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Links to other great Farscape sites...

On this page we have a nice list of all the Farscape sites we think you may find interesting.

If you have a site you would like to see on this page, e-mail us.


A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape

An excellent resource with in-depth information on every episode, and more


SciFi.com Farscape - the official page for the show maintained by the SciFi Channel.

Farscape.com - the official Farscape website (which is sadly not updated that often).

The Henson Company - the official site of the show's creators, the Jim Henson Company.

BBC's Farscape Pages - a good source of Farscape information, generally only updated when the show is airing in the UK.

Creation Entertainment

Official Farscape Licensee, selling official merchandise for the show, and organisers of the official Farscape conventions.


Scape Route - an informative site with articles on how to write fiction, make music videos and more, maintained by Christine and Maria.

Farscape Fantasy - an excellent site maintained by Dallascaper, with a ton of multimedia and lots more.

The Snurcher's Guide to Farscape - a great site by Thinkum, with in-depth observations and details of episodes.

Farscape Weekly - Permanent home of QuietI's WROCS (Weekly Roundup of Cool Stuff). Features episode reviews and in-depth analysis as well as interviews, original art, trivia tidbits, and more. Updated weekly if not more often, by editor Joan Hedman.

Kieriahn's Farscape Starcharts - one of the first Farscape sites, bringing the latest Farscape news.

Farscape Create - another great Farscape site, maintained by LJ.

The Farscape Create Art Competition - Click here!

Farscape Darkscape - contains lots of information about Farscape, plus downloads. Available in both German and English.

Chritonisms - includes a long list of the pop culture references used by John in the show, what they mean and where they come from.

The Scaper's Sanctuary - the home of SACC (the Society Against
Cruelty to Crichton) and all the fun stuff that goes along (like Charity Drive, reviews, non-violent fanfic) as well as a huge sound archive and other fun stuff!

Unohoo's Shorts - a place for Farscape (TM) short(er) fanfiction that ranges in size from the Ficletini (very short) up through a Bermuda (which are long short stories (how's that for an oxymoron?)). [Other features on Shorts: Original Fiction, Kennel Club (pics of Scaper's pets), Tales from Erp, and Dear Harvey.]

Un4scene's Hidden Memory - featuring screen caps and more.

Karlsweb - a popular site with lots of fanfics, spoilers and more.

Crackers Matter - A wacky, fun and different site, not for the humour-impaired!

Tormented Space - A UK site with News and Info, Fiction, Picture Galleries, Audio Clips, a Message Board and a Chat room.


Image Creative Partnership - The official site of the group set up by former make-up and prosthetic artists on Farscape, including Dave Elsey. The site contains extensive Farscape concept images.

Anthony Simcoe's Site - The official site for Anthony Simcoe who plays D'Argo. He even has his own message board.

Virginia Hey's Site - Official site of the wonderful Virgina Hey, who played Zhaan.

Gigi Edgley's Site - Official home of Gigi Edgley, who plays Chiana. She also has her own message board.

Wayne Pygram's Site - Official site of Wayne Pygram, who played Scorpius.

Lani Tupu's Site - Official website of Lani Tupu, who played Bialar Crais and voiced Pilot.

Britangie's Ben Browder Corner - a great new site with pics and loads more dedicated to the one and only Ben Browder.

The Unofficial Claudia Black Site - a great site with dedicated to everything about Claudia. Includes biography, filmography, pictures and much more.

The Unofficial David Kemper Web Site - The site dedicated to the evil genius himself, executive producer/writer David Kemper!

Sanctum of Scorpius - Information and discussion forums completely devoted to our one and only leather-faced friend.

Lani Tupu Official Fan Club - The official Australian fan club for Lani Tupu.

ExquisiteIrony's Chiana Website - A site entirely devoted to Chiana and the lovely Gigi Edgley, a rarity these days.

The Gigi Edgley Enthusiast Resource Service

A new site for fans of everything Gigi! News, bios, information on her other roles and much more!


The Official SciFi Channel Bulletin Board

Discuss anything about Farscape here with fellow fans.

The BBC Message Board

Again more on topic or off topic discussion, mainly full of UK Scapers.

The Unofficial UK Farscape Board

A great discussion forum, a lot of it off topic, and mainly UK Scapers but all are welcome.

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