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Farscape World Help!
Things don't look right? Problems browsing? Then this page is for you...

If you need help with the general layout of Farscape World, please see our article Farscape World Explained.


Farscape World was designed primarily with the idea that it would look like it fitted in with the feel of the TV show, while providing quick, easy and most importantly logical navigation from page to page.

On February 26th 2002, we launched what could be considered Farscape World version 2.0, with our biggest overhaul of the site design yet. In bringing the site up to date, and to keep it easy to update while remaining functional, we have incorporated a number of things which will be outlined below.

The most important thing is that this site should look to you the same as how it looks to us. As such, we've provided this image as a snapshot of how the main page should look. If it doesn't look to you like it does in that picture (and that includes, but is not limited to font styles and the size of text, table spacing and so on) then there's a problem.

The site has been tested during creation in Internet Explorer 5.5. Site statistics show that over 90% of our readers use Internet Explorer as their web browser when viewing the site, so for those users there should be no problem. For users of Netscape and Opera, we have more details below.

What we use to make the site look this way

This site makes use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to define text size and font styles. Hence, your browser must allow the use of page/author defined CSS (style sheets). Additionally, the image galleries use simple Javascript, and you will view them optimally if Java is enabled. If not, you will still be able to view our image galleries, but large images will open in the current browser window instead of a new, properly sized window. Finally, possibly the most important thing about the site is that we make extensive use of tables in our design. It's imperative that your browser renders tables correctly to make use of this site (and most browsers do, bar some very old versions).

If the site looks different to how it should

If you are using Netscape Navigator, please upgrade to the latest version. You can do so by visiting Netscape.com and going to the "Downloads" section. The site has been tested in versions 4 and 6 of the browser, and while in version 4 the tables and text are incorrectly rendered, they look fine in Netscape 6.

If you are using Internet Explorer 4 or lower, things should look OK< but if they don't we recommend upgrading to at least version 5.5.

If you are using Opera, again we recommend downloading the latest version from Opera.com. The site has been tested in versions 5 and 6, and renders correctly in both. However, this relies on your preferences being set to allow use of this site's Style Sheets (CSS), which by default it is not. To set your preferences correctly, in version 6, go to File -> Preferences... from the menu. In your preferences, select the "Page Style" from the list on the left, and do the following. Ensure all the checkboxes under "User Mode" are selected, and ensure "Page Style Sheet", "Page fonts and colors", "My link style" and "Tables" are all selected under "Author mode". If even one of these is wrongly set, frustratingly it can cause problems. If you need to change these settings in an earlier version, you should find the settings under Preferences, and "Presentation Modes". If you need further assistance, e-mail us.

If you are using a different browser, or still need further assistance, please e-mail us.

If you find any errors on this page, or any other, please e-mail us.
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