For those of you who might be wondering...

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For those of you who might be wondering...

Postby RagnarRB on Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:44 am

.....just what kind of non-sense is going on here allow me ,as your temportary doorman ,to add a bit of coloring to the picture. It might make it a whole lot easier, and save a few of you from that urge to run away in confusion.

After all, we'd love to have you stay and play

Un..hgummm(clearing my troat)

Back in the beginning of time (I always wanted to say that) :)

Actually the beginning is probably a good place to start. Farscape, being the wonderful show that it is, has grown into quite a following. Many were not here in the beginning and may have missed some of the unique environments that formed the community. I wasn't a founding member, but close. What I found when I joined up was quite a suprise.

On most bboards people just and went and posted, chatted etc. but Scapers took it a bit further. Whether it was on purpose or not I don't know ,but somewhere along the line, someone decided to take a two demensional bboard and make it a three demensional realm of virtural reality. It caught on. Instead of just writing to the board, many began writing themselves INTO the board. Sort of giving themselves virtural personalities and placing themselves into play. It may have been an offshoot of the parties. Hard to say. The result was not only could you chat if you wanted, but any who were of a mind to could also write descriptive actions their characterizations took within the virtural realm!

Terms like "The Farscape bboard system' became old hat. Instead it was referrd to as the" Farscape Mansion" and the additional boards that followed were treated like rooms and areas of the mansion. Thus were many of the boards named. Traveling between the boards was climbing or decending the stairs and so on. If you wanted to add something to a setting you simply wrote it in and others would incorporate your writing, add things of their own and build a setting. This is how the rooms got their respective decor. We "Lived" in the mansion and began to build a virtural world our of the postings describings its rooms and surroundings. We even gave the land a name "Scifi Land" and anything of the real world was referred to as "Reality Land" where evel corporate thugs and their minions were constantly trying to stifle our creativity! (no we aren't picking on corporations, the idea just kind of stuck since there were corporate struggles going on and the survival of show was at risk)

In all it cecame an exercise of creativity and fun. Not only could you write to the boards but in a virtural way you could interact as well. Often parties were held in the "basement" for example, where someone wrote in hot tubs, a bar, a dance floor, etc. Each contributor simply used what was written in before and added to it. If you wanted to dance you wrote a post and took someone dancing, naming what ever music you wanted etc. I could post " Jila, lets dance" and Jila would write a reply post saying the she took Ragnar's arm and went onto the dance floor. As simple as that.

Next things you know there were Scapers describing themselves relaxing in the tubs, at the bar etc. It raised bboard inaction to a new level. It was a community.

Now, time and events, as is there way, always manage to change things, but some of us liked the Mansion virtural setting and never let it die. At the time there was quite a bit of round robin story writting going on and as a result of In2Scfi's daliance with In2d2 and the Phantom of Farscape, we began writing round robin type stories and adventures that were based around out virtural personalities and not just the farscape characters. Farscape is what brought us together, what bound our interest, but it also gave us a setting to exercise our creativity and escape the the norms of what we lovingly refer to as RL (Real Life)

The stories and adventures that we often refer to are round robin style writings that are flights of fantasies of imagination that build upon the stories and adventures that have come before. To add a bit of continuity any character changes that occur in one tale are carried forth as best we can into our interactions in the virtural realm and into the next stories. In essense any given writer just writes themselves in and tries to add a piece to a tale using the settings and circumatances of all the pieces before. You keep the previous settings and add to them.

Do you have to go back and read all the previous pieces? hardly. You just figure up what you want your character to look like and write yourself in. Others will add a bit to your discriptions and the hand of time ,and stories ,and things that happen to your character will fill in the rest.

Are there any rules? No, not really, just the normal bounds of common courticy and such, much like the disclaimer you viewed before signing up to this board.

Do you have to be a good writer? Nope, not that either. Your skills at writing and typing don't matter, just look at my abysmal spelling. The whole point is to write yourselves in and enjoy a bit of escapism. None of us have the same skills or style. Never will. None of us care. Just write yourself in.

Me I like to write a bit silly and strive for a little chuckle now and again. I enjoy it.

Will everyone enjoy it? Probably not, but then many won't know until they try. If it's not your thing, then we understand that to. The invitation however remains open. Any one who wants to write themselves in is welcome. Just think up a characterization and come out and play!

Why are we here? Well, because we have a gracious host who has seen fit to give us a place to continue writing and keep the setting of the Farscape mansion alive. The creation and changes at the SciFi boards don't allow this type of forum so we had to find another. Here we be.

Thank you Dani, and welcome to any who wish to join in!

And if this doesn't ease the confusion..Rae has this nice little reclining chair where she places the victum...err, patient and listens to all lifes problems while dispensing plenty of coffee and occasion wisdom when she trips over it. now THAT can be interesting. :)
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