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Even if you're not in NYC, give blood, time, etc.
by Mary Wood - Wednesday, September 12th 2001

Category: Old News

Yes, as Dani reported, I'm safe and sound here in Denver, though it took quite a while before I got enough Internet access back to get to FarscapeWorld (and my personal email accounts).

To add to his post, even if you're not in NYC, do contact your local Red Cross about giving blood. Though it's all going by ground transport, blood products will be shipped in from all over the country. Be sure and call the Red Cross first, as some are overloaded. As I have a sister who's body no longer produces red blood cells, I have a personal interest in folks giving blood regularly whether there's a national tragedy like this or not. She's not due for transfusion for a week and a half, so hopefully Denver will be stocked back up by then.

In addition, if you're not already an organ donor, do consider becoming one. All it takes in most states is a signature on the back of your driver's license. I know I have no plans to use my heart/kidneys/eyeballs after I'm dead.

If you have any questions, qualms, or concerns about blood/organ donation, feel free to email me. I know quite a bit about both (especially having a personal investment in it).

Thanks for your support.

- Mary

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