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David Kemper discusses season four and more
by Dani Moure - Friday, June 28th 2002

Category: Old News

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

In the latest issue of Dreamwatch Magazine (# 95 – Aug 2002), executive producer/writer David Kemper talks about season four's changes, Aeryn's pregnancy, the overall season arc and much more. Here are a few excerpts (interview by David Bassom):

On season four:

"What we have coming up this year is more of the same yet totally different. It's totally unpredictable and viewers won't be able to catch on to what we're doing. The first image of year four is probably your best window to understanding what season four is about. That image is a shot across the bow – in a positive, wonderful way – from me to the audience, which says, 'We're still inventive, we're still creative. We're not going to bore ourselves and if you still like our show you won't be bored either because we haven't surrendered to complacency. And you'd better pay attention because a lot of things are going to happen!"

On Aeryn's pregnancy:

"Aeryn's pregnancy is just like anything else in this series: what you think it's going to be is not necessarily what it is. We work really hard and diligently to confound our own expectations, figuring it will also confound the audience's. Everyone has made assumptions, and everyone's assumptions are slightly different. Some people are saying it's the other Crichton's baby. Some people are saying it could be this Crichton's baby. What if it's a false pregnancy? What if Aeryn's lying? What if Noranti [the Old Woman] is lying? What if Harvey [the Scorpius neural clone inside Crichton's mind] just wants Crichton to believe Aeryn's pregnant? The audience makes assumptions, we all do. That's what you do when you watch entertainment or read a book. They are not necessarily what we have in mind; you won't know what we have in mind till you see it. All you know right now is what Crichton knows."

On the overall arc for the season:

"There's a bit of a 'gimmick' that happens in the middle of the year but it's not really even comparable. This year is much more like year two, which means it [the season's story arc] will unfold as it unfolds. With year three, I had the central core and we said we'd do it until we felt it didn't work any more. That's how I always go; I've got a rough idea where to go and then how we develop it as a team – as writers, artists and directors – will dictate whether at the end of the year you will look back and say, 'Ah, that thing blossomed into the central tenet of the year.' But this year, it's much less a gimmick; it's more character stuff. There are several events that kinda happen in a flurry over a period of three episodes. They overlap each other and deal with each other and then off you go. Whether or not we decide to develop that into a central theme that resonates across the whole season will be determined later."

There's a whole heap more to the interview than the snippets above, including David Kemper's thoughts on all the new characters, topping season three (or not), how the season premiere came together and much more. It's truly a must buy. The issue also features a short interview with Wayne Pygram, along with a few other Farscape tidbits.

Dreamwatch #95 is available now in the UK, and on July 18th in the US and Canada. For subscription information call (UK) 01536 764646, or e-mail dreamwatchsubs@titanemail.com.

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