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In a Clamshell... Season 2
Every season 2 episode gets a small description

By Dani Moure

So you've read all about season 1, well now here's the short and sharpish, fairly spoiler-free, "In a Clamshell" guide for season two. Remember that there may be small spoilers in some of the descriptions, but hopefully nothing Earth-shattering. I would suggest though, you may want to ignore the "Key story arc moments", if you really want to avoid spoilers.

"Dream a Little Dream"
Formerly the season premiere "Re:Union", Log File #10201

Whilst Rygel, Zhaan and Chiana, still on board Moya following last season's finale's events are still searching for Aeryn, D'Argo and Crichton, they come across a lawyers planet of sorts. Zhaan gets caught in a traffic violation, for which she may have to be confined for ten days, whilst Moya and Pilot make it clear that they will leave in no more than three. Zhaan is appointed legal counsel (the profession of most of the planet), and manages to escape her cell, but comes across a dead body and is hastily charged with murder. With her legal counsel refusing to defend her innocence, Rygel and Chiana volunteer but end up stirring up a bag of lies, which could lead to their death, and Moya leaves them stranded when she breaks orbit.

"Mind the Baby"
Log File #10202

Aeryn managed to save Crichton and D'Argo whilst they were floating in space following the destruction of the Gammak Base, but something is clearly wrong with her. Indeed, Crais, who is now controlling Talyn, has struck a deal with her to allow Crichton and D'Argo to survive. Crichton manages to apprehend Crais and pull him off Talyn, when Moya returns hearing the cry of her son. He no longer trusts anyone but Crais though, and refuses to do anything until Crais is back on board. When Scorpius' Command Carrier closes in on their position, they have to choose between giving Crais back to Talyn or impending doom.

Key story arc moments: Talyn chooses Crais over Moya and crew, and starbursts away with him.

"Vitas Mortis"
Log File #10203

On a visit to a commerce planet, D'Argo becomes obsessed with finding an ancient Luxan named Nilaam. She's a holy woman – an Orican, who has extreme spiritual powers. When the crew find her she's near death, and wants D'Argo to help her in a "Ritual of Passing". This is an extreme honour for D'Argo, who helps in every way with the ceremony. Because of his energy, instead of passing she performed the "Ritual of Renewal", and she was transformed into a young woman. But when Moya's systems begin to fail, and even Nilaam can't help, the crew have to find out the connection between these problems and Nilaam's rejuvenation.

"Taking the Stone"
Log File #10204

When a life disc in Chiana's body ceases to function, it appears that the life force linked to the disc, that of her brother, had also ceased functioning. She seeks out Crichton but he's busy working on Moya's systems, so Chiana commandeers Aeryn's prowler and goes to a Royal Cemetery Planet nearby. Aeryn, Crichton and Rygel go after her, and find her integrating herself into local culture, living below the graves, taking drugs and engaging in dangerous acts. They embrace life-threatening situations and test each other with rites of passage. These culminate in "The Gathering", in which the people jump into a pit and rely on a voice activated net to catch them at the bottom. This extremely dangerous activity has resulted in many deaths, but now Chiana wants to take part, and it's up to the others to talk her out of it in time.

Key story arc moments: We learn that Chiana's older brother, Nerri, is dead.

"Crackers Don't Matter"
Log File #10205

Moya's crew invite someone named T'raltixx aboard, as he promises to make modifications to Moya that will protect her from Scorpius. He tests the modifications on Farscape 1 and sure enough, the pod and Crichton seem to disappear from view. Of course, everyone was eager to have the mod installed. Meanwhile Aeryn and Chiana return from the commerce planet with one of Scorpius' "wanted" beacons, and some crackers. T'raltixx needs to return to his home world to modify Moya, and on the way they pass through five pulsars. They cause Zhaan pleasure, since she loves the light, but for the rest of the crew they trigger brain activity that results in extreme emotional responses, in particular distrust. Everyone begins to turn against each other, trying to protect their crackers no matter the cost...

Key story arc moments: When Crichton is "under the influence", he has a number of hallucinations in which Scorpius starts talking to him...

"Picture if You Will"
Log File #10206

Chiana and Rygel visit a commerce ship, where Chiana is given a portrait as a gift. It contained Chiana's face beside a lost necklace, and as soon as she returned to Moya with the portrait a DRD finds it. The image changes to that of her with a broken leg, and sure enough, she trips over a DRD and her leg is broke. The crew want to destroy it, but Chiana would rather see what was to come. Zhaan analyses the picture and becomes scared, telling some of the crew that she may have to call upon them to do exactly as she does at some point. The portrait changes to Chiana being consumed by flames, so she asks to be locked in the freezer. Whilst she's inside, it bursts in to flames and the crew watches her being burned, because Moya won't open the door. The painting soon changes, selecting its next victim, leaving the crew in a race against time to find out exactly what is behind the picture.

"The Way We Weren't"
Log File #10207

Rygel has procured a tape that contains some sort of sensitive information. It shows what happened in the days before the current Pilot was bonded to Moya. Velorek, the Peacekeeper assigned to bond him to Moya, was accompanied by a female whom he seemed to love – Aeryn Sun. The tape shows how they killed the previous Pilot and disposed of it, and Aeryn's involvement. Aeryn is disgraced by the tape, not realising that it was this particular Pilot and Leviathan that she did this to. She's ready to leave, but Crichton won't let her without knowing the whole story. But that reveals even more dark secrets – including this Pilot's involvement in his predecessor's demise.

Key story arc moments: We learn a lot about both Aeryn and Pilot's pasts, including their previous involvement with each other and Crais.

"Home on the Remains"
Log File #10208

The crew have been without food for a long period of time, which is having an adverse affect on the crew. Whilst everyone else is becoming cranky, Zhaan's starvation has caused her to bud. She tells the crew that if she doesn't consume meat soon then the budding will kill her. The buds cause the crew to have difficulty breathing when they get close to her. Moya comes across the carcass of a Budong inside which a mining colony lived and worked, housing some old acquaintances of Chiana. She, Crichton, D'Argo and Rygel go over to try and get some meat, whilst Aeryn remained on Moya. She thought that light may benefit Zhaan, but in fact it causes her to release a spray of spores that cause Aeryn an allergic reaction and clog Moya's systems. With Zhaan suddenly missing, and Aeryn unable to locate her, there's little choice but to release the spores into space, even if Zhaan is killed in the process.

"Out of Their Minds"
Log File #10209

Moya comes under attack from an unknown force, so the crew figure they will use the defence screen they took from the Zelbinion to shield them. The enemy fires, the next moment Pilot, D'Argo and Chiana, who were all in the same room, have switched bodies. Elsewhere, Rygel, Aeryn and Crichton have also switched bodies. Zhaan, meanwhile, is being held captive on the enemy ship, where she discovers they are retaliating to an attack they suffered before encountering Moya. Apparently they were fired upon by another Leviathan – Talyn. Zhaan has to convince them that Moya has no weapons and poses no threat, so the crew can return to their own bodies before something terrible happens.

Key story arc moments: Crais and Talyn have apparently been going on something of a rampage, destroying ships.

Continue on to "A Kiss is But a Kiss" through "Die Me, Dichotomy"...

The Look at the Princess Saga begins...

"A Kiss is But a Kiss" (Part 1 of 3)
Log File #10210

Moya comes across a barricade of Peacekeeper mines around a planet that's thought not to be under Peacekeeper control. The crew manage to negotiate free passage, until Rygel intervenes to procure supplies. The Councillor, Tyno, will not allow trade until the royal coronation is complete, but Rygel convinces him he is royalty too and the crew are allowed to land. Chiana and D'Argo continue their recently started romantic antics down on the planet, but Crichton and Aeryn are arguing. Down on the planet everyone is kissing each other in a test to see who is compatible with whom. Crichton is the only man who has not kissed Princess Katralla, whose blood was poisoned by her brother to be sure no one is compatible with her so he gets the throne, but it turns out that she and Crichton are a match! Everyone, including the Empress, is trying to get Crichton to propose, as Scorpius arrives on the scene, and in an attempt to draw him away, Zhaan gets Moya to starburst away.

New characters: We see our first ever full Scarran, Cargn.

Key story arc moments: Crichton is forced to propose to Katralla, apparently sealing his fate, much to Aeryn's dismay. Moya meets her creators and gods. Crichton has a memory of Scorpius telling him he left "something to remember me by". The Scarrans and Peacekeepers look to be headed for war, and each side is trying to one-up the other by getting worlds in the Uncharted Territories on their side.

"I Do, I Think" (Part 2 of 3)
Log File #10221

Crichton is rescued from an assassination attempt, made by Prince Clavor, by none other than Clavor's fiancÚ Jena. She is a Peacekeeper agent, and she mistakes him for one too. He confronts Clavor, and though Councillor Tyno believes it was Clavor who attempted the assassination, without evidence he can do nothing, and the only person waiting for him off world is Scorpius. Rygel manages to negotiate higher security for Crichton, but in the mean time Scorpius is plotting against him, and an evil Scarran is revealed to be influencing Clavor. Meanwhile Moya meets her creators – the Builders – who are unhappy that she gave birth to a warship, and want to decommission her. The trouble for Crichton continues though, because even if he does survive his best chance is to be married, but if he is he will be turned into a statue – for eighty years.

Key story arc moments: John starts to hear Scorpius' voice in his head, and Moya speaks!

"The Maltese Crichton" (Part 3 of 3)
Log File #10211

With Crichton as a statue, and set to remain that way for eighty years, you'd think things couldn't get worse. But they can, because the Scarran emissary, Cargn, chops off his head and drops it in acid. That's not all, because Scorpius just happens to be the man that finds it. Crichton can be put back together though, but Scorpius won't give up the head because he wants the wormhole technology within. Meanwhile Aeryn goes off rock-climbing with a native called Dregon to try and forget about Crichton. She does so, but they get into a little accident. In addition, with Moya all set to be decommissioned, Zhaan has to get Farscape 1 to work to get off Moya before the atmosphere is switched off and she dies, unless she can talk some sense into the builders. Back on the planet, the Empress is ordering the death of every alien on the planet because of Crichton's decapitation, which leaves D'Argo little choice other than to team with Scorpius to survive.

Key story arc moments: John manages to get out of marrying Katralla, but when he had the chance, John couldn't kill Scorpius, and Scorpius was testing to see if he could. John and Aeryn are indeed genetically compatible.

"My Three Crichtons"
Log File #10212

A sphere comes aboard Moya, and appears to probe each crewmember in turn. When it gets to Crichton, he tells Aeryn to open fire on it, so she does, but it grows in size and engulfs him. Crichton soon gets thrown out, but along with him comes a shadowy figure that runs off. Chiana tracks it down in Crichton's quarters where it's attempting to put on his IASA uniform. It's some kind of primitive beast, but Chiana gets it to tell her its name – John Crichton. Zhaan's DNA test confirms it is indeed Crichton, when the sphere expels yet another version of him, this time a super-brain type version. The sphere starts to cause massive energy fluctuations aboard Moya, trying to pull Moya through to another dimension. The crew and the Crichtons have to find a way to counteract the pull, and figure out the mystery of the three Crichtons.

"Beware of Dog"
Log File #10213

Crichton apparently starts having hallucinations, which Aeryn puts down to the fact that humans aren't accustomed to long-term space travel. The crew begin to suspect that their food supply was contaminated with parasites, so Chiana purchases a Vorc: a small creature that tracks down and kills vermin. Crichton says that he saw a monster in an access tube the crew suspects it was just another hallucination, that is until Rygel and Chiana are cornered by it in the maintenance bay. D'Argo comes in to help them, but the beast injects him with venom, which Zhaan says will cause him death. The crew must leave his fate up to the Vorc, who has to lead them to the beast so they can get a sample of its DNA to formulate a cure before D'Argo's time is up.

Key story arc moments: John starts seeing Scorpius in his mind more and more...

"Won't Get Fooled Again"
Log File #10214

Crichton wakes up to find himself back on Earth, in hospital, with his father and DK saying what a shame it was that the Farscape experiment hadn't worked. They ask Crichton if he's all right, and realising it must be a trick, he plays along saying he's fine. He gets to meet the doctor Bettina Fairchild, in the guise of Aeryn. She says he was injured in an accident during the test of the Farscape module, and when he asks her questions he would ask Aeryn, she sends him to the psychiatrist – Zhaan. Crichton soon meets the cigar smoking CEO Rygel, and the daring astronaut D'Argo. He wanders around looking for a way out when he goes to a bar, where he finds Scorpius and his band, including Pilot on drums, providing the entertainment. He sits down for a drink, but next to him is apparently the real Scorpius, who explains this environment was artificially constructed, not by the Ancients, but rather the Scarrans, who are holding him captive, and allegedly Scorpius is here to help him...

New characters: Leslie Crichton, John's mother, gets her first appearance here as part of the hallucination.

Key story arc moments: We find out what's been going on with the Scorpius visions – after John was put in the Aurora Chair, Scorpius put a neural clone of himself in a chip implanted in John's head, to extract his wormhole knowledge. However, the Scorpius clone makes John forget this revelation.

"The Locket"
Log File #10215

Stark returns to Moya to give back the transport he borrowed when he left at the site of the Gammak Base, when they come across a nebulous net in the middle of space, which they are prepared to enter thinking they will be able to avoid detection. Aeryn decides to go and scout the net before they go in, but eight arns later she hasn't returned. Concerned, the crew enter the net in hopes of finding the prowler, but at first there was nothing. Soon after, the prowler emerged from some sort of schism, and when it docks out stepped an old lady. It's Aeryn, only she's aged by fifty-five years during which time she lived on the planet below, and is now a grandmother. She says that through the schism is another dimension, where time passes more quickly – fifty-five cycles for every eight arns. She only returned to see Moya's crew one last time. Crichton leaves with her, insisting he'll return in eight arns, but when he doesn't, it's down to the rest of the crew to save them, if they can...

Key story arc moments: Stark returns to Moya, after a long time away.

"The Ugly Truth"
Log File #10216

Talyn returns to Moya, along with Crais on board, who wants to meet with the crew alone and with no weapons – in peace. Soon after they arrive, a Plakarian weapons trade ship approached their position and opened communications with Crais, only to be destroyed seconds later by Talyn's cannon. The crew leave Talyn and he and Crais starburst away, when another Plakarian ship appears and brings the transport aboard to interrogate them. With Aeryn, Crichton, D'Argo, Zhaan and Stark all away, Rygel and Chiana want to stay and attempt a rescue, but Moya is more determined than ever to find Talyn. Meanwhile each person is required to make a statement as to what happened in the lead up to the other vessel's destruction. They want to know the truth, and who is to blame, but no one will own up.

Key story arc moments: Stark was dispersed as his form of execution at the end of this episode.

"A Clockwork Nebari"
Log File #10217

Crichton, Aeryn, Chiana and Rygel go to a planet to get information on the location of D'Argo's son, Jothee, but Chiana gets herself into a spot of trouble. When she returns she tells Crichton that she's certain Aeryn will chew her out, so it's extremely surprising when she doesn't, but rather appears uncharacteristically passive. The reason? A Nebari named Varla had come aboard the ship and mind-cleansed Aeryn and Rygel, and after incarcerating Crichton and D'Argo, she made plans to cleanse them too. Pilot could not be cleansed, so the place a collar on him, and soon the entire crew bar Chiana is cleansed, except for Rygel, who is unaffected because of Hynerian physiology and Crichton, whom Scorpius' neural clone is helping fight the cleansing. It's up to them to try and stop Varla, and her plans to take over the galaxy...

Key story arc moments: Chiana's brother, Nerri, is in fact alive. The Nebari government, The Establishment, infected many Nebari with a contagion before allowing them to leave their home world. Now, the Nebari that did leave, including Chiana, have helped spread the contagion so that on the allotted day and time, it can be unleashed.

The Liars, Guns and Money Saga begins...

"A Not So Simple Plan" (Part 1 of 3)
Log File #10218

After searching for three days for Stark, who Zhaan insists she saw in a vision and he is alive, the rest of the crew start to give. That is until they see his image in his mask and they find him on a ship close by. He insists he's found a way to save D'Argo's son. Jothee is to be sold at an auction in a lot of ten thousand slaves and he has a plan to but the lot. The idea is to rob a Shadow Depository, but that seems suicidal to everyone. Angry that they won't help, D'Argo goes down alone, and gets captured. The others come up with a plot to get him free, and get their money – Zhaan will go down pretending she has something to deposit, convincing the Depository's boss Natira which will actually be a sedated Rygel. Her "aide", Chiana, and her guards Aeryn and Crichton will accompany her. Trouble looms though when one of the depositories most valued clients arrives to make a withdrawal – Scorpius...

New characters: The Shadow Depository's administrator: the weird and wonderful Natira.

Key story arc moments: Stark returns from dispersal, and sets a plan in motion to save D'Argo's son - the robbing of the Shadow Depository. John apparently kills Scorpius, but we never see his body. In the process, John is finally told by the real Scorpius about the chip in his head.

"With Friends Like These" (Part 2 of 3)
Log File #10219

Escaping with the money from the depository, the crew think they've got it all sorted out. That is until they find out that the lot they want to bid on has already been sold, and the buyer left them a message. Surprise, surprise: it's Scorpius! He wants Crichton, in exchange for Jothee. Crichton comes up with a plan to get a Vorcarian Blood Tracker, a Sheyang, a Tavlek and the Zenetan pirates' Flax to try and catch Jothee on the way to Scorpius. When D'Argo, Crichton and Aeryn leave to get them, Moya experiences metal fatigue, and on investigation the others discover that the Borinium ingots that they had procured were in fact Karack Metalites, and were eating away at Moya. Natira had planted them for Scorpius, but of course the crew ended up with them. The crew returned with their helpers, but with no money and Crichton's extreme guilt, he sees only one way to get Jothee back...

New characters: D'Argo's son - Jothee - is back, for real.

Key story arc moments: D'Argo is finally reunited with Jothee, thanks to John who turned himself over to Scorpius. A number of old adversaries are called to help the crew in their efforts to take down the Depository. Durka, who was presumed dead, survived his last encounter with Moya, but this time Rygel kills him for real. Moya is left badly burned.

"Plan B" (Part 3 of 3)
Log File #10220

With Jothee back, but Crichton missing, the crew find a message that he left: he says he is unable to deal with Scorpius' continued presence in his mind, so he had no choice but to go to Scorpius and have the chip removed, in hope that it'd also bring some good for D'Argo, who'd get to see his son. Aeryn rallies the troops to, rather than rescue Jothee, rescue Crichton, and promises the mercenaries all the money they could want from the Depository. Moya remains in pain from being burned to get rid of the Metalites, and is joined by Talyn who returns to give his mother nutrients after sensing her distress. Scorpius and Natira torture Crichton down in the depository, and Scorpius' neural clone reveals it's ready to be removed with the wormhole technology. With the crew throwing themselves against hundreds of guards in the raid on the depository, and Scorpius becoming aware of the plan, things look ever more bleak for Crichton and the crew...

Key story arc moments: The crew rescue John, and destroy the Shadow Depository. Scorpius appears to be dead (again), although no body is seen. D'Argo has completed his quest to find his son.

"Die Me, Dichotomy" (Season 2 finale)
Log File #10222

With Crichton back, Jothee rescued and the mercenaries paid, the crew have enough money left to hire someone to cure Moya. With the help of Crais and Talyn, they manage to locate a Diagnosan, who cannot only repair Moya, but may be able to remove Scorpius' chip from Crichton's brain. But when Aeryn finds Crichton in Moya's neural cluster, and she confesses her love for him, he is taken over by Scorpius' chip and knocks her unconscious. He continues to hurt the crew and attempts to signal Scorpius to his position. D'Argo apprehends him and they reach the Diagnosan, who happens to have a specimen of a species close enough to humans to make a compatible organ and tissue donor. The drug used on Moya makes Pilot high, and he shows D'Argo preparing to propose to Chiana, but she seems more interested in his son... Crais reveals he has a chip with some information that may make Aeryn extremely happy, when Crichton leaves abruptly in his module, and Aeryn pursues, with deadly consequences...

New characters: The Diagnosan, Tocot, and assistant Grunchlk.

Key story arc moments: Everyone is planning to leave Moya. The neural clone of Scorpius starts to take over John's mind, as Moya is healed by the Diagnosan. When John tries to contact Scorpius, Aeryn goes to stop him, but under the influence of the neural clone he causes Aeryn's death. The Diagnosan removes the neural clone, but Scorpius returns and takes it, leaving John's brains all over the operating table.

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