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"I, E.T."
Role reversals: John

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A siren is a blazing on tier seven of Moya, and on location of the source, Pilot manages to neutralize the sound, which is causing John's eye to twitch. Aeryn says it's a Paddac Beacon, and it broadcasts a beacon if it doesn't receive a signal from the control collar. If a Peacekeeper ship is in the vicinity, then it will know where they are. John suggests they land on a nearby planet to use the water as insulation. It has never been tried, but everyone agrees. After a rocky trip, Moya lands, but begins to sink!

Pilot manages to stop the sinking, but they still need to get out the beacon. Rygel is the only one small enough to get to it, but Pilot says it will cause Moya great pain since it's near her neural net, so Zhaan suggests a local anaesthetic. Pilot says they could use clorium, one of the Leviathan's forbidden cargos, as it will numb Moya. Aeryn is still down about her separation from the Peacekeepers, but John reminds her he has also lost his home, so they go to the planet along with D'Argo to find the element. There are only scattered sources of clorium close to Moya, so when a vehicle ambushes them D'Argo and Aeryn provide a distraction for John to go and search for a concentrated source.

Zhaan asks Pilot how the Peacekeepers snuck a beacon on board without him or Moya knowing. He says that when they capture a Leviathan, they administer a sleep agent while they put on the control collar and make any modifications. Moya needs the clorium soon or she will sink.

John discovers a barn that resembles something from Earth, when a young boy enters and asks why he is here, and what does he want. The boy realises he is from space, and says his name is Fostro. He runs away to get his mother, Lyneea. She is amazed and scared at the sight of Crichton, so John introduces himself, but she still can't believe she is speaking to an alien. She gets ready to alert the authorities, but John persuades her not to, saying he is not alone and they chose to contact her.

On Moya, Zhaan flatters Rygel in an attempt to talk him into removing the beacon. On the planet, Aeryn disagrees with D'Argo's strategies.

John explains to Lyneea that his ship is not far away and they are looking for something, but she is still weary since she has never encountered aliens before. He says he knows how she feels, that aliens would be much more different compared to her own race, yet not all of them are.

Rygel is ready to start the procedure, and Zhaan joins with Moya in preparation to share her pain. Aeryn and D'Argo meanwhile cannot believe that this planet reminds John of home, and D'Argo remarks that their ways are savage. Aeryn's getting tired of waiting so she returns to Moya whilst D'Argo leaves to search for John.

Lyneea reveals that she works for the military, on the look out for extra-terrestrial life, but the military does not believe it exists. She is mainly keeping John a secret because she doesn't know how they will treat him. The food she made apparently contains a trace of clorium, but on closer inspection John finds a large concentration of clorium in a small container (it looks as though it's like their salt). The military arrive at the house, so Fostro hides John.

Rygel's procedure is causing Moya great pain, and Rygel stops when a blackout occurs, noticing Zhaan unconscious and Pilot unreachable on the comm. Zhaan soon wakes, and Pilot informs them that Moya is collapsing.

The military commander, Ryymax, wonders why Lyneea is so nervous, so she says she wants to check her readings before she confirms the sighting was a "U.E.O.". She sends Fostro out to speak to Ryymax, and John tells her he needs to let the ship know about the clorium if he is going to be captured.

Aeryn arrives back on Moya, and Rygel says they need to take off before they sink, and Zhaan says they must remove the beacon. Aeryn tries to force Rygel, but he bites a chunk out of her arm. Zhaan sends Aeryn out, and says that Rygel is afraid. He says he has always had people do everything for him, even when he was imprisoned. Zhaan says they'll face the pain they all feel together. She tells Aeryn that she only shared some of Moya's pain, but Aeryn says she is only concerned that Zhaan can help Moya.

John explains to Lyneea about wormholes, and she knows what he means, but they call them "ribbon holes". John manages to pick up Pilot on a monitor, when they realise Ryymax has captured another alien D'Argo! Ryymax tells Lyneea that she and Fostro must leave since it is not safe for them. John explains to her that he was on a prison ship, so she tells him to leave before it's too late, but he won't leave without D'Argo.

Lyneea shows Ryymax Pilot, and she says she has a fix on the origin of the signal. Fostro finds John's comm. on the floor of the barn, distracting the guards so John can knock them out and set D'Argo free. Lyneea has sent Ryymax to a place far away from Moya, and they say goodbye and D'Argo and John leave.

Back on Moya, Pilot says she can't lift off because of the pain of the procedure. Rygel finishes the job, and John gives him the clorium. Moya lifts off and the journey continues...

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 4 - "I, E.T."
Writer: Sally Lapiduss
Director: Pino Amenta
Production number: 10102
First UK Transmission: 20th Dec 1999
First US Transmission: 8th May 1999
Guest Stars:
Mary Mara (Lyneea); Cayde Tasker (Fostro); Boris Brkic (Cmdr. Ryymax); Mark Shaw (Alien Soldier #1); Dominic Bianco (Alien Hunter #1); Heath Wilder (Alien Hunter #2)
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