Commons of Doctor Who & Farscape

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Commons of Doctor Who & Farscape

Postby Project Farscape on Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:06 am

These are common things I have found by watching Doctor Who(New series) and Farscape:

-1812 = K-9 (Both cybernetic machines)
-John = The Doctor (The Doctor is the only one left of his race and John is the only one in the Uncharted Territories)
-Aeryn Sun = The current assistant of The Doctor (The Doctor eventually falls in love with his assistant)
-Humans = The Time Lords (John is the only human in the Uncharted Territories, The Doctor is the last)
-Earth = Gallifray (Gallifray is The Time Lord's planet destroyed by The Time War, The Doctor can never go back, John can never find Earth)
-Worm Hole Technology = Time Vortex (John is the only one with Worm Hole Technology, the Doctor is the only one who can handle the Time Vortex)
-Scorpius = Emperor of the Daleks (Always after John)
-Peace Keepers = Daleks (Daleks are the Doctors oldest foe, Johns is the Peace Keepers since day 1)
-Moya/Pilot = The Tardis
-Ka D'Argo = Capt. Jack Harkness (Good friends)
-Winona = Sonic screwdriver

If you want to argue please feel free to do so, just present your case.

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