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"Thank God it's Friday. Again."
When Saturday never comes, and food makes Rygel's pee turn explosive...

Click here to read the Farscape World synopsis for this episode.

Today's moral: a small group of people on an oppressed world fight to make their world free, and using a bunch of outsiders they finally manage to. That's the shortest description of this odd episode. I say "odd" because quite frankly, it is. It's quite choppy, has a few disturbing moments, moral undertones, comedy and character progression all wrapped in to one. I'd say it works for the most part, and definitely has is moments.

The main theme of the episode was the Peacekeeper oppression of the Sykarans. They were using them to grow a crop - a vital component for making the oil to fuel all their weapons. Only the Sykarans didn't know that, since when they ate the tannot root it intoxicated them and made them feel happy and content with doing what they were doing. But the PKs didn't count on some of the Sykarans being immune to its effects, and therefore able to tell a visitor to their planet about the root's effects. They use John as a catalyst to start to overthrow the PK control, and by the end of the episode they are once again free. It's the sort of moral story that has been done time and again in all genres of television, the story of people realising they can fight and overthrow their suppressors. The story was well played out and well written, keeping the intrigue of what was going on quite interesting, although it perhaps wasn't quite as captivating as it could have been. Right from the off though, you knew Volmae knew what was wrong with everyone, she seemed very strange. She was well played by Angie Milliken, who makes her look about as odd as possible. The other Sykarans who were immune, and captured John were intriguing, too, with their agenda being revealed gradually, keeping their story interesting. The disturbing moments I mentioned earlier were referring to the scenes where John had the worm placed in him, and where he felt its effects. It was quite disgusting, and Ben Browder, who really knows how to portray these moments perfectly, excellently acted those scenes.

The idea that the Sykarans were all content with working everyday, then celebrating every night thinking the next day would be a rest day was interesting, and the revelation that such a culture was clearly influenced by outside forces also shows just what those forces are really like. In this case, of course, the forces were the Peacekeepers, who are clearly ruthless and out for themselves, not caring who suffers for them to continue imposing their ways on the galaxy. This should be explored more later in the series, perhaps with their motivations becoming clear, so we can get an insight into the way Peacekeeper society really works.

The subplot involving Rygel's exploding bodily fluids and Aeryn having to help him out was very nice indeed. It gave us an insight into Aeryn and Pilot's characters, and provided the former Peacekeeper with a clear point of progression. Pilot's revelation to Aeryn that he doesn't fully understand science very well, in fact he only comprehends a fraction, was clearly a hard one to make, but he feels he can trust her. This relationship has gradually been growing since the first episode; with a few moments between them that really show them grow as individuals. It's nice to see that there can be more to Aeryn than just all out guns (which I like too), and that she is so satisfied with the outcome of the tests and her success, even to the point where she becomes kind of arrogant proves that her character is growing and that she enjoys growing as a person. Her relationship with Pilot will continue to grow as well, since he obviously is most comfortable with her since she is similar to what he knows – he's only really been around Peacekeepers before, so there's a natural bond between them.

In addition, the fascination with Rygel's body continues, as comic relief once again ensues because of them. In Premiere we found out about how he farts helium when nervous, now we find that the tannot root makes his bodily fluids turn explosive. It provides an amusing moment, where he pees at the edge of a cliff down onto everyone to prove just what the tannot root really does, and is a bit of comic relief. It leaves me wondering what other wonders Rygel's body performs.

The final scene, with D'Argo and Zhaan's reflection on what had happened was nice too, and provided some further insight into D'Argo's character. He is upset, thinking that he may never find happiness, but the older, wiser Zhaan (in the mothering role again) makes him realise that he was happy on the planet, for five days. He tells her of his two dreams for his future, that he would either be a great, fearless warrior or live a quiet life and settle down. This is quite unexpected from the pure warrior he's acted like so far, and it's good to see his character has vulnerability and is not the wooden two-dimensional character that you might think when you first watch the show.

To end this review, I couldn't really think of much to say. This episode has some good moments, both in terms of story and character development, but does seem kind of choppy in the end. It works fairly well, and is well written, but other than a few great scenes generally comes across as little more than your average good episode. Perhaps it serves as a hint at the great things to come.

I love to hear your views, whether you agree or disagree, so feel free to e-mail me your feedback. Review by Dani Moure.

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3 readers have rated "Thank God it's Friday. Again." with an average score of 3.33. Click here to see what they had to say, and add your own review!
Did You Know?
The episode title refers to the fact that each day is like a Friday at work. We've heard the saying "Thank God it's Friday", meaning that it's the end of the week and we have a day off on Saturday, but for the Sykarans everyday is a Friday, since they expect a rest day the next day, but it never comes.

Volmae, the Sykaran leader, is in fact Sykaran herself, despite looking slightly different to the others. This is because she never goes out in the sun, she's always inside and never exposed to the sun, whereas everyone else works outside everyday so have a bit of a tan.

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John: "Willies... she gives you the willies!"

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 6 - "Thank God it's Friday. Again."
Writer: David Wilks
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10106
First UK Transmission: 17th Jan 2000
First US Transmission: 23rd Apr 1999
Guest Stars:
Angie Milliken (Volmae); Tina Thomsen (Tanga); Ken Blackburn (Hybin); Selina Muller (D'Argo's Girlfriend); Mark Slocum (Sykaran Male #1); Peter Baroch (Sykaran Male #3)
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