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Season 3 Double DVD Box Set 3.1 released in the UK
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, March 19th 2002

Category: Old News

Today (well, by the time stamp yesterday), our good friends at Contender released the first of five season 3 Double DVD Box Sets. Set 3.1 is quite easily the most comprehensive Farscape DVD set yet, with a stunning array of special features, and a total of five episodes:

Season Of Death (10301)
Suns and Lovers (10302)
Self Inflicted Wounds, Part 1: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a (10303)
Self Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait for the Wheel (10304)
...Different Destinations (10305)

The extras, with details are:

  • Farscape Undressed - the episode-length documentary presented by Ben Browder (John Crichton) and Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun). This special aired directly before "Season of Death" premiered in the US, and has never before been seen on UK TV!

  • Info-Pods - New for this season's DVDs. They are the *whole shebang* on a character, including biographies and personal galleries - and where possible - interviews. The first two are Aeryn Sun and Zhaan (and the Aeryn one features an interview with Claudia Black).

  • Guy Gross Featurette - the series composer talks about his inspirations behind the Season Three theme tune, and takes us through how he did it.

  • Concept Gallery - Around 20 high-quality images of behind-the-scenes images of make-up and set design, costume tests and set photography.

  • Original SciFi Channel Promos - Hot-foot from the States, these trailers are how the show is promo'd in the US.

  • Farscape Facts - pages of background information on each episode, on-set gossip and tit-bits that you probably didn't know about each recording!

    But that's not all! Oh no! For the collector's in us, also available is a special Deluxe Edition, strictly limited to a run of 2500!

    The Deluxe Edition comes in a beautifully-packaged black collector's box themed around John Crichton, with a specially commisioned Farscape watch within. It also contains spectacular lithographic prints of design for the show, with an album included to hold the entire collection. It also contains the DVD box set 3.1 in the original packaging, so you can take it out and stick it on your shelf.

    Warning: If you want a Deluxe Edition, act now! The supply is very limited, and if you didn't preorder (and even if you did), you may well be out of luck.

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