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A Farscape Primer: Love & Life, Lost in Outer Space
We take you through the story so far...

By Dani Moure & Mary Wood

Farscape it's a science fiction show. Or so they tell you. But, as any fan of the show will tell you, it's so much more than the latest Star Trek rip-off. It's a drama series in space, since at the heart of the show it's all about the characters, their emotions, relationships, and how they change. And change they do, for unlike most shows the characters at the end of season three are very different from how they were at the outset. It takes the strangers-in-a-lifeboat scenario to a whole new level, with a great sense of wit and humour woven into the drama.

Farscape is TV that makes you think and gets you participating. This primer is designed to catch you up on the show, ready for new episodes. As such, we've tried to keep it simple, but Farscape is quite arc-intensive, particularly as the show goes on, and with such deep characterisation and backstory, there are some things that are difficult to gloss over and do justice to at the same time. Farscape is not the easiest show to jump into, unlike a show like Mutant X, but it's far from impossible. A lot can be picked up as you go along, but this primer is designed to give you an edge and get you started. We begin with a rundown of the current main characters, then jump in to a season-by-season breakdown of the key storylines so far.

The Players

John Crichton
Human scientist and astronaut from present day Earth. He was flying a one-man craft of his own design (named Farscape 1) on a test flight in Earth's orbit when it was caught in a wormhole and he was shot to another part of the galaxy. After an incident with the local military regime, the Peacekeepers, John ends up on the run aboard an escaped prison ship (Moya) harbouring Peacekeeper fugitives. Being from present-day Earth, it takes John a long time to adjust to his new environment, and especially the others on board Moya and their alien ways; he himself is the alien. Over the course of the series, as events take a darker turn around him, John changes from being the more friendly, "let's talk about it", even-tempered guy to a more battle hardened fighter. But, despite everything that happens around him, despite his friendships and relationships with the crew, at the end of the day he wants to get home to Earth. Early in the series, a race called the Ancients implant the knowledge in John's mind to control wormholes and this knowledge makes him unique, and wanted in this universe.

Aeryn Sun, The Peacekeepers and Sebaceans
Sebaceans, the race from whom the Peacekeepers come, are thus far the only race in this part of the universe that look identical to humans and for John Crichton, that's sometimes an advantage, sometimes a disadvantage. The Peacekeepers are usually acting as a police force hired by other races, but with their own political interests always in the mix. They are xenophobic, viewing non-Peacekeepers, law-breakers amongst their own, and especially other races as inferior beings. Their soldiers are conditioned to be ruthless. Aeryn even has to ask John in the first episode for clarification on the meaning of "compassion".

Aeryn Sun is a born-and-bred Peacekeeper fighter pilot and commando. She's known nothing but military service since birth and has never wanted anything more than to be just another cog in the military machine. When a chance encounter with John finds her accused by her superiors of being contaminated by an outsider, she reluctantly decides to escape aboard Moya rather than face the death penalty.

Since Aeryn isn't running from the Peacekeepers on moral grounds but rather was forced out and would have returned if she could, this makes her trust among the group especially difficult to gain. But, as she is forced to become an individual and even an enemy of her Peacekeeper "family", she gradually becomes less and less set in her Peacekeeper ways, and through her growing relationships amongst the crew (especially her romantic attraction to John), her compassionate side begins to emerge. This doesn't take the place of, but rather adds to that part of her that was and always will be a hardened soldier. Emotional relationships are foreign to her at the start of the series (even frowned upon and punishable offences amongst the Peacekeepers) and are at the core of her self-discovery.

Ka D'Argo
A young Luxan warrior who was originally imprisoned on Moya by Peacekeepers, charged with the murder of his Sebacean wife; it is soon discovered that her Peacekeeper brother, Macton, murdered her and framed D'Argo for it. D'Argo began as a stiff warrior set in his ways, but over time he and John grew close as friends, forming a strong bond. D'Argo also grows to respect Aeryn for her skills as a warrior, though that respect sometimes conflicts with his hatred and distrust of Peacekeepers. D'Argo spent much of the first two seasons searching for clues as to the whereabouts of his son, Jothee, as well as searching for a way back to his home world. Eventually he was reunited with his son, but Jothee wasn't as eager to be a family again, leaving Moya following an affair with Chiana, whom D'Argo was in a relationship with at the time. This caused his father much heartache. Despite the affair, D'Argo still cares for Chiana as a close friend, and has grown affectionate towards Jool. After Jool departed, D'Argo and Chiana grew close again and he also gained vengeance against Macton.

Chiana joined the Moya crew in mid-season one. She is a Nebari, considered a criminal by her people for being a free spirit, and non-conformist. Chiana took up residence on Moya when her Nebari captors, who were forced to take aid from the crew when their ship collided with Moya, were murdered. Chiana is the most carefree of the crew, and in some ways is also the most alien. She is very young and has lived a life on the edge. She has a hard time trusting the crew as she's always been surrounded with people ready to stab her in the back, giving her a lot in common with Rygel, and they form an interesting friendship based on mutual distrust. Chiana has a good relationship with all of the primary crewmembers, and occasionally, despite her youth, provides them with some valuable words of advice. Scared by the seriousness of her relationship with D'Argo, she had an affair with D'Argo's son, Jothee, as a way out. She has always been somewhat attracted to John, although she isn't keen to show it all the time. After her body was taken over by an alien, Chiana developed precognitive abilities, but the stronger they get, the harder they are on Chiana physically, eventually leading to stints of blindness after she used them.

Rygel was once a Hynerian Dominar but was removed from the throne in a coup led by his cousin who had him imprisoned by the Peacekeepers. He dreams of returning to Hyneria and reclaiming his throne. He'd been a prisoner for over 130 years when he escaped with the others aboard Moya. As royalty, he is spoiled, selfish, always puts himself first, and has always been used to others doing for him. He even moves about on a hover-throne, above walking among us commoners. By necessity he has become accustomed to the presence of the dysfunctional crew and reluctantly works with them when the need calls for it. He has formed unique bonds with most of the crewmembers, in a love/hate way, but shares most in common with Chiana, thanks to both their devious natures. He is rarely trusted because he is a backstabber and even made a deal to sell out the entire crew at one point in exchange for his own freedom (a deal that went sour). Despite this, he is often surprising with a sudden act of nobility in the end.

Pilot and Moya
Moya is a living ship called a Leviathan. Pilot is a member of a race that are usually planet-bound, but are physically bonded to Leviathan ships (like Moya) as their pilots. As such, he is very close to Moya, expressing her thoughts and feelings to the crew and usually feels what Moya feels. Pilot and Moya are generally bound to serve whoever makes up their crew though when pushed, they'll resist. Because of this, Pilot generally gets along with everyone, though he has a particularly strong friendship with Aeryn, thanks to both his familiarity with Peacekeepers and because she was once injected with some of his DNA and still retains traces of that.

Early in the series, Moya gives birth to Talyn. She had been impregnated by the Peacekeepers in an attempt to create a Leviathan/gunship hybrid. Leviathans are normally peaceful creatures and have no weaponry, but the result of this breeding is a highly unruly and psychologically unstable offspring just ready to cause havoc.

Jool joined the crew in early season three, after being "rescued" by John Crichton. Unlike the rest of the crew, she's not hunted by the Peacekeepers or anyone else, she simply is lost and has nowhere else to go. She is an Interion, a race with biological ties to humans (which is why John rescued her in the first place). More so than most of the other races on Farscape, Jool sees herself as superior to those of lesser races around her. Unlike others on the crew, she is not a warrior or prisoner, but is a spoiled teenager who's never known difficulty of any kind in her life. Jool and Chiana form a particularly love/hate bond as Chiana has been maturing, and with the presence of Jool she is no longer the child of the crew.

Noranti came aboard Moya in the last episode of season three after John rescued her escape pod. She can cook and claims to be a good negotiator, but is generally ignored. She has taken a particular interest in John and uses herbs to influence him and give him hallucinations, which she thinks helps him to open up emotionally. At least she thinks they help more than they hinder. Her herbs and knowledge prove useful on several occasions as her time on Moya grows.

Stark has been aboard Moya for several periods of time, first seen with John during the crew's first encounter with Scorpius in season one. He then left the crew and returned, forming a relationship with Zhaan. At the end of the third season Stark departed Moya again on a spiritual search, but resurfaced at the end of season four during the conflict with the Scarrans. Stark is a member of the Banik slave race, and gets hyper more often than not. He has mysterious spiritual powers that mean he can sense people's spiritual feelings.

Sikozu became part of the crew at the start of season four. A member of the Kalish resistance, Sikozu is actually a bioloid - a genetically engineered cross between a robot and a person - and has a number of special powers including the ability to emit intense radiation that can kill Scarrans. She can also shift her gravity centre to be able to walk up walls. Over the course of season four she forges a relationship with Scorpius, as the two have similar goals. The Kalish race is subservient to the Scarrans, serving as administrators for their Empire, which has led to the uprising of a resistance movement to combat the Scarrans.

Scorpius and the Scarrans
A Scarran-Sebacean hybrid, Scorpius originally took over the role of lead villain at the end of the first season after meeting John Crichton on his Peacekeeper base, vowing to stop at nothing to get the wormhole technology locked in John's brain. Scorpius' drive is to get revenge on Scarrans he is a product of a Scarran's rape of his Sebacean mother. Scarrans and Sebaceans are long-time enemies, each race vying for dominance. He sees Scarrans as a threat that could take over the entire galaxy, and sees wormhole technology as a means to stop them, hence John and his implanted knowledge is a means to that end. Scorpius has a motive for everything he does, and if it serves his goals he has no problem with even the most extreme of actions. Scarrans have a low tolerance of the cold while Sebaceans are intolerant of the heat, so Scorpius uses his body suit, and cooling rods inserted into his head, to regulate his body temperature.

Mele-On Grayza - A Peacekeeper Commandant, Grayza arrived on Scorpius' Command Carrier to put an end to his wormhole research while the Peacekeepers pursued a non-aggression treaty with the Scarrans. She is a formidable opponent and has many intriguing abilities, including the ability to use her bodily fluids to bring others under her allure. Grayza took over Command of Scorpius' ship, and also gained the ear of his second, Braca, who has since been made Captain. After meeting John, she became interested as to why Scorpius was so adamantly pursuing him, and after John and crew humiliated her and escaped from her clutches, she has vowed to capture him and the crew.

Emperor Staleek and War Minister Ahkna
Emperor Staleek is the ruler of the Scarran Empire, and Ahkna is the Minister of War. Both were introduced late in season four as the crew attempted to sabotage peace negotiations between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. Both are after the wormhole knowledge that Crichton has and that the Peacekeepers consider so valuable, and so have become formidable enemies.

Several other key recurring characters have come and gone over the course of the series, but those above currently make up the main players at the end of season four. The others will be highlighted in bold in the season rundowns, starting right at the beginning...

Season 1: A Human Reaction

An Insane Military Commander

The story begins with astronaut John Crichton being shot through the wormhole("Premiere"), and colliding with an unknown ship which is destroyed. He ends up on Moya with D'Argo, Rygel and Zhaan (an 800 year old Delvian priestess who can connect with people mentally and spiritually). It's there he meets Aeryn for the first time, as they're cellmates, and escape together. When they meet up with Bialar Crais, the Peacekeeper commander who let Moya slip from his grasp and Aeryn's commanding officer, he blames John for the death of his brother (the victim of the collision with John). In a moment of pity, Aeryn speaks up for John, saying she doesn't think he's smart or brave enough to have done anything intentionally, so Crais deems her irreversibly contaminated, essentially exiling her from the Peacekeepers. While the Moya crew escape, Crais vows to hunt John down.

It's All About the Wormholes

The Ancients are a dying race and do hold the ability to control wormholes. Looking for a potential new home, they created a false Earth out of John's memories and put John and the Moya crew there to see how humans would react ("A Human Reaction"). The reaction is fear and violence, something that disgusts even Aeryn. But while the Ancients aren't about to trust the human race, they do trust John and unbeknownst to him, implant the wormhole knowledge inside John's mind, so that he can gradually, naturally unlock it on his own.

Enter Scorpius

Before he even knew the knowledge was there, much less how to unlock it, John was captured by Scorpius on his Gammak Base ("Nerve"). Interrogating John in the Aurora Chair - a device that violently rips out and exposes one's memories - Scorpius stumbled upon traces of the knowledge. John escaped, and destroyed the base, but had made a dangerous new enemy.

In his relentless attempts to capture John, Scorpius overthrew Crais' command and took control of his ship, leaving a vengeful Crais to flee... to Moya.

Season 2: Die Me, Dichotomy

A Dysfunctional Family

By season two, the crew has learned to work together - some more so than others - but they remain a highly dysfunctional and distrustful group. John becomes more and more hardened as he adjusts to life away from Earth, going from the human that always wanted to talk things over and find a peaceful alternative to a man who would shoot first and ask questions later. Aeryn on the other hand becomes a bit less hardened and more compassionate as she explores untapped emotions that a Peacekeeper was never meant to experience, including the growing attraction between her and John. Monogamy and emotional ties are punishable offences in the Peacekeepers, sex is an emotionless means of tension release and procreation is assigned. This makes John the grounded one while Aeryn is constantly running away from the growing attraction between them.

Leviathans and Peacekeepers

Early in the series, a mad scientist injects Aeryn with some of Pilot's DNA ("DNA Mad Scientist"). Upon recovery, she retains a close bond and understanding with Pilot. This relationship is made especially delicate when it's later discovered that Aeryn was part of the unit that killed Moya's original pilot when Moya was still under Peacekeeper, and Crais', control ("The Way We Weren't"). Crais later takes off with Talyn, Moya's son, a Leviathan/gunship hybrid, knowing he couldn't fit in with Moya and crew's hostility. This all caused plenty of tension among all the crew, especially toward Aeryn, who has started to feel incredible remorse for some of her past.

Going Crazy

Meanwhile, John's behaviour grew more and more erratic. He'd sometimes act more than a little crazy, but no one really seemed to realise why. He also began having hallucinations of Scorpius ("Crackers Don't Matter"). In fact, when the Aurora Chair failed to unlock the wormhole information, Scorpius implemented a second strategy: he put a neural chip in John's head that contained a mental clone of Scorpius' personality, which explained the growing hallucinations. The clone was a strange help at times, but only because Scorpius needed John alive.

Split Personalities

In the season finale, the crew sought out a Diagnosan to heal a then-injured Moya and to try and get the neural chip out of John's head ("Die Me, Dichotomy"). The Scorpius clone in John's mind would not let the neural chip go easily and by now, John was having moments of almost becoming Scorpius. John escaped Moya and, under the clone's control, sent a signal to Scorpius. Aeryn tried to bring him back, but was "killed" in a dogfight, and plunged to her death in a frozen lake, but was immediately preserved in a cryo-chamber. John made it to the operating table and had the chip removed, but Scorpius arrived to retrieve it and left John hanging.

Season 3: Season of Death

Love and Loss

Scorpius managed to evade the crew's grasp, though John was saved. The neural chip had left a residual of the Scorpius clone. Nicknamed Harvey, this clone is generally harmless and acts more as an inner-voice and advisor to John; sometimes helpful, but mostly annoying.

Though assured by the Diagnosan's crooked assistant that Aeryn was truly dead, she was indeed revived with the help of Zhaan ("Season of Death"). By this point, she had become the maternal grounding rod of the group. She joined spiritually with Aeryn to bring her back, but gave too much of herself in doing so, sacrificing her mortal health to save Aeryn. A few episodes later, she sacrificed herself completely in a suicide mission to save the entire crew ("Wait for the Wheel"). Though dead, she is often remembered by the crew.

Her partner, Stark, was hit especially hard. He had first met John during the first encounter with Scorpius in season one, and re-appeared in season two to help save D'Argo's son. At that time, he and Zhaan bonded on a spiritual level, and had become lovers. Following her death, he became strangely infatuated with Aeryn, but left close to the end of season three to go in search of Zhaan's spirit.

Though John killed Aeryn under influence, it only caused them to solidify their romantic feelings, with Aeryn finally able to admit she was in love with John, but still unwilling to act on it; unwilling to let emotional ties get in the way of professional judgement since their survival was constantly at risk.

Twice the Crichton, Twice the Peril

When forced onto a decaying Leviathan being eaten by its insane crew, the crew meet an insane scientist who has created a process he calls "twinning", so he can eat the brains of one victim while saving the other for later. D'Argo and Chiana are twinned and their twins immediately eaten. However, when he twins John, both escape. The problem is, there is no "clone"; both Johns are "equal and original", and both survive. Each one is less than thrilled with the presence of the other and each thinks of himself as the "real" John ("Eat Me").


Soon after John is twinned, they run into Talyn and Crais. They clearly need help as a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad has been sent out to capture Talyn and return him to High Command. For Talyn's sake, the Moya crew help - especially Aeryn who has almost a maternal relationship with the unruly Leviathan. Talyn and Moya split up with Aeryn, Stark, Rygel and one of the John Crichtons aboard Talyn and Chiana, Jool, D'Argo and the other John Crichton staying aboard Moya.


Moya-John is extremely frustrated with how the split turned out. The other John got the girl, the gun, and even his diary. Moya-John spends much of his time during the split pursuing wormhole theory on his own, more determined than ever to find a way home to Earth.

Meanwhile, Talyn-John does get the girl. Aeryn finally gives in to her feelings for John and those feelings are finally acted upon. The Peacekeeper Retrieval squad catches up with Talyn and with a twist - the squad is commanded by Aeryn's mother, Xhalax Sun. Aeryn's only memory of her mother is a visit from her as a child to tell her that she was not an assigned birth, but the product of a love affair. The Peacekeepers later discovered this and, because of their views on emotional ties and monogamy, forced Xhalax to choose: kill her lover or kill her child.

Life and Death

Xhalax has since grown to hate Aeryn, since she represents the ruin of Xhalax's life. When the Talyn crew gets the better of the retrieval squad, Aeryn is the one to declare that Xhalax must not be left alive. Crais insists on sparing Aeryn from pulling the trigger, leaving John to console Aeryn as hears the shots from a distance ("Relativity").

Shortly after, Talyn-John is confronted by the Ancient who had implanted the wormhole knowledge in his mind. In season one, John had turned over some of his data on wormholes to a mechanic, Furlow, in exchange for repairs to his module ("Til the Blood Runs Clear"). Furlow has been busy and come far with the data, learning how to create wormholes. In doing so, she's attracted the attention of the Ancients who don't want to see the technology misused. Together, the Ancient and the Talyn crew find Furlow, who is about to sell the research to the Scarrans and run with the money. In the process of stopping her, John is affected by a lethal dose of radiation, and dies in Aeryn's arms ("Icarus Abides").

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

With Talyn-John's death, Aeryn becomes very cold, isolated, and distant from everyone else around her. When Talyn and Moya reunite, it's not the happy meeting Moya-John had been eagerly awaiting. Upon learning of his death, he gets a message left behind by Talyn-John. He has now seen the power of wormholes and it's far greater and more destructive than they had imagined. No one must be allowed to wield this power, especially Scorpius or the Scarrans. John decides that he must go after Scorpius himself. To do so, he offers Scorpius a deal: in exchange for his help cracking wormhole theory, Scorpius will secure amnesty for all of Moya's crew wanted by the Peacekeepers. John's true intention is to destroy Scorpius' wormhole research for good.

Meanwhile, after exhibiting erratic behaviour in the past, Talyn crosses the line and becomes too paranoid and unpredictable. Even Talyn fears his own unreliable outbursts and it's decided that he should have a complete systems shutdown and overhaul, which will remove his current personality if successful. This effort is aided by Scorpius' personnel on the Command Carrier, after being added to John's deal.

After troubles with Scorpius' persistence, and Commandant Grayza's appearance, John, Aeryn and Crais decide the best way to ensure the research is destroyed is to destroy the Command Carrier itself ("Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"). However, this will come at a price the only thing with the force to bring it down is Talyn, piloted by Crais. With a chance to finally get vengeance on Scorpius for taking away his life, Crais volunteers, and Talyn agrees knowing he has little chance of recovery. With Crais in command, Talyn powers up, destroying the Command Carrier in a suicide mission.

Dog with Two Bones

Convinced that the amnesty Scorpius secured for the crew is still valid, they leave Moya to go their separate ways at the end of the third season, having buried Talyn at an ancient Leviathan burial ground ("Dog with Two Bones"). D'Argo leaves to find Macton, the Peacekeeper soldier who murdered his wife and framed him for it. Chiana and Rygel take off together, Rygel to find his way back to his home world and Chiana trying to find her brother. Jool and Noranti choose to remain on Moya, while Aeryn decides it is too painful to be around John, after witnessing his death and knowing he is not the John she loved and yet he is. She leaves to join a renegade unit of ex-Peacekeepers who have taken the law into their own hands. John is extremely reluctant to let her go without him, but he stays on Moya as Aeryn leaves.

During this time, Noranti (who had suddenly appeared on board) was inducing hallucinations in John to get him to open up to his feelings about Aeryn and realise he can't have her and get back to Earth. Shortly after Aeryn departs, Harvey reveals something that Noranti had told him while he was hallucinating Aeryn is pregnant. John is alone in his module outside Moya and snaps, telling Pilot they need to go after Aeryn. But before he has a chance to return to Moya, she is swallowed by a wormhole that appears out of nowhere, leaving John adrift in his module as the season ends.

Season 4: We're So Screwed

It's All About the Baby

Some time after the events of the season three finale, Crichton is on board an aging Leviathan who was in the area of his module, with only its old Pilot as company. He soon meets Sikozu, who crashes on board being pursued by bounty hunters. Chiana and Rygel find their way to the Leviathan too, and so the group all go in search of Moya and the remaining crewmembers ("Crichton Kicks").

They end up on Arnessk, a planet Jool's species are investigating, and its there that they find links between Interions and Humans. D'Argo and Noranti are also on the planet, but Commandant Grayza is soon on the scene having overthrown Scorpius from command. She tries to use her control over Scorpius to get Crichton's cooperation, but ends up humiliated by the whole ordeal and leaves with Braca, vowing to get revenge on the crew ("What Was Lost").

When the crew eventually find their way back to Moya, they are met by Aeryn, who has returned after all this time, but not alone. Scorpius is also on board and Aeryn forces the crew to promise not to harm him, as she has granted him asylum ("Promises"). None of the crew trust Scorpius but they keep their word, and he remains on board, always working towards his own goals.

Aeryn also refuses to reveal the father of her baby, causing a rift between her and Crichton that leads to him taking drugs to suppress his feelings for her, until she decides to reveal all.

Returning Home

Following an encounter with an alien related to the Ancients, who had opened the wormhole that swallowed Moya at the end of season three and took the form of Einstein, Crichton is told of the concept of "unrealised realities" how several different realities can exist at once and they may all be different ("Unrealized Reality"). In an attempt to leave Einstein's realm, Crichton is transported to Earth, and after a brief blip in the past he returns to his present day.

All does not go well on Earth, though. The humans wish to learn all they can about the aliens and their technology, and try to seclude them from the general populace. But unknown to anyone else, Commandant Grayza had been tracking Moya's location and sent an alien to crash the homecoming. Events on Earth simply reaffirm to Crichton that he can't return home, at least not yet, so he leaves on board Moya planning to take the fight to the Scarrans.

The Ties That Bind

Since returning to Moya, Aeryn had been trying to get closer to Crichton but she was consistently pushed away. After returning to Moya from Earth, she found out that Crichton had been using drugs to suppress his feelings for her. When she confronts him, he reveals another reason for doing so, saying Scorpius had been listening to their every move over the comm. system ("Twice Shy"). But things go bad when the crew splits up and Aeryn, Noranti, Chiana and Sikozu visit a planet to get a device to mask Moya from sensors ("Bringing Home the Beacon"). The planet is the location of a secret peace treaty meeting between Commandant Grayza and War Minister Ahkna, a member of the Scarran Ruling Council. The talks seem to go well, but Ahkna double crosses Grayza and captures Aeryn when the crew get involved.

Crichton is distraught and decides there is only one way to get Aeryn back, and that is to enlist the help of Scorpius ("A Constellation of Doubt").

The Last Stand

Crichton and the rest of the crew track Aeryn down on a Scarran base, and while they succeed in their rescue attempt ("Fetal Attraction"), they know that they have to stop the Scarrans from getting the wormhole technology. They head to a Scarran base called Katratzi, and barge in on another set of peace talks between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, only this time Commandant Grayza is negotiating directly with the Scarran Emperor Staleek ("Hot to Katratzi").

The negotiations are full of posturing from both sides, but the key is wormholes, and Crichton is the only one with that knowledge. As the two sides try to convince him of why he should give them that knowledge, he and the crew hatch a plot to destroy the Scarran base with a nuclear bomb.

Scorpius is captured, and tortured by a bioloid Stark, leading the crew to launch a rescue attempt at the same time. D'Argo and Rygel instigate conflict with the Charrids, who serve the Scarrans alongside the Kalish. Sikozu does the same with her people, at the same time revealing that she is part of the Kalish resistance, who wish to be out of Scarran control. Scorpius displays his ties to Emperor Staleek, as he considers Scorpius a Scarran operative. Scorpius is naturally working towards his own goals, though, and double-crosses the Emperor, helping the crew set off their bomb, destroying part of the Scarran base. Meanwhile Grayza's last ditch attempts to sign a peace treaty fail, leading her to erratic actions which cause Braca to take control of her Command Carrier, but he is still in league with Scorpius. Staleek vows vengeance for the crew's actions ("La Bomba").

Bad Timing

While the crew may have escaped Katratzi, Braca sends them a Scarran transmission that he claims to have intercepted, revealing their plans to send a ship to Earth to attack ("Bad Timing"). Crichton wants to intercept, but before he does Scorpius and Sikozu, who had grown close over the course of the season thanks to their similar goals of Scarran destruction, return to Braca's Command Carrier.

Crichton and Aeryn visit the wormhole that led to Earth, and with the help of Pilot they manage to close it back on itself, destroying the Scarran ship (including Ahkna's lover, Pennoch, who was leading the assault) and ending the threat - for now.

With the crew - Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel, Noranti, Pilot and Stark - all back on Moya, they let Moya rest in a lake that will heal her on another planet, with plans to visit a Diagnosan to heal Chiana's eyesight (which has gotten progressively worse over the season as she used her pre-cognitive abilities, to the point of blindness). Crichton and Aeryn go out in a gondola, where she finally reveals all to Crichton: the baby is his, and it's been released from its natural stasis. Crichton is ecstatic and proposes to Aeryn, but as she accepts an alien vessel swoops over them, and in order to "neutralise them for analysis", fires upon them dissolving them into thousands of tiny crystals. With a shocked crew left to watch on in disbelief, the season ends.

Mini-series: The Peacekeeper Wars

And so to the future of Farscape: a four hour mini-series entitled The Peacekeeper Wars, set to air in the US on October 17 & 18 from 9pm EST on Sci Fi, which promises to pick up where the season left off with Crichton and Aeryn in pieces, bringing back familiar faces and showing alliances formed and crumbled as the biggest war in the galaxy is about to begin.

Enjoy the ride!

Written by Dani Moure and Mary Wood (click names to e-mail). Please feel free to link to this page, but please do not copy and paste this article elsewhere.

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