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Anthony Simcoe talks season 3 and D'Argo's future
by Dani Moure - Saturday, October 6th 2001

Category: Old News

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

In the latest third issue of Farscape: The Official Magazine, Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo) is grilled all about season three, and of course playing D'Argo. It's a great interview, and for your pleasure, here are some excerpts:

On working on season 3:

The writers have come up with new and exciting things for us to do. I've been able to explore the very thing that I've really wanted to do this season, which was start with a really heavy emotional arc and then move further and further into some more comic choices for D'Argo. We've been able to explore that especially in episode 13, "Scratch 'n Sniff". That was just a wonderful opportunity for me to display the comic side of the character a little more profoundly. I've really enjoyed season three.

On a new quest for D'Argo after completing his original quest to find his son, Jothee:

As this season progresses, there are very small clues that become very evident in the last two episodes of an incredibly large super objective for D'Argo. And that objective is so much more profound than his original goal. The search for Jothee was a very personal quest, but the quest that he's about o embark on at the end of season three is a much more philosophically important quest. It's wonderful to have had this incredibly intense personal arc to play, and it's really exciting that he's now going to have this whole new pursuit or journey. I just can't wait to really get into season four! We've been planting the seeds in a small way really cleverly since episode two ["Suns and Lovers"], and no one will even notice those seeds have been planted. But then when they find out what it is, they'll go, "Oh my God! In episode two there was this, then in ep such and such there was that... It's amazing!"

On the concept of twinning Crichton:

When David Kemper told us about it, I thought it was a really exciting idea. The whole "two Crichtons" idea and the conundrums it brings up are just fantastic. [...] The storylines we have been able to get out of that idea and the ways they've serviced some of the characters' arcs have been just fantastic. This season for Claudia [Black, plays Aeryn] in particular is just absolutely incredible, and the storyline she's gone on just wouldn't have been possible without the two Crichtons. The way they've developed Crichton and Aeryn's relationship through one of the Crichtons has just been marvellous, and it's given Claudia a chance to show what most Scapers already know - that she's the best actress in the world. [Here, here!]

On splitting the crew in two and having every episode focus on one or the other:

For me, the season has also provided a fantastic way of exploring the new characters. It's given D'Argo a chance to develop a strong relationship with Jool and these other characters that are coming in, and define everything more profoundly. If you had brought Jool into the full cast for the whole season, you would have had to service everyone and you wouldn't have been able to explore the character as much. So I think it's been really smart in that sense. But at the same time, I think that when you do have the core regulars together, the interaction between those characters really highlights different parts if different characters' personalities. So I think everyone will be really glad when they see all the characters get back together, because the interactions between, say, D'Argo and Aeryn and D'Argo and Rygel haven't been there.

In addition to this great interview (of which only excerpts are provided here), there's David Kemper's superb-as-usual column, which talks about the season finale and really must be read to be understood, along with interviews with Wayne Pygram, Lani Tupu, all-new fiction and much more. Hopefully we may post some more excerpts later this week.

The Farscape Magazine Issue 3 (Oct/Nov 2001) is available now in all good newsagents in the UK and will be available in the US and Canada in October. For subscription information call:

(+44) 01858 433 169 in the UK & Ireland, or
1-877 363 1310 in the US and Canada.

Or e-mail farscapesubs@titanemail.com.

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