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Review Score Guide
Just what does a "5" mean? How bad is a "1"? Find out...

Here at Farscape World we pride ourselves on fair and impartial reviews. Obviously, there will be people who disagree with our opinions, but this guide has been produced to explain why an episode/product receives the specific score. Note that while the guides refer to episodes, the merchandise reviews follow a similar policy so if you change a few words around then you'll have it.

An episode that receives this score is not what we expect. It most likely is dull, boring, has a poor story or little character development. Or any of the above. Not worth watching.
Below Average
An episode will receive a "2" if it is not particularly good, but contains perhaps a few redeeming scenes. It may also be a good story that came off as poorly executed. It is probably worth your time, but if you miss it don't be too worried.
A "good" episode contains a fair amount of scope. It's either just an average run-of-the-mill episode, with a few good moments, or perhaps a great episode with some fairly major niggles that keep it from a "4". It will be entertaining, and fun to watch. Definitely worth your time.
"Great" episodes are just that – great. A "4" is considered a very good score. It will have some great character development, an excellent story or good action, perhaps many excellent qualities but a couple of flaws which keep it from a "5". Don't miss it though, or you will be missing out!
If an episode gets a "5", then you just know it's brilliant. It will have some amazing character moments, a fantastic story and excellent action. Couple that with amazing acting, and you get an outstanding episode. We don't hand fives out lightly though, so an episode can still be excellent and not get a "5", this top score is reserved for something special. Miss it at your peril.

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