Introducing the Scooby Scapers

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Introducing the Scooby Scapers

Postby SunKrux on Fri Aug 13, 2004 3:03 am

JilaCosa originally posted this, but I've reposted to make it Sticky

or as we were originally called: The FarScape ScoobyGang

This was written by one of our original members for the FarScape bb's back in 2000

Date: 1/21/2000
From: Annisette
Hi all...I saw the curiosity about the members and how it started.

Back around Halloween ... yes way back then... In2Scifi started playing around with her handle and posted a few times as In2d2!

This started an absolute EXPLOSION of In2-clones....and the arrival of the PHANTOM of FARSCAPE.

We also had been having some wild BB parties that left many of us upside down wearing bells in our hair after consumption of the PUNCH of DOOM! Not deadly poison, but clearly responsible for altered states and even TIME travel.
We often found ourselves as characters in our favorite movies meeting adventure in grand cinematic style. The outcome of the adventure usually was a variation of the classic theme or tV show. Often we were falling thru trap doors, finding secret rooms and being hit with pie grenades.

Of course Punch of Doom,which we discovered is distilled from Tannot Root and made by smugglers..of potentially ALIEN origin...always thru us curves. Brownies laced with this magical substance have unpredictable side effects.

RagnarRB, Annisette, SwordandMug, SunAeryn, TickTick, Leaped, with help from Godallmighty began a search for the PHANTOM that started on the Main BB and chased across the others. We were out to save In2 scifi, hunt a phantom and thus became the SCOOBIES. Early on we were in Brothermoser's time machine, fought pirates, the Scottish Border wars, Sailed a viking longboat and encountered Smugglers and pie clones.

We settled in the basement after a few...ahem ...were less than pleased with our highjinx...hehehe. We try to stay down here as much as possible, but sometimes it just spreads!

Along the way we picked up many. Some stayed, others just played for a story or two. And some, like myself, have least for the time being.

Take care...have fun...keep writing!


We'd love to have you join us!
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