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Farscape: Undressed (1 hour special)
A summary of the pre-season three special...

By Dani Moure

On 16th March 2001, the SciFi channel launched season 3 of Farscape. But prior to their screening of the season premiere "Season of Death" they presented a special look at the first two season of the show. In case you hadn't guessed, it was called Farscape Undressed (but no, no-one got undressed). Presented by Ben Browder and Claudia Black, we took a quick look through the events leading up to season 3, with special appearances by the real Rygel and Pilot.

Summary of the show

The show opens with a series of quotes from various publications regarding the show. Ben Browder then introduces himself, and the show, for those who don't know who he is. He talks about John Crichton, and what happened to him at the start of Farscape. [Montage from "Premiere"]

Ben Browder then introduces us to Claudia Black, who talks a bit about Aeryn, before the discussion about D'Argo and his relationship with Crichton, how they go from "enemies" to friends. [Montage of scenes between Crichton and D'Argo]

We then move on to Zhaan, and the two describe her character, and how she's spiritual, but can also get physical. [Montage of scenes involving Zhaan]

Ben talks about all the races they get to meet around the Uncharted Territories, specifically Chiana. [Montage of scenes involving Chiana] They say she'll try anything once, sometimes landing on her feet, other times on her ass. They say she has grown a bit, and show the scene of Crichton walking in on her and D'Argo having sex.

Next comes Aeryn, and Ben mentions she's contaminated, Claudia says irreversibly. [Montage of Aeryn scenes] They mention how Aeryn saved John's life on more than one occasion. Ben then mentions Aeryn's "attitude" problem. [Montage of scenes where Aeryn gives John "attitude"]

Ben then brings up how they've kissed, and are in love, and Claudia asks if he's forgotten how it ended. Claudia then says no one but him wants to hear about the relationship, and they cue the "cool stuff". [Montage of "cool stuff" (i.e. special effects and action)]

Back from break, Ben and Claudia are in a darkened Pilot's den, and ask him for the lights. Pilot says he can't remember what they wanted him to say. Ben says to tell us about Moya, so he says she's bio-mechanoid. Ben then says he means she's half living, half mechanical. [Montage of scenes about Moya, with commentary describing her features] Claudia says that Moya couldn't survive without Pilot, and that he's always calm. Pilot says that's not strictly true... [Scene with Aeryn from "The Way We Weren't"] Pilot asks if they've told us about Talyn... [Montage of Talyn and his birth, as they explain it's a Leviathan gunship]

Ben and Claudia then explain that Talyn is now under the command of Bialar Crais [Montage of Crais aboard Talyn in "Family Ties" and "Mind the Baby"] Claudia says that over time Crais has proven to be an ally, or so Aeryn thinks. She mentions their relationship is complex, then Ben says that Crais and Aeryn don't have a relationship, Crichton and Aeryn do, and that's what they should talk about. Claudia says that over time Crichton and Aeryn developed a "very solid working partnership". Ben says it's more than that – she wants him. [Montage of scenes between Aeryn and Crichton] Claudia says they have a little chemistry, and Ben says they were made for each other, and asks if she remembers the "hair scene". [The "hair scene" from "A Kiss is But a Kiss"]

Ben asks how she can deny they are meant for each other, so Claudia mentions how Crichton is insane, and of course Ben blames Scorpius. [Montage of Scorpius scenes]

Back from break, and Rygel says whatever we've heard about the show is all lies – it's about him, Dominar Rygel XVI. [Montage of Rygel scenes] He then calls for a close-up, and says he really runs Moya, and all the others turn to him when vexed by a problem. Ben then comes in and asks what lies he's telling, and calls him the biggest liar in the Uncharted Territories. [Another Rygel montage] Rygel says he has agents, he has lawyers, then Claudia says Spielberg's on line one, so he makes a sharp exit, and Ben says that puppets are so gullible.

The discussion returns to Scorpius, and how he's evil and wrestled control of Crais' ship. [Montage of Scorpius vs. Crais] Then we hear about the wormhole technology, and how Scorpius wants it. [Montage of Scorpius extracting knowledge in "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory"] Claudia then talks about the chip, and how Scorpius put it in Crichton's head in a brutal interrogation but for most of the second season no one has any idea that it was put there. [Montage of Crichton seeing Scorpius in his head] Ben explains that one thing kept John sane through all this insanity was his relationship with Aeryn, and says that none aboard Moya is more intense, complex or as frustrating. Claudia talks about Aeryn learning from Crichton, and Ben says it's interesting. [Montage of intense scenes between Aeryn and Crichton] Ben says that people want to see passion, romance, a great love story - Romeo & Juliet. Claudia says it ended so well for them, and Ben says this could be different – a happy ending. [Montage of various scenes]

Back from break, Ben's with Pilot, and talks about the chip taking over Crichton, D'Argo looking for his son, and, well, Aeryn. [Long montage recapping "A Not So Simple Plan", "With Friends Like These...", "Plan B" and "Die Me, Dichotomy"] Ben says that's the first two seasons of Farscape in a nutshell, and Pilot goes to ask Ben if Aeryn's really... but Ben says they're out of time, and invites us to watch the season premiere. He thanks us for watching, on behalf of the cast and crew.

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