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Exclusive! FarscapeWorld Lets YOU Interview Ben Browder!
by Mary Wood - Saturday, October 27th 2001

Category: Old News

So, how many of you glanced over the "Ask Ben" ad above, thought, "Yeah, whatever that means," and moved on? Believe it or not, it's just what it says it is! Picture if you will; Summer, 2001:

Dani: "Mary, I'm bored. Let's think of new and interesting things to do for the website."
Mary: "How about sock puppets? Or cast/crew interviews?"
Dani: "Make it so!"

Well, the sock puppet thing went horribly wrong, so you'll just have to settle for an interview with Ben Browder instead. Best of all, YOU do the interviewing! Check out our Ask Ben page for details.

Why not discuss this news on the Farscape World Forums?

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