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Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines
If you want to submit a fic, please read this first...

Generally, the basic rule for submission is a good story! But if you have one you'd like us to archive in the Farscape World Fanfic Section, then I would like to ask that you please try to follow these rough guidelines:

  • Please send the story in as a Microsoft Word compatible document (if you can't, please e-mail me).

  • Please make sure that the paragraphs within the document are separated by a single blank line, just like all the paragraphs here. That means, press return/enter twice at the end of each paragraph (even if it looks odd because of the styles you've used; this does not mean use the "single line spacing" option in Word).

  • NOTE: Your fics will be posted as-is; we will not correct spelling mistakes and bad grammar for you! Therefore, please ensure that you have checked your document for accurate spelling/punctuation (run it through a spellchecker or have someone beta-read it, which is always a good idea). No one enjoys reading documents full of bad spelling and grammar.

  • Please include a short introduction summarising the story, giving a rating, and giving a disclaimer. If you're unsure just take a look at any of the fics already posted to see what we mean.
I only ask these things as it makes it a lot quicker and easier for me to post the fanfics. If I have to format them myself there may be some delay, which will be the case if the above are not followed. Still, it's only a few things!

Then send us your document to fanfics@farscapeworld.com. If your fic does not appear immediately it may be because we have a backlog, but you will receive some response once we have taken a look. I prefer to post fanfics one at a time in short intervals as opposed to all at once. If you don't hear from us, feel free to e-mail me.

Thanks for reading this!

If you find any errors on this page, or any other, please e-mail us.
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