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Infinite Possibilities, Part 1:
"Daedalus Demands"

An unknown race has developed wormhole technology using John's data, and the Ancient isn't happy...

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On Talyn, Crichton is apparently teaching Aeryn to read English, and they start to talk about how the Ancients have called for him, and he is now seeking them out. He starts to kiss her leg, when through the window he sees a familiar sight – a wormhole leading to Earth (see log A Human Reaction). On command, Crichton calls for the Ancients, and "Jack" comes aboard. He says that he thought he knew John, but he may have been wrong. If he was, he may have to kill Crichton...

Jack enters Crichton's mind, and says that the Ancients found a world to inhabit, but on travelling to this new home they saw something. Jack shows Crichton an image of the Farscape 1 module being flown through an unstable wormhole, by an unknown alien. It happened about a third of a cycle ago, but Crichton says he knows nothing about it. The module also had a phase stabilizer on board – a device allowing for safe travel through any wormhole. Crichton tries to convince Jack that he didn't do anything, and doesn't know of "the gift" that the Ancients gave him. Suddenly Harvey calls Crichton, the surrounding being a fair ground's bumper cars. Harvey says that Jack will terminate both of them if he learns of Harvey's existence, and says that Scorpius didn't build the module; he couldn't have done that from memory. He leads Crichton to one conclusion – Furlow (see log Till the Blood Runs Clear). Crichton tells Jack about Furlow, and they leave his mind.

Jack shows everyone on command the alien flying through, and Rygel recognises it. He tells Stark that it was a Charrid – they invaded Hynerian space 1000 cycles ago, killing a billion Hynerians, including 80 million of their young. He says that they repelled the Charrids with suicide attacks, but with wormhole technology they could invade without warning, they have no defence against that. Crais enters and says that it's more serious than they could imagine – unconfirmed reports suggest an alliance between the Charrids and the Scarrans.

Jack tells Crichton that the Ancients may not be able to defend against a hostile species. He stayed behind to stop anyone finding their new home; he probably won't ever be able to join them. They go to Dam-Ba-Da, Furlow's planet, and find it sterilized. Crichton and Aeryn have taken retrieved some weapons, and Crichton apologises for screwing up her life again. They continue talking, and he says that he wouldn't like to go home alone, and she says she wouldn't want him to, and they agree to talk about it later.

Everyone leaves in a transport pod, when Jack detects a solar flare – he can sense when they're coming. They land, and Crais, Crichton and Aeryn go to Furlow's base, but are met with heavy gunfire. Another flare comes, and an army of Charrids surround them from either side. The three fend them off, when Crais announces that Talyn knows they're in trouble and is coming to help. They unsuccessfully try to talk Talyn out of it, because another flare is imminent. Talyn comes, but is blinded by the flare, and because of the neural link, so is Crais. Crichton and Aeryn storm the base, whilst Stark retrieves Crais and takes him back to the pod. Crichton and Aeryn find Furlow tied up, and as they cut her down more Charrids attack. They fend them off, saving one for questioning. It threatens them, and Furlow says that the only way into the base is through the front entrance. Furlow shows Crichton the duplicated module, and says she flew it through an unstable wormhole four times and survived. She hired the Charrids for security, but the double-crossed her, killed all her techs and tortured her.

Stark takes Crais back to find Talyn, and Rygel and Jack are sent to join Crichton and Aeryn. Furlow asks Crichton who Jack is, and he explains that he is here making sure that the wormhole technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Rygel goes to the Charrid, who threatens him. Rygel says he knows about Charrid physiology, and weaponry. He has a Charrid weapon designed to be effective even against their own kind, and he doesn't care that the others want him alive...

Jack tells Furlow that she has no idea of the value of wormhole technology, when the Charrids begin a mortar attack. As Aeryn scouts, she hears a scream; Rygel has killed the Charrid, but was told a Scarran dreadnought is on its way to the planet, and it will arrive in six arns.

Aeryn says that even if Talyn could see, he couldn't stand up to a dreadnought – it's twice the size of a Command Carrier. She takes Rygel with her to go and do something about the Charrids. Jack and John tell Furlow that they are prepared to destroy the technology if the Charrids get in. Stark and Crais find Talyn badly damaged, as Aeryn shows Rygel how to operate one of the gun turrets to keep the Charrids away. Rygel is reluctant to stay there alone, but with a bit of reverse psychology she persuades him. Meanwhile, Jack tells Furlow that a wormhole can be turned in to a weapon of incredible destruction. He says that there's too much danger to sell the technology, but Furlow pulls a gun on him. He shows her his true Ancient form, saying that he understands the risks that wormhole technology brings, and convinces her to put her weapon down.

Aeryn sets explosives all around the base, as Furlow tries to get Crichton to go with her. She says that they can leave before the Scarrans arrive, only selling the wormhole technology to peaceful races, because the Scarrans won't leave anybody breathing. Her computer is suddenly remotely tapped in to by the Scarrans, and although Crichton and Aeryn blow it up, the Scarrans managed to get enough data to create a phase stabilizer of their own. Jack says that they need to destroy the dreadnought, but they have nothing powerful enough to do so. Jack thinks they can convert the stabilizer to a weapon, but he needs Crichton's help. He tells Crichton of the equations that he implanted in Crichton's memory during their last encounter (A Human Reaction), to guide him to develop it on his own. He says that knowledge is dangerous, and the Ancients didn't want to give it to him at all. He says he can unlock it, but if the Ancients knew they would kill the both of them, but he says he has no choice.

Jack gets Furlow to get the things that he needs, and once she's gone, Crichton tells Jack that he has a confession, and tells Jack that he knew of the stuff that they put in his head. Jack asks how, and so Crichton tells him that Scorpius put a chip in his head, but it's gone now, more or less. When Aeryn returns, he says there's more – a chunk of Scorpius' personality was left behind. Jack says that they can’t unlock the information in front of the clone, and says that although his mental powers are limited, together they may be able to drive the clone from his mind. An explosion occurs, and Crichton is knocked unconscious. As the Charrids enter, Harvey calls for Crichton, and threatens him, saying that he will not go easily – either he will survive or neither of them will. Aeryn and Furlow manage to kill the Charrids, and Aeryn wakes Crichton.

Crichton has decided to go through with it, and Rygel calls saying that he has run out of ammo. Aeryn goes to give him some more, telling Crichton not to start without her. On Talyn, Crais tries to take manual control to help Talyn, and says that something doesn't feel right – it must be the docking control. Stark gets through to Aeryn, but soon loses communication when a flare strikes. Aeryn stocks up Rygel's ammo, as he fends off some Charrids on vehicles, apparently enjoying this.

Aeryn returns to Crichton, and he hands over his gun, and after they kiss, Jack begins. Harvey and Crichton are on a rollercoaster. Harvey says that he doesn't want the wormhole knowledge, so there's no reason to get rid of him. He says that he is happy to co-exist, but Crichton isn't. Harvey says that the alien is using him, and he'll kill everyone when he's finished with Crichton/ They end up with Crichton hanging from the rollercoaster structure, and Harvey hanging on to his leg. Harvey climbs up him and says he warned him, before they both fall.

In real time, Crichton and Jack fall to the floor. Rygel continues to fire, but a number of vehicles come from behind, and launch a mortar into the turret, which leaves Rygel fatally wounded. Aeryn finishes CPR on Crichton, and he awakes, only it's not Crichton – it's Harvey! Scorpius-John grabs Aeryn by the throat, and says that Crichton gambled and lost. With tears in her eyes, Aeryn puts Crichton's gun to his head, ready to shoot him...


Synopsis by Dani Moure

Alternate Perspective: To see a different perspective on this episode, read Mary Wood's summary.

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Episode Credits
Season 3, Episode 14 - Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: "Daedalus Demands" (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: Carleton Eastlake
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Production number: 10314
First UK Transmission: 26th Nov 2001
First US Transmission: 27th Jul 2001
Guest Stars:
Kent McCord (Jack Crichton / The Ancient); Magda Szubanski (Furlow); Patrick Ward (Zylar); Ray Anthony
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