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Wayne Pygram discusses his character, Scorpius
by Dani Moure - Saturday, November 24th 2001

Category: Old News

In the new issue of TV Zone magazine (issue #145), Wayne Pygram discusses his role of Scorpius on the show. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On Scorpius' character traits:

"He's sophisticated, he's articulate, he's highly intelligent. He's a very empowered character and he very rarely indulges himself in it. He is flamboyant, but not for his own entertainment – it's for the audience, you know? He doesn't indulge in his own power; he just exercises it, coldly and efficiently. He's seen as the badass and all that, but he's not immoral. Remember, he's not human so morality doesn't apply. He's not moral or immoral; he's amoral."

On how Scorpius was handled in his season three origin story, "Incubator":

"I think the episode was handled very well. It's great that the audience understands where he comes from, not so much why he is what he is, but that it has been a hard and difficult load for this guy. He's a guy who's made a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He's been given the worst start in life and still risen to the top. He started out a freak, but that freak has turned into a swan, an ugly one, granted. He's done it on his own, he's totally self-sufficient, he doesn't need others... Until he meets Crichton who's got this wormhole information in his head."

On Scorpius' unique relationship with Crichton:

"He needs Crichton. What makes Crichton so special is that first, he's different from anyone Scorpius has ever met before. He's actually someone that Scorpius can trust, unlike the Sebaceans. And the second thing, of course, is that Crichton has the data. It's like a seduction, it's like the girl you can never get. It's the quest, the thing that's just outside your reach. They do a dance and it's like a love affair, though nothing erotic or sexual. It's an intellectual love affair, and Crichton's knowledge is the prize. Another thing that Scorpius and Crichton have in common is that they're both 'one-offs'. They're both singular entities and they mirror each other. They're both very special."

Wayne also talks about his chemistry with Ben Browder, how he approaches playing Scorpius and how the Scorpius character came to be what it is today. There's also an interview with Executive Producer David Kemper, all in TV Zone #145. For more details from the publisher, click the link below.

  • Source: TV Zone Magazine - Visimag

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