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Claudia Black talks Aeryn, season 3 and more
by Dani Moure - Saturday, July 14th 2001

Category: Old News

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

In the latest issue of TV Zone magazine (#141), Claudia Black talks about Aeryn Sun, Farscape in general, and more. Here are some exerpts:

On Aeryn's revival in the season premiere, "Season of Death":

"I would have liked, to be honest, to be away for at least another episode. I'm flattered, however, that they brought me back as early as they did because it means the Crichton and Aeryn story is important to them and that Aeryn as a character provides a certain energy, and they didn't want to be without her too much of the first episode. I was a bit confused by some of the exposition involved in bringing her back. When I watched it I thought, 'Oh, so she's back. I'm not entirely sure how.' The connection with Zhaan was fascinating. There was obviously something sinister about the way Aeryn was put into the coffin. We have to presume that she was never really dead. It's heartbreaking that Zhaan is connected to Aeryn's exhumation, but it's a very dramatic way to do it, so I enjoyed it."

On her favourite episodes of season 3:

"They're episodes 14 and 15 ["Infinite Possibilities", Parts 1 and 2], and 15 shaped up to be my favourite location shoot ever on Farscape. I had such a fantastic time. It would be a big spoiler, actually, if I told you where. I don't think I can actually tell you about it. But we were at a location, a story location that we'd been to before, but we physically shot it somewhere different this time. I know that sounds a little cryptic. The crew saw me grinning from ear to ear the whole time and they said, 'We haven't seen you smile this much in ages,' and I said, 'Ah, I'm just having a fantastic time.'"

On other season 3 episodes:

"I've also just done an episode called "The Choice", […] which had Aeryn at the centre of the story. That was a real character piece for me. I really enjoyed doing it. Justin Monjo wrote the script and Rowan Woods directed it, and I can't wait to see how it came together. I also loved "Green Eyed Monster", which was the one Ben wrote. It's one of the best ship-bound episodes we've ever done. […] People were emotionally affected by the episode. He has a brilliant understanding of how the set works and I think that made it easier for him to write a script that was suitable. […] It was such an action-packed and beautifully shot episode, and I really enjoyed it."

On the possibility of her writing a script for Farscape:

"I would also make my episode less of an action piece and more of a character piece because, personally, as an actor, that's where the greater challenges lie. The physical stuff is fun but exhausting. […] If I could give it the time it deserves and not have my acting suffer during the day I'd be more than happy to give it a go. It is my intention to write something one day, whether it's for Farscape or something else."

Of course, there's plenty more from Claudia Black in the rest of the article, in addition to the Ben Browder interview plus a review of "Die Me, Dichotomy", in issue #141 of TV Zone magazine. I highly recommend it, as it also contains some great Aeryn & John photos. For more details from the publisher, click the link below.

  • Source: TV Zone Magazine - Visimag

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