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Farscape World Explained
Just what goes where? How the frell do I use this site? Ask no more...

Well, hopefully the site is easy to use, but just in case you wondered what was supposed to go somewhere, what falls under which category etc., then this is the guide for you. We'll take you through each section and describe what goes in, and maybe when.

The table on the left of every page contains a link to every section of the site. By clicking on a certain section, like "Characters", you will be taken to the index page for that section. The sections are broken down and described below.

Note: All links on this site become underlined when highlighted. So if you roll your mouse over a piece of text and it underlines, you can click it.

Farscape News

This section is the main page of Farscape World, in case you were wondering where our homepage is. Here you will find, in the top right corner a small table, containing the next episode to be aired in the UK and US. The first line in each is the name of the episode. This may sometimes be followed by "[R]", which stands for repeat. This will appear if it is a repeat in that country. If it is followed by "[ALL NEW]", it is the first airing of that episode in the world. Just "[NEW]" means the first airing in that country. The second line contains the channel first, then the date, and finally the time, in 24-hour clock form. If there're two broadcasts of the same episode on the same day, both will be listed.

Also in this section is a latest updates table, which contains a list of the last five items to be updated or added to the site. They are listed in chronological order (by date) from top to bottom. If you wish to see a full list of all updates to the site ever, click the appropriate link below ("More Updates?..."), and this will take you to a page with every item listed by date, most recent to oldest.

Then there's the latest poll. Well, it's a poll, so please vote! When voting closes, the final results will be posted in the news section, and a new poll will replace it.

Which leads us nicely to the Farscape News part of the site. The main body of the page contains the five most recent news articles posted to the site. There will be a headline, followed by a by-line telling you the author (with a link to e-mail them), and the date posted. Below will be the main article, however if they exceed a set length they are chopped, and will have a "[continued]" link. If this is the case, clicking the link will take you to a separate page featuring the entire news article. If it is a short post, there will be no "[continued]" link.

Note about spoilers: Inevitably, some news will contain spoilers about upcoming episodes or other things taking place in the future. If this is the case, a message will be placed at the top of the article, alerting you that the post may contain spoilers. It may be that the spoilers do not affect everyone, so it's recommended you take note of the subject to get an idea of what will be spoiled. The main text will be cut off extra early, so nothing is ruined.

Under the five main stories are the next five most recent stories' headlines, along with the author and date posted. You should click the headline to read the full story, which will be on a separate page. Note about spoilers: For news items that contained spoilers as mentioned above, a red "*S*" will appear beside the headline.

You can also access the news archive by clicking on the image that reads "news archives". This will take you to an index page that lists a month. These are links to the monthly news archive and you should click the appropriate month. This will take you to another page listing all the headlines for that month, and you should click the headline to see the whole story.


By clicking on this section you will arrive at the Episodes by production number page. This lists every episode in order of production number. You can click the link at the top of the page entitled "Click here for a list of episodes in their UK aired order" to be taken to the list of all the same episodes, but listed in the order of Original UK airdate on BBC2. Either page lists all the episodes by their title. Following the title is a number, like "#10119". This is the production number assigned to that episode when the script is completed and approved. Usually the episodes are aired in almost the same order as production order, however some differences do occur.

Below the episode there will be between 0 and 4 links. They can either be Synopsis, which when clicked takes you to a long description of every event in that particular episode, Review which takes you to an opinionated review of the episode, with a score out of 5, and some other features, including related episode. There could also be Image Gallery, which takes you to the first page of the image gallery, which contains thumbnailed captures of the episode (you click a thumbnail to see the larger picture), or DVD Commentary, taking you to a transcript of that episode's commentary provided on some of the US DVDs.

It should also be noted that the episodes will be fully updated once they air in the UK, since I live in the UK.


This section contains profiles for the various characters and races of Farscape. There are four different categories. Moya's Crew contains a list of the names of the regular characters that are always aboard Moya. People may be jumbled around every now and then, as the crew changes. Following the name of the person, there is also a brief description and a "[read]" link, which you should click to get to the page containing their profile. This will contain a profile of that particular character, and a picture of them, along with a brief section about the actor/actress that plays the character, and their best episodes (in our opinion), with links to them. Also, where applicable, there will be a link to the actor's page on the Internet Movie Database.

The Enemies lists some of the key enemies that the crew has faced in their journeys. The format is the same as above. Other Allies lists some of the other friends that our crew have made, usually those with whom they've met more than once.

Races contains background information on the major races in the Farscape universe, along with the episodes that they have appeared in.


This page is divided up into two sections, images and downloads. The images section contains a list of each and every image gallery on Farscape World (there's one for each episode, plus a few special ones), along with the number of images in that gallery listed next to it. To view the gallery, click the episode title.

The downloads list unsurprisingly lists the name of the download, followed by a "[view details]" link. Clicking this will take you to a page describing the download, plus any relevant instructions, and will also contain the link to the download.


This is a link to the Farscape World forums. Click it to be transported to our very own discussion board, where you can talk about all things Farscape, or anything else. You have to register to post (but you can read freely); it's quick and easy though, and you never know who may join in! There's a separate FAQ for the forums, linked to at the bottom of every forum page.


This section contains a list of the fanfics that we archive on the site. "Fanfics" are stories of varied length written by fans and based in the Farscape universe. Some may be fillers for episodes, and others may be entirely original stories. The index page lists all the fanfics by name (followed by part number if they are multi-part stories), then below the author, and a "[read]" link, but you know what that does (it takes you to page one). Most fanfics have multiple pages, depending on their length. At the top of the first page, there will usually be a bit about the author, and/or a description or introduction to the story. You can navigate the pages using the "previous page" and "next page" links at the bottom of each page.


This section contains various transcripts of interviews or web chats with the cast and crew of Farscape. They will usually be taken from other sources (who are credited with a link on the first page). The date on which it was conducted will be listed on the index page under the name of the chat. The usual "[read]" link will be there, too. The transcript will probably be many pages long, with "previous page" and "next page" links at the bottom of the pages to navigate it. There will also be a description outlining a bit about the interview at the top of the first page.


Here at Farscape World we always try to review the latest Farscape merchandise, and those reviews go here. The index page contains the item name, then the name of the shop where we bought it, and a "[read]" link. Clicking this will take you to the review, which contains numerous things. First, there's an item description, which describes what you get (if it's a book it'll usually be the blurb). Then below is the review itself, where the reviewer describes the pros and cons of the item. There will then be a link to a website that sells the item, and below that the review score, out of 5. Finally there's some more details on the item, for instance for a book the author, publisher, ISBN number etc.

Other Dren

This section contains all of the articles that don't fit anywhere else. This will probably get bloated very quickly, because there's such a variety of stuff to go here. The page is divided into two sections. Other Articles contains a list of all the other articles we have available on the site. The title of the article will be listed, along with a brief description of it and a "[read]" link. When you click this, you will go to the first page of the article. Articles may or may not have more than one page, so if "previous page" or "next page" links are at the bottom, use them to navigate the article. The first page will also name the author of the article, usually with an e-mail address.

Site Stuff

This section contains everything site related, but unrelated to Farscape. One important document in this section is our Copyright and Terms of Use Policy, which all visitors should read and familiarise themselves with. Other documents such as our Review Score Guide and Staff Contacts are here. They are listed on the index page by name, with a brief description and a "[read]" link.

And that's it, Farscape World explained. I sincerely hope you enjoy the site,

Dani Moure

If you find any errors on this page, or any other, please e-mail us.
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