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Postby KaraS on Thu Jun 02, 2005 12:08 am

"IQ120 used to post regurlarly with the Scoobies." Kara explained. "His persona was a mad scientist in a lab coat and he used to invent odd things and turn ordnary household appliences into time machines and matter replicators and such."

"He made the toaster sentient." Kay added

"One day, he turned the oven into a cloning device and cloned himself 9 times." Kara said.

"Hm, I see." Sandworm said, not seeing much of anything at all.

"So then we had 10 IQs, all alike." Kara went on. "But then IQ #1 first ate fish pills which turned his hair purple, then got himself bitten by a werewolf when we were adventuring in Horror Land. That's why I said we needed him if we were going to listen to the Warren Zevon tune."

"Ah" Sandworm said.

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