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"Exodus from Genesis"
Aeryn's getting hot - not a good thing with PKs about - and the crew can't find out why...

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Crichton has told D'Argo that he wants to brush his teeth, but this was a big mistake, since D'Argo stuffs a "dentic" down his throat to clean his them for him. The ship shudders suddenly, and has come close to what looks like asteroid debris. That is not the problem, though, since a Peacekeeper scout ship – a Marauder – is scanning Moya, but the debris is luckily blocking the scan. If the Peacekeepers discover Moya, Crais will know where she is and go after them, and although they can outrun a Marauder they cannot outrun a Command Carrier. The Marauder passes them by, as some of the "debris" lands on Moya!

Aeryn tells John that Moya was lucky to escape the ship. He says that no one wanted to be in this situation, but since they are they may as well get along, but she asks what she could possibly want from him. Meanwhile, Zhaan is helping Rygel clear up his quarters, and she paints a picture of him super-fast. Rygel is pleased with this "spirit painting", since it reminds him of his ancestor Rygel I, but the crew seem to be being watched.

Aeryn is getting hot, and D'Argo reports thermal fluctuations aboard Moya, which John confirms. A creature pricks Aeryn's arm, but she thinks it is just a metal splinter. As she and John leave the room, an arm picks up the splinter. All attempts to lower the temperature are being overwritten, and everyone wants to find the problem. Aeryn says she'll find it herself.

Zhaan is showing Crichton how to control the temperature on a tier, but he is getting frustrated since everything is all knew to him but he feels like everything he does is a test from D'Argo and Aeryn. Zhaan tells him that they are soldiers, so he should try and win their respect with actions. He returns to his quarters, where the hand takes a sample of his hair from a comb. He turns around and sees the bug, and manages to catch and kill one to use as a sample.

Zhaan conducts some tests on the creature's DNA, and discovers its DNA matches Crichton's. The creatures have block a room using some gooey sealant. Aeryn is getting more and more agitated, and D'Argo tells Crichton she is suffering from Sebacean Heat Delirium. Crichton meets Zhaan down a corridor, and she turns up the heat even more. When he tries to stop her, she attacks him and then throws up some sealant to keep the lever in place. He goes and finds Aeryn in command, and she does not speak to him either. She is also initiating a thermal increase, and attacks him when he tries to stop her. He grabs her and ends up pulling off her arm, as the real Aeryn walks in!

Crichton realises that Zhaan was also a duplicate, and everyone marks themselves so they can distinguish the real thing from the fakes. Aeryn begins losing her memory from the Delirium, and says she will go and help Pilot. Pilot tries to lower the temperature for her, but he can only manage a small drop.

Rygel, who is helping with the search, comes across the room where the creatures are incubating, and finds a nest. Zhaan discovers a substance that dissolves the sealant but a creature attacks her. Aeryn is almost unconscious now, and Rygel is not answering his comm.

A clone of himself attacks John, and in doing so the real John realises that the replicants can't speak. Rygel contacts them, and says more replicants are being produced all the time. Zhaan walks in, and starts speaking in an odd tone. She says she is the Monarch of the Drak, and they must die. It is using Zhaan's body to communicate, and says it needs warmth to give birth, before it can return to space. That is it's cycle, but they are threatening it. Crichton says it was he who made the first kill, but he didn't mean to. The Monarch says half of its young have been born, and it wants to raise the temperature even higher, but if it stays this warm Crichton says Moya and hence all of its offspring will die. They come to a deal – as long as no one moves about till genesis is complete, they will not be harmed. By this time, Aeryn should not have suffered any long-term damage.

However, a problem arises when the Peacekeeper Marauder boards Moya, and they kill a replicant of D'Argo, thinking it's a real Luxan. Pilot detects the weapons fire and alerts the crew. The PKs kill another D'Argo and a Zhaan, and John attempts to communicate with the Monarch to tell it they are not to blame. Aeryn tells John she can feel the living death on its way, and if it comes he must kill her.

Rygel is still in the chamber, but refuses to speak to the Monarch, so Zhaan asks him what Rygel I would do. He reluctantly speaks, and is granted an audience. The crew lose contact with him, and fear the worst, but Zhaan becomes the Monarch again and reveals that Rygel made a deal. The PKs kill a clone of Crichton, and a bug, causing the Monarch pain. Crichton convinces it to let them out of the room, and crank up the heat (to which Aeryn agrees).

Crichton and his clones surround the PKs who are weak from the heat, whilst Zhaan gives Aeryn a cold shower. D'Argo enters to kill the Peacekeepers, but Crichton says it's his turn. He tells the PKs to tell Crais that he picked the wrong species to mess with. The PKs attack Crichton, but he convinces them if he dies so will they and Crais, and they leave Moya.

D'Argo says to John that it was a hard gamble, risking Aeryn's life. Though there's very little chance, Crichton hopes that maybe Crais will leave them alone. Pilot reports that they are back at optimum temperature. The Draks leave, and the Monarch thanks the crew for their encounter, particularly Rygel, and also for completion of genesis.

Crichton carries Zhaan to her quarters, where she compliments him on his actions, and reminds him to keep his patience. She thinks he will get the hang of things soon. Crichton goes to Aeryn, who says she used to think lesser life forms should be squashed, but she now knows otherwise. Crichton realises she is talking about him, and she asks if he could have kept his promise, but he doesn't answer, saying worse things could have happened today.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 5 - "Exodus from Genesis"
Writer: Ro Hume
Director: Brian Henson
Production number: 10103
First UK Transmission: 10th Jan 2000
First US Transmission: 26th Mar 1999
Guest Stars:
Damian de Montemas (Melkor); Jodie Dry (Kyona); Geoff Barker (PK Commander #3); Chenoeh Miller (PK Commando #4); Tai Scrivener (PK Commando #5)
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