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To a little website that's turning One...
by Mary Wood - Wednesday, February 27th 2002

Category: Old News

To a little site that's turning One...

There isn't much I can say that Dani hasn't already covered. I'm always tempted to express for the zillionth time what an amazing stroke of luck/fate/divine intervention it was for me to happen upon his little "help wanted" ad, but, well, do you guys really want to hear that for the zillionth time? Suffice to say that when I did stumble upon that little ad and visited the test pages, what struck me immediately was the incredible professionalism of the site. This was not a pimping-our-greatness or look-ma-I'm-on-TV kind of feel. It might as well have been an official site, except that even official sites aren't always this well done. I'm extremely proud to be a part of that. But, I'm saying that for the zillionth time!

What truly amazes me now is how far the site has come in just a year! In the summer of 2001, Dani and I were still reeling in awe from our monthly numbers that rival most fan sites' yearly numbers. Then I said, just for fun, "The NYC con is coming up, wouldn't it be cool if we invited some of the cast and crew for interviews and one of them actually said yes?" We took the approach not that we'd actually get any interviews, but that between their reputed friendly demeanor and our attempts at a professional approach, we at least wouldn't get laughed at or labeled as stalkers. Lo and behold, not only were we not laughed at (that we know of), but we found ourselves listening to Mr. Ben Browder go on about how wonderful the site is and heaping accolades upon the talent behind it.

From "Wouldn't it be cute to do a Farscape fan site" to the lead actor gushing about what talented writers we are and how he'd love to be a part of the site, all in about 6 months. Wow!!!

And that's just the cherry on top of the delicious ice cream sundae that is the monster that Dani built (while Mary helped dress the monster up a bit). The meat of that sundae is you, our own "fans" if you will. Some of those I have the most respect and admiration for in Scaper-land have become regulars here. Even the negative feedback we get (which is amazingly rare - if you know me from the SciFi Board) has been useful in keeping the site the best that it can be. Sometimes because the complaint is valid, sometimes because the complaint validates that we're doing exactly what we set out to do. The positive feedback still sweeps me off my feet and makes me wonder why I hated writing so much back in High School! With all this response from our site visitors, I am embarrassed now to say that I really didn't think the Forums were that good an idea.

Dani was all excited about the Forums, so I kept it kind of low-key, just saying "Don't be surprised if it takes a while to take off," thinking in the back of my mind it will probably never take off quite the way Dani hopes, but one can still hope. Boy, was I ever proven wrong! And with the advent of so many trolls on the unmoderated SciFi Board, I can honestly say that we're helping to provide a great service to the Scaper community - as if the episode guides, reviews, and other goodies on the site weren't service enough.

So in the past year, I've gone from "Wouldn't it be cute to review an episode or three for the 6 people on the planet interested in my opinion" to feeling like I'm helping provide a solid service to one of the coolest communities on the planet. Wow again!!!

If we can accomplish all this in our first year, I can only imagine what the next year might bring. All I know is that Dani and I will never stop trying to improve upon our little monster. And since our only "paycheck" is your feedback and support, I'd say that our efforts are not in vain!

((((((((FarscapeWorld visitors))))))))

- Mary Wood; humble servant to the Scaper community!

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