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"Eat Me" relatively spoiler-free summary/review
by Mary Wood - Wednesday, April 25th 2001

Category: Old News


"Food? Family? Is there a difference?"

D'Argo, John, Jool and Chiana are in a damaged transport pod when they happen upon a Leviathan with a Peacekeeper control collar. Why are they flying about in the pod? How did it get damaged? Does it matter? Point is, it's die in the pod or take their chances on the Leviathan. The Leviathan is derelict and houses a horde of insane aliens (Sebaceans gone cave-people?) who are eating each other, the ship, and anyone else they can get their hands on. A single alien emerges as the patriarch of this little family and goes after the crew with a rather strange and powerful weapon which carries strange and powerful results.


Review: (On a scale of 1-5) The episode would have gotten a 3. The ending made it a 4.

As with "Wait for the Wheel," you're doing very well if you've managed to avoid spoilers for this one. In case you have, all I'll say is that Kemper has kept his promise to do something with the lead character that no one would ever try.

"Eat Me" is Farscape meets X-Files meets Hannibal. The whole episode would have gotten a 4 except for the continuation of the epic-of-the-week/who-dies-now theme. It's really getting old folks. Like the "Self Inflicted Wounds" arc, this episode would have had a greater impact had it aired later in the season. That said, it really was well done. Very, very spooky and the lighting and camera work was a big part of maintaining that mood.

This is also one of those episodes where there's a huge amount of stuff going on that doesn't get explained because it doesn't really need to. This is especially true of the crew stuck back on Moya, who get very little airtime, but give us lots of teasers in the time they do get.

Gigi Edgely's spotlight just gets brighter as the season progresses. She had a very intense emotional episode to shoot here and continues to do a fine job with it. Shane Briant makes for a classic bad guy and really added to the fun of this episode. Tammy MacIntosh - and I don't know if I've said this in my previous Jool-bashing reviews - really is a great actress. I still maintain that "Self Inflicted Wounds" wasn't the time to bring her in, but that's no fault of Tammy's. Each episode since, Jool seems to be carving a niche for herself. Largely one of comedic relief.

And the ending! Oh, the ending just has to be seen to be appreciated! It's one of those episodes where something happens in the last few minutes, you say "cool," then wait for the situation to fix itself because surely they can't just leave it like that. Yet, it gets left like that. The downfall is that it would be hard for newbies to come in on the next episode, but it's worth it to the rest of us.

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