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The spring conversion and catchup challenge
by Dani Moure - Sunday, February 29th 2004

Category: Future Farscape

The folks over at WatchFarscape.com have come up with an inventive drive to try and help get more new viewers tuning in to our favourite show. Here are the details:

Are you ready for a challenge?

Get as many new viewers as you can hooked on Farscape by the end of March, AND get as many new viewers as possible caught up all the way through 422, "Bad Timing."

We all know the effect that the cliffhanger in 422 had on us. We all know just how the juices get flowing when we see the words "To Be Continued." We all agree, if anyone views the whole series, if anyone gets that caught up and then sees those horrible words and that heart-wrenching tag scene, those viewers WILL tune in to see the mini. As our goal right now is to get more eyes on Farscape, you are all challenged to take the crucial step and make sure as many people as possible are caught up on Farscape, right through 422.

To participate:

1) Get ready: Check your own tapes of the show, your DVD collection, to see if anything is missing/borrowed out & not returned, or damaged. Make sure your VCR/DVD player are in working order if you intend to use them. Locate where in your area a person can get their hands on Farscape. Check your library, your local Blockbuster and other rental outlets and retail stores to see if they carry Farscape. Check with local buddies to see if they have additional resources and are willing to help. If you plan on giving people stuff like bookmarks etc., get the goodies together.

2) Use your imagination, initiative and creativity to snare new viewers. Get Farscape in front of their eyes. It's up to you how you achieve this step. Show your love of the show! Talk about the writers, the cast, the Creature Shop. Wax enthusiastic! Have fun!

3) Once the new viewers' interest is piqued, offer to show them more Farscape (they prbably will demand more before you offer!). Loan them your collection, invite them over to view, or steer them toward the resources that work best for them: Their local libary, retail stores, Blockbuster or other rental outlet, or Netflix.

4) Check back with those parties on a regular basis to see if they are getting caught up. Let them know there is a huge cliffhanger, and they want to be caught up to that point by the time the mini is finished and goes to air. Since we don't know when that will be, use that mystery to add a bit of urgency -- a push -- to their efforts to see all the eps as soon as they can!

Scapers, start your players!

For more details, see this thread on FMD.

Why not discuss this news on the Farscape World Forums?

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