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Update on who cancelled the show
by Dani Moure - Sunday, September 8th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

Earlier today, Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo) spoke in the #Farscape chatroom, saying he had heard that the German company that owns Henson, EM.TV were to blame for the cancellation of the show. This is actually inaccurate.

Rockne O'Bannon (Series Creator) asked for the following information to be sent out (having mailed it to 223hrc):

"I'm still reeling from the cancellation, am touched beyond words by the outpouring of love and support from all the fans. Very importantly, I want to make it crystal clear to everyone that despite what Anthony said, EM-TV is only a tangental player in the demise of Farscape. The Sci-Fi Channel chose not to pick up the series for season 5, period. To say that they want the show is completely false. Please don't let the real story get clouded. Writing letters to EM-TV in German won't hurt, but it shouldn't be the focus of anyone who is moved to protest."

#Farscape Chat moderator, and organiser of Friday's chat, Barbarella also confirmed this information, announcing in the chat that Sci Fi wanted to pay less money for season 5, and when EM.TV refused to drop the price, Sci Fi Channel cancelled the show.

We would like to add that we have also had it confirmed ourselves that this information is accurate, and while EM.TV were involved, in refusing to drop the price, Sci Fi were the ones who cancelled the show (the actual pickup date for the show was two months ago, this cancellation was very late, giving an idea of how long this has been haggled).

As such we would like to remind people, as stated on our Help Save Farscape page, concentrate efforts on Sci Fi - they are the key entity to contact. Others are a bonus. Do try and contact your local media (newspapers, radio and so on), sponsors, and whoever else you can to help us be heard, but be sure that the focus of your efforts is Sci Fi.

It is also important to remind everyone that there is nothing gained by placing the blame on anyone, we know who cancelled the show, but channel your anger and feelings into something intelligent that will make Sci Fi stand up and listen. Remember that abuse and threats will be ignored.

We'll be continuously updating our Help Save Farscape page, as we have been today, so keep an eye out.

Also, our inboxes have been flooded, so if you don't receive a reply don't fret; we'll try and answer common questions on that page, and eventually we'll get to your mails.

Why not discuss this news on the Farscape World Forums?

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