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The Staff
All about the people that bring you this site...

Here at Farscape World we have a small but well-formed set of staff, and just to let you know who they are, we've got a nice list.


Dani Moure - Site Overlord

Ah yes. I am the one that updates, owns, and generally runs (and writes stuff for) the site.

Click here to read all about me!

Assistant Webmaster

Mary Wood - Head Janitor, Queen Bee

Mary does a load of articles, adds episode summaries/reviews after the US airings, is our US buddy and generally helps me out with all sorts of PR, interview arrangements and the like.

Click here to read all about Mary!

Forum Moderators

BritAngie - Trusted Bee

Angie was the first forum member to be made a moderator, back in January 2002, to help with spoiler control over the UK getting season 3's finale long before the US. She's a good, trusted friend and has helped in many ways behind the scenes, and even wrote a con report for us.

Angie says: "By day mild mannered Asst. Financial Accountant... by night a wonton webmistress of www.BenBrowder.co.uk and also some time annoyance to Dani and Mary. So much so they made me a moderator of the forum to keep me quiet...(or was it to keep me under surveillance? Hrmmm) I'm too old, too lazy and too insane to be doing anything else so be glad!! Oh I also love Farscape, Egyptology, that Browdery bloke and chocolate... though not neccessarily in that order. You honestly do not want to know anything else."

SunKrux - Evil Bee

Cyn was our second victim picked to moderate forum. She does very little but antagonise me (case in point: Burbank 2002), but we love her anyway. She is very honest and another good friend. Do not cross her in the forums though. She has healthy doses of sarcasm to dish out, if you do. She even wrote a con report.

Cyn says: "I like walks on the beach, reading, watching movies and watching my tape/DVD collection of Farscape, The Lost World, and Tales of the South Seas when I'm not online or working. Most of my online time is spent between chatting with my "sweet boy" and annoying my TLW Fab5 sisters and other FS/TLW fans. While gainfully employed as a secretary at a rather large slow moving University, I would much rather be working as an actor. But bill collectors are greedy blokes and well, I don't wanna deal with them. Last minute detail, I am such a Marguerite & Roxton Junkie AND a 'Fake' Scaper."

LDGUK - Friendly Bee

Linda was the final person hand-picked to moderate the forum. She has helped greatly behind the scenes on several occasions, and is great at boosting morale. She is a great friend and a very, very nice, friendly and helpful person.

Linda says: "In my time away from my calculator (I work for a large accounting services and consulting firm) I like chatting, spending time with friends and family, dragging my nephews to the cinema to watch all the kids films I want to see, playing with Photoshop, reading (I'm currently reading A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy), listening to music and for some strange reason I've just signed myself up for a home study course in Anatomy and Physiology. I think that's pretty much it...oh...and I'm a bit of Scaper."


David Pugh: wrote a lovely review for the first UK DVD Box Set, which you can see (funnily enough) in the merchandise section.

So you've seen what we do and who we are, but do you think you could do better? If you think you have something special to offer the team we are always on the look out for more contributors, so feel free to email us and tell us what you think you could do.

(Words: Dani Moure)

If you find any errors on this page, or any other, please e-mail us.
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