of the time," Rae nodded sagely. "But not this time. There are nine of us in all. Can you help us?"

"Yes of course Holy One." The leader nodded to his fellows.

"And is there someone who knows of ships that could get ours properly righted?"

"Brilor, sir." One of the underlings spoke up. "He has helped the neighboring fishing community many times."

"Does he know large ships?"

"Yes Holy One." The underling replied hesitantly

"Send for him then." The leader and Rae spoke together, he blushing and bowing in apology for what he felt was speaking without permission. Rae waved off his bow and continued. "We must fly back to my entourage and tell them that we will be resting here. We shall be returning shortly. You will have everything prepared upon our return?"

"Yes, Holy One. Yes, we shall." The group of men hurried off with the leader shouting orders as they went.

He sounds rather excited don't you think? Jila turned her face toward Rae slowly.

Yes, now let's get the others. Rae took to the air with a flap of her heavy wings with Jila not far behind.

By the way, how are we expected to behave during dinner and all. You're not going to make me wait on you. Are you? Jila flew above Rae enjoying the wind in her hair.

I guess you're just going to have to wait and see won't you. Rae snickered and shot Jila a mental raspberry.

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Postby Rivyn on Sat Apr 29, 2006 4:39 am

Good to be a goddess... Rae smiled and sent a message back to Crais. He relayed it back to the others.

The others could come and would be honored and flattered and all that drenn. The rest were more needful, more curious. Jila looked incredulous. Rae smiled and played along. Not the first group to have mistaken her for a diety. Unlikely to be the last.

"Lady," the leader murmured. He probably even meant it. He just grinned and nodded and pretended everything was right.

Rae grinned and watched him, waiting for him to reach the obvious conclusion...
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Postby JilaCosa on Sat Sep 02, 2006 10:47 pm

A short time after Rae and Jila's return the Scooby's noticed an odd shape coming off the horizon.

"Right on time!" Rae said with a grin. Sandy, your troubles are over. Rag, Em, give up the chase. Problem solved.

What's happening Rae? Sandworm said with relief. Staying in his cabin with the Longboat upside down in, what one could reasonably assume was, the middle of the ocean was not his idea of a relaxing cruise.

But we need the diving suit for Sandworm. Emram stopped swimming for a moment and signaled Ragnar to stop as well. We can't get him out of the Longboat without it.

Don't worry about Sandworm. He'll be taken car of. Help is on the way. Come on up. We'll deal with our little thieves later.

"What is that Rae?" Kay asked as she watched the object get closer and closer.

"When Jila and I went looking for help we found a populated island. The inhabitants said that they knew about ship building and have a rig that can be used to turn the Longboat upright."

"But what about Sandworm?" A worried look crept across Kay's face. "What if the sea water gets below deck?"

"Don't worry about that." Rae shook her head. "I'm going to transport him out of the Longboat and onto the deck of their ship."

"That's a good plan Rae," Chryse nodded as she listened. "But.... what if the natives have a problem with Sandworm. He isn't exactly normal looking."

"Rae's got something up her sleeve again." Kara grinned.

"Riv, as you say, always had something up her sleeve." Crais wrung his shirt out and thought jovially. You'll pay for this one Riv. Making a motor out of me. Rae chuckled in return

"Still, what if?" Kay was still a little worried.

Jila chuckled. "Looks like Rae's playing the deity again"

"Yeah, looks like it." Rae rolled her eyes with feigned disgust. "Almost had a skewed Jila too."

"Then do we really trust these people?" Kara laughed at the face Rae made. "Wait a minute! I didn't mean it that way! I meant if they were going to skewer Jila before finding out what you both were there for then should we trust them?"

"Yes," Rae nodded. "I think we can trust them. They are coming out to help us."

"Hello ladies." Ragnar said as he slid his arms over one side of the rubber raft and took off his scuba mask. "And gentleman." He said with a nod to Crais. Emram, just a couple seconds behind Ragnar, came up on the other side.

" 'bout time." Rae chided them. It hadn't taken all that long to come back to the surface, but that was the relationship between Rae and Rag. "Here they come."

The group turned in the direction Rae was looking and saw a fairly awesome sight. What the natives had sailed out on was a boat about three quarters the size of Ragnar's Longboat with a huge crane attached to the main bridge. The boat stopped and dropped anchor some distance away from the raft so that the waves from the bow would not capsize the small raft. A rope ladder was dropped down the side of the boat for the Scoobies to board the ship.

Jila heard the different whisperings of the crew as she and Rae flew up above the deck and slowly descended.

"Hair like the sun." "Skin pale as the moon." "Sisters of day and night." "Hair like fire." "Those two came from the water." "And those to from the sky."

Jila heard one voice in particular though she didn't know if the words were spoken aloud or somebody's thoughts that she was somehow picking up.

Water, Fire, Air... One missing. The Sisters, and their protector... Could this be true? Where is the other?

"Well met." Rae spoke as the head man she had talked to in the village approached.

"Then we did not keep you waiting overlong, Holy One?" The head man looked about nervously. He knew what his crew was thinking because he was thinking the same thing.

"Not long at all." Rae said trying to alleviate the nervousness. Then she walked to where the man was standing and spoke softly . “Do you know of magic?”

“Yes, Holy One." He said as he bowed to Rae. "We do know about your magic.”

“Yes, o-kay...” Rae sighed and tried not to laugh. As a general rule being a deity was easy, but then there were days when the people who thought they worshipped you were just... Anyway...... “I must bring a friend of ours to your ship from ours. He is trapped below decks.”

“Yes, of course, Holy One.” The man pushed his people back to the railings of the ship. “Is this a big enough space? Will you need anything to prepare your magic with?”

“This is fine, and I have need of nothing. Thank you” I hope you’re ready, Sandy Rae whispered her transport spell and with a mild displacement of wind Sandworm stood in the middle of the main deck.

"Thanks Rae," Sandy said a moment after appearing on the deck. "I was getting a little claustrophobic there.

“Earth” Jila could hear the excited whispers. “He is of the earth.”

"Kay's puppy?" Kara reminded Rae.

"Oh my god, Dakota!" To her horror Kay realized that in all of the excitement she had forgotten all about the puppy she had bought.

"No problem." And Rae transported the squirming pup straight into Kay's arms.

They are all here. Jila heard the one particular voice again. It is good

What was good? Jila frowned but kept her thoughts tightly to herself. We aren’t deities. What does he think we are here to do?

What’s up Jila? Rae asked quietly, trying not to startle her friend.

These people, Jila’s head tilted just left of center. Who do they think we are?

Must be a foretelling Rae shrugged. Something like in Kaldorre

We aren't going to find our bodies entombed somewhere again are we? Jila voice went queasy.

Doubt it.Rae chuckled But hey, with the Scooby's you never know. Right?

"Holy One." The head man said as he bowed to Rae again, after his quick conversation with another of the villagers. "Why did you not tell us that your entourage were these other holinesses. We would have prepared better in our village."

"errr." Was all that Rae could come up with at that moment. For once Rae was caught off guard and didn't have an explanation ready.
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