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In a Clamshell... Season 1
All about season 1 in short sharp bursts

By Dani Moure

So what exactly is an "In a Clamshell..." guide? Well, basically it's my solution for the people who might ask why the episode synopses are so long and in-depth, when they simply want to remind themselves of what and episode was about, without any spoilers. Simple, right? Oh, and to explain the name, it's derived from the phrase "in a nutshell", which I was going to use but after seeing Pilot I thought it'd be more appropriate. Anyway, enough ramblings, simply put, you will find here a heading for each episode, with a link back to the main features on it from the "episode" page. Under the heading, there will be a brief description, spoiler free, of the episode along with any other key moments, but these may contain brief spoilers so skip these if you don't want to know. So let's get on with it, as we take a look at "Premiere" to "Throne for a Loss":

(NOTE: Episodes listed in aired order closest to production order – broadcast order may vary in your area)

Log File #10101

IASA Astronaut John Crichton sets out to prove a theory along with his best friend DK, but ends up getting caught in a wormhole and being flung half way across the galaxy (or at least a place rather far from Earth). He's dragged aboard a prison ship by a creature named Pilot, and finds himself in the middle of a battle between the three escapees and the terrorizing Peacekeepers. Under the command of Captain Bialar Crais, they attempt to re-take Moya, the ship, but the prisoners - Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, General Ka D'Argo and Dominar Rygel XVI - have a hostage by the name of Officer Aeryn Sun, a Peacekeeper herself, so it's up to her and John to try and get free, and turn in the prisoners.

New characters: All of them – this is the pilot!

Key story arc moments: The whole "hunted by an insane military Commander" story that drives the show begins here.

"I, E.T."
Log File #10102

A Peacekeeper Paddac beacon is transmitting Moya's location to any Peacekeeper vessel nearby that is listening, causing an obvious problem for the crew. Crichton suggests landing on a nearby planet and going into water to muffle the beacon. They do so, despite not knowing whether Leviathans can land on a planet and take off again or not, but they still have to cut out the beacon. Trouble is, this will cause Moya great pain, so Zhaan suggests something to numb her. Pilot reveals that Clorium – a forbidden Leviathan cargo – has a numbing effect, so John, D'Argo and Aeryn venture off to get some. Another problem though – the locals have detected Moya, and having never encountered aliens before they don't react in the best way. The situation's made worse when Crichton is found by a young boy and his mother, who threaten to turn him over to the military.

"Exodus from Genesis"
Log File #10103

Moya is close to a nebula (or at least what looks like one), but on the other side is a Peacekeeper Marauder from Crais' Command Carrier. They are scanned by it, but it appears to pass them by. However the nebula turns out to be a swarm of Draks – small creatures that invade Moya. They turn up the heat, which is particularly nasty for Aeryn who begins to suffer from Sebacean Heat Delirium, which if allowed to continue brings on the "Living Death", which will have fatal consequences for one Officer Sun. The crew discover that the Draks are cloning each of the crew, and with the Peacekeepers closing in it's up to Rygel to make a deal with the Emissary.

"Throne for a Loss"
Log File #10104

Rygel invites some members of a race called the Tavleks aboard Moya, figuring they can make some cash if he barters with them for Moya to transport some cargo. It all goes terribly wrong though since when they arrive they capture Rygel and run away with him, and after a cargo bay battle one Tavlek remains on board, but Rygel's gone. D'Argo puts on the single Tavlek's gauntlet – a weapon that injects an addictive fluid that causes aggression – and he goes on a rampage. The others manage to get the gauntlet off, but Moya is losing orbit and has lost propulsion – because Rygel stole one of her propulsion crystals for his sceptre. D'Argo, Aeryn and Crichton must go to the planet to rescue Rygel from prison, whilst Zhaan is left to try and end the lone Tavlek's addiction to the gauntlet.

New characters: Bekhesh, the Tavlek "leader".

"Back and Back and Back to the Future"
Log File #10105

When the crew find a ship about to explode, D'Argo and Rygel want to leave, whilst Zhaan and Crichton want to investigate. D'Argo soon changes his tune when a distress signal comes through, revealing the ship carries Ilanics – genetic cousins of the Luxans. Their escape pod is brought on board, and D'Argo extends every courtesy to the guests. Crichton gets zapped when he's checking out the pod, and begins to have flashes of future events, revealing there's more to the female, Matala, than meets the eye, more than even the scientist Verell knows. It's up to Crichton to make sense of it all and try and save the ship from a similar fate to the Ilanic ship.

"Thank God it's Friday. Again."
Log File #10106

D'Argo, in the midst of Luxan Hyper Rage, goes down to a planet in search of Crichton, who is actually hiding on board. When the crew eventually go to the planet to retrieve him and be on their way, they discover the Hyper Rage is over, and he's decided to settle down on this planet with his new girlfriend. He's apparently content in working every day along with the other Sykarans to harvest the Tannot root, but on further investigation Crichton discovers that he is definitely not acting of his own will. When Zhaan also decides to stay on the planet, and some natives cryptically give Crichton the worm, it's up to him to discover exactly what's going on here and what the harvested Tannot is being used for.

"PK Tech Girl"
Log File #10107

Moya comes across a ship dead in space, which turns out to be the legendary Peacekeeper ship the Zelbinion – the ship on which Rygel was first tortured by its Captain – Durka. Aeryn, Crichton and D'Argo go over to investigate, and find a lone Peacekeeper Tech from Crais' Carrier – a female called Gilina. Though reluctant to trust her, Crichton is the only one who stops Aeryn and D'Argo from torturing her to tell the truth. She eventually says she and others were on board doing tests, when Crais' ship left them behind and a race of scavengers called Sheyangs invaded to do just that. But when the Sheyangs return to finish their scavenging, Gilina must tell them that the defence screen is inactive, so they are defenceless, and it's up to D'Argo and Zhaan to hold the Sheyangs off whilst John, Gilina and Aeryn fix the screen, but romance seems to be in the air.

New characters: Gilina Renaez, the PK Tech who gets a bit of human lovin', and Selto Durka – the first Peacekeeper to torture Rygel. Oh, and Teurac the Sheyang.

Key story arc moments: Rygel confronts and beats his demons, in the form of Durka. Or so he thinks. Gilina and John get a bit cosy, but have to part ways, not for the last time.

"That Old Black Magic"
Log File #10108

The crew go down to a commerce planet to get supplies, including a cure for Rygel's flu. Crichton is approached by a mysterious person, who knows some rather intimate things about him. He follows the person, only to be taken to the realm of an evil sorcerer Maldis, who has taken control of the entire planet. He brings Crais to the realm too, having struck a deal, and pits the two in an arena-like fight to the finish. A man named Liko reveals the truth about Maldis to Zhaan, and helps her overcome her suppression and return to her darker side to enter Maldis' spiritual realm to destroy him and free Crichton. But in the mean time, Crichton has to make some tough decisions as to just how he's going to approach the future.

New characters: Maldis, the multi-personality evil sorcerer.

Key story arc moments: Crichton attempts to explain to Crais that his brother's death was an accident, but Crais just refuses to have it.

"DNA Mad Scientist"
Log File #10109

The crew are down in a scientist named NamTar's advanced research lab, having DNA samples taken which NamTar will use to create genetic maps back to their home worlds. NamTar wants more than just their DNA though; he needs one more sample – one of Pilot's arms. Rygel, Zhaan and D'Argo do the unthinkable and take it against his will, much to the outrage of Crichton and Aeryn. Whilst they fight over whose home they will visit first, Aeryn, who earlier refused to give a sample, takes a trip to NamTar because of her loneliness and wants him to find her an out-of-the-way Sebacean colony. But the scientist has other plans, and injects her with a dose of Pilot's DNA with disturbing results. As Aeryn is gradually being transformed, Crichton fights to find a cure, whilst the others fight over whose map out of the phoney data will be saved and get to go home.

Key story arc moments: Aeryn gets some of Pilot! His DNA, that is, granting her some special powers (or rather inheriting some of his knowledge, at least).

"They've Got a Secret"
Log File #10110

The crew is helping with routine maintenance on Moya attempting to get rid of any leftover Peacekeeper technology. D'Argo finds a device and one removing it he triggers an explosion that thrusts him out into space. Aeryn retrieves him, but when he's brought back on board he thinks that the rest of the crew are his family, and gradually the mystery of his past, and the reason for his imprisonment is revealed. As if that wasn't enough, Pilot falls unconscious and begins to die, which Aeryn discovers is caused by him being starved of essential nutrients. Just before he was knocked out, he managed to say he suspected sabotage. As the DRDs begin to act strangely and aggressively towards the crew, Crichton seems to think that a virus has infected Moya. On further inspection, he Zhaan and Aeryn discover that this is not the case, and there's only one other who could cause these problems, but just why is it happening...

Key story arc moments: Revelations abound as we find out why D'Argo was imprisoned, and all about his past, and Moya's biggest secrets is revealed.

"Till the Blood Runs Clear"
Log File #10111

When Crichton and Aeryn are out testing the Moya components newly installed on Farscape 1, they are investigating solar flares when another wormhole is created. This time it's unstable though, and Crichton pulls out just in the nick of time. The pod has sprung a leak, and Moya won't bring it on board. Not wanting to lose the data they've gained, Crichton takes the pod to be repaired on a planet down below, against the wishes of the rest of the crew. He and Aeryn find they're not necessarily welcome on the planet though, as a wanted beacon from Crais has been shown placing a bounty on the heads of Rygel, Zhaan and D'Argo. Things are made worse when two Vorcarian Blood Trackers decide they want the bounty, and capture D'Argo when he arrives to look for Crichton and Aeryn.

New characters: Rorf and his mate Rorg, the two Vorcarian Blood Trackers, and Furlow, the top mechanic on the planet.

Key story arc moments: John is forced to turn over his wormhole recordings to Furlow, which may come back to haunt him.

On the next page you can find the second half, "Rhapsody in Blue" to "Family Ties"...

"Rhapsody in Blue"
Log File #10112

The crew are all having strange dreams involving their lost loves, when they are awoken by Moya who has entered starburst in response to another pregnant Leviathan's distress call. However, there is in fact no distress call, it was a set up by a group of Delvians who want Zhaan to join them on their colony – the New Moon of Delvia – to help stop them succumbing to their dark side, which eventually brings on the madness. The Delvians leader, Tahleen's father Tuzak has already started to enter the madness. Zhaan is disheartened by their use of deception; including the continued alteration of Crichton's memories to think his ex-girlfriend Alex was also part of the Farscape project. But to help, Zhaan must join with Tahleen in unity. She eventually agrees in an attempt to help her people, but Tahleen rips what she needs leading Zhaan to succumb to the madness, and the revelation of her dark past.

Key story arc moments: Zhaan's dark secret is revealed – and it's not pretty. When she eventually overcomes the madness again, she gives up being a Pa'u because she feels she is no longer worthy of the name.

"The Flax"
Log File #10113

Aeryn is out teaching Crichton how to fly one of Moya's transport pods, but he is a rather slow learner. They get caught in the middle of space, with nowhere to go. An ex-pirate named Staanz comes aboard Moya, trying to procure some garbage in exchange for information about the flax – a magna-drift mesh floating in space that catches ships and doesn't let them go free. Moya receives a distress signal from the transport, explaining that they are caught, but when D'Argo notices Staanz wearing Luxan boots he threatens to kill him unless he takes him to the Luxan ship for maps to help him find his way home. They leave, pretending to be leaving to rescue Crichton and Aeryn, but instead go to find the Luxan vessel. More Zenetan pirates board Moya, the ones who are after Staanz, and they won't leave until they get something from the crew. Meanwhile Aeryn and Crichton are left in the damaged pod with one spacesuit with which to make repairs, ever nearing closer to death.

Key story arc moments: Crichton and Aeryn share their first kiss, and a whole lot more!

"Jeremiah Crichton"
Log File #10114

Crichton gets frustrated with the rest of the crew, so goes out for a "drive". Unfortunately, there's pressure build-up on Moya, which is partly due to him not helping D'Argo fix it, so she has to compensate by entering starburst, leaving Crichton stranded and alone. He eventually settles on a planet called Acquara, where the inhabitants welcome him, even though he tries to keep out of their culture. However, the leader's daughter has become attracted to him, which makes her boyfriend – one of the royal guards – rather jealous and attempts to kill him. He's saved though by D'Argo, who has returned along with the rest of the crew after three months to save him. But they can't get away because the planet drains all power, so the crew work to find out the secret behind the power drain, which involves our dear Dominar, Rygel.

"Durka Returns"
Log File #10115

Moya's having trouble with starburst, and on exiting she collides with a Nebari ship. Feeling responsible, she brings the ship and its three passengers aboard. The crew meet them, and on board is none other than the presumed dead Selto Durka – Rygel's torturer. Apparently he's been "mind-cleansed" by the Nebari, and along with Salis they are carrying a dangerous prisoner to a rendezvous with another ship – a female named Chiana. She attempts to get Crichton to set her free, saying her crimes were not in fact crimes at all, but she is constantly repressed by Salis. But when Rygel makes an attempt on Durka's life, he re-awakens the beast within, and when he takes over the ship, holding Aeryn and Rygel hostage, it's down to Rygel to again confront Durka. But as well as having to worry about Durka, they have to find Chiana, who has escaped from her cell...

New characters: The wonderful new Nebari crewmember Chiana.

Key story arc moments: The Nebari managed to overcome the most powerful Peacekeeper ship – the Zelbinion – with one of their standard host vessels. Durka is ejected and appears to be killed... or is he?

"A Human Reaction"
Log File #10116

Pilot detects a wormhole that has just appeared ahead of Moya, and tells Crichton, who inevitably wants to check it out when he notices that it appears to be Earth at the other end! He asks Aeryn to accompany him, but she is too scared that she won't fit in, so declines. Reluctantly he says goodbye, and eventually goes through alone, crash-landing back on home soil. But all is not how he expects – he ends up being interrogated under top-secret conditions, where everything seems to be seven months old. The military apparently doesn't believe it's the real Crichton because of the translator microbes, although his dad believes him. But when Aeryn, Rygel and D'Argo arrive, and are ill treated, Crichton begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong...

Key story arc moments: Crichton meets the Ancients, who give him some technology he's been searching for since his experiment went wrong, only he doesn't know it. Yet.

"Through the Looking Glass"
Log File #10117

The crew discuss abandoning Moya, fearing they will be re-captured because she can't starburst. Whilst Zhaan, Rygel and D'Argo agree, Aeryn and Crichton object, but Pilot has monitored the whole conversation and Moya has decided to show her worth by entering starburst. Without sufficient velocity, she gets caught between four dimensions, essentially split into four. The crew gradually begin to disappear, and it's up to Crichton to solve the puzzle and find them all. But that's not all he has to contend with – they're also under threat from an inter-dimensional creature, and they're struggling to come up with a way to get Moya back together.

"A Bug's Life"
Log File #10118

A group of Peacekeeper special ops arrive on Moya aboard their ship that is leaking fuel, leading Crichton to attempt to pass himself off as a Peacekeeper Captain along with his officer, Aeryn, carrying the three prisoners. But the real Peacekeeper Captain, Larraq, takes control of Moya, since he's on a Red One priority mission. He is transporting some cargo to a secret military Gammak base deep in the Uncharted Territories, and orders Crichton to take him there. Chiana and Rygel go to take a look at this all valuable cargo, which turns out to be and intellant virus that jumps from host to host leaving the last person with no memory of it. If it's in one person for more than an arn, it can start to lay spores that could infect the entire quadrant. The charade comes to an end, as the race is on to find out just whom the virus infected, but they can't find it without considerable bloodshed.

Key story arc moments: Aeryn gets stabbed, which goes on to have huge repercussions, Chiana manages to procure Larraq's id tag before he gets away, and we are introduced to the secret PK Gammak base.

"Nerve" (Part 1 of 2)
Log File #10119

Aeryn needs a tissue graft since Larraq pierced her paraphoral nerve when he stabbed her, and without it she will die. Obviously the only tissue match would be a fellow Peacekeeper, which leads Crichton to undertake a daring plan to infiltrate the Gammak Base that Larraq wanted to go to procure a tissue sample. Chiana accompanies him, and they manage to pass the id tests (including a DNA test) with much help being attributed to Gilina, who was transferred to the base along with others from Crais' ship. She procures a synthesised tissue sample, which has now replaced the need for a graft, so they say goodbye once more. All is not good though, when he passes the Peacekeeper in charge of the base – the Sebacean-Scarran hybrid Scorpius. Chiana manages to escape and get the sample back to Aeryn, but in the mean time Scorpius has locked Crichton in the memory-ripping Aurora Chair to try and discover his secrets, and called in Crais...

New characters: The one, the only new arch-nemesis and all round evil creature known only as Scorpius, and Stark, his personal torture man and member of the Banik slave race, most of whom were killed by the Peacekeepers.

Key story arc moments: Scorpius discovers that the Ancients embedded wormhole technology in Crichton's unconscious, and since the purpose of the Gammak Base is to create the very same thing, he wants the knowledge, no matter the cost.

"The Hidden Memory" (Part 2 of 2)
Log File #10120

Crichton continues to be tortured aboard the Gammak Base by Scorpius and Crais, as Aeryn recovers on Moya. When she finds out what he did, she is determined to rescue him, so she, Zhaan and D'Argo go to the Base to do so. Whilst Crichton is suffering he is helped by his cell-mate Stark, a member of the Banik slave race. Gilina secretly contacts him telling him to remember her in the chair, and in his next session a memory is revealed of a meeting in which Crais thanks Crichton for giving him wormhole technology. Scorpius becomes convinced that Crais is hiding something, so puts him in the chair. Aeryn manages to free Crichton, and Stark with him, before having a final meeting with Crais, but can they escape before the Peacekeepers get them? And what of Moya, who is about to give birth at any moment?

Key story arc moments: Scorpius shows he will let no one get in he way of him finding his wormhole technology, Moya gives birth to a baby boy, Aeryn get retribution on Crais, Stark shows some of his hidden healing powers and more.

"Bone to be Wild"
Log File #10121

Moya and her offspring are hiding in an asteroid field to avoid detection from Crais' Command Carrier. Pilot picks up a distress signal, to which the crew decide to respond. On the asteroid they find a creature called M'Lee, who the crew have to immediately save from the onslaught of a wild beast. M'Lee says it killed all her people. Meanwhile Pilot tells Aeryn that Moya is having trouble communicating with her offspring, and asks for her help. She goes to help out, whilst down on the planet Zhaan is looking for some elements to help with D'Argo's wounds, when she makes a shocking revelation before vanishing, leading Crichton and M'Lee to search for her, assuming the beast got her. M'Lee gets hungry and the beast tries to reason with the crew. Meanwhile Crais is sinking lower and lower, and a massive power struggle between he and Scorpius does not bode well for his future.

Key story arc moments: Zhaan reveals she is actually flora – a plant based life-form! Aeryn begins to bond with the offspring, and Scorpius shows that he is really in control, after a huge battle with Crais.

"Family Ties" (Season 1 finale)
Log File #10122

Moya is still hiding in the asteroid field, when Rygel takes a transport pod and leaves to strike a deal with Crais and Scorpius – his freedom in exchange for Crichton, Moya and the prisoners. Scorpius doesn't trust Rygel, but goes along with it, making Crais happy. Moya's crew discuss ways to get out of the asteroid field – Crichton suggests that someone could pilot a transport pod filled with explosives to destroy the Carrier. Crais tells Rygel that Scorpius will kill him once he has what he wants, so makes Rygel an offer – he will talk Scorpius into letting him go, if he can have asylum on Moya! Once they return, no one is happy to see the former Captain, but he suggests that their plan won't work, but they could ignite the oil-based surface of the moon housing the Gammak Base. The plan is set in motion, but with Scorpius looming and not knowing what's truly up with Crais, they begin the mission, which has startling consequences...

Key story arc moments: Crais defects to the side of Moya's crew, or so we think, before he runs off with the newly-named offspring Talyn. The Gammak Base is destroyed, but Scorpius is still lurking. Crichton and D'Argo are left floating in space, but Aeryn can't get to them without being detected. Moya has to leave them all and starburst away to have any chance to save the crew and her son.

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