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Ben Browder, David Kemper and Anthony Simcoe pop in to #Farscape chat
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, September 11th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

Yesterday evening, Ben Browder and David Kemper popped in to #Farscape for a brief update and to add their words of support. Earlier today, Anthony Simcoe did the same, and fielded some questions. Chat transcripts appear below.

Ben Browder and David Kemper

whats supposed to be going on I got here as soon as I could
Been a long couple days here in Australia
You guys have been amazing
Word out of SCIFI is that you've been "good"
oooo..ya baby
well we do try
I got one thing to ask guys please don't pM me right now I have HUNDREDS OF PM"S
so please don't pm me anymore
ben will be back in a few
so just sit tight
I'll dance for ya
ok anyway I'm sure as most of you know we had a fight with scifi today
and we won it as far as I can see....although I must say...I am a little upset by some of your behavior while it was goin on...all that cussing and insulting is not the way Scapers do things...so next time
if there is a next time
please remain calm and intelligent arguement
I am so proud of you as well
you guys stood behind me while that was going on and I can not tell you how much I appreciated it
thank you so much for sticking with me
and not just leaving when scifi came in and did that
*** BenBrowder has joined #farscape
wb Ben
pygar is deop'd you can op yourself
*** DK has joined #Farscape
you won't get dop'd again
You're the best, Barb.
Hi there DK
*** BenBrowder sets mode: +o BenBrowder
ummm..ben I hate to ask it
before I op em
got tossed into the ether
yes it happens
even to the best of it
my butt is sore from today
not sure
I have so many PM's DK pm me if its you
Sorry to be so quiet... just sorting through the chaos
so I take it you guys know about what happened Ben?
me too
Which bit?
wow such response
So much going on
yes very much so tryin to keep up
The response online has been a great comfort
sorry guys this is a little unorganized and I have to say I didn't expect this many people
neither did SCIFI I don't think
we just topped the record of the last chat
tell me about it
and they didn't expect hurricane farscape to knock at their doors
neither did they expect Barbie The Fearless Leader dressed in the leather cheerleading suit
can you talk now david?
I think its him
just talking with production at the moment
organizing ADR
I'm back now
DK... where are you?
hi there
sorry it took so long
There are so many people here
and peopel again please don't PM me right now I have SO many pms
yes there are
and we hope to see more
especially after today
We shot the last frame of season four
Lotta folks came out to set to say goodbye
Great sadness
But tremendous pride in how far we have travelled
You guys have made quite an impression
Not only online
well we DO try we love you guys
But with everyone who makes the show
every scaper here is here because of you
ok, its working I think
Yes, Sci-Fi had no idea it would be like this
Hell... we didn't know it would be like this
believe me I had a suspicion
Is SCIFI treating you guys okay?
Is the BB working again yet?
Some of the cast and crew would like to express their appreciation for you support
Hopefully there will be an outlet for that soon.
We are very proud of all the fans and the had decication you have put forward.
And for being well mannered
it does make a difference
thank you I have really pushed manners here in this campaign
it makes it much harder to ignore you all
So Ben, Did you want to start off the Chat?
Sup to you man...
I can't stay that long
But... rather that riffing in the wind
it might be easier to feild a couple of questions
oh ok
this is gonna be fun
ok people don't flood me with them ok?
I don't wanna die
The entire cast is fairly shell shocked
have them PM Pygar
hang on
you guys are flooding us with PM's
its lagging me to hell
please PM pygar
Please PM Pygar
It's hard to let something go so quickly
without warning
*** DK has quit IRC ((signed off))
guys don't PM me
Pm pygar
*** DK has joined #Farscape
gusy I have to shut down my PM someone is pm flooing me
one sec
I have to go to dominion
*** Barbarella sets mode: +m
Is that like going to the principals office?
*** Barbarella sets mode: -l
*** Barbarella sets mode: -m
oh... one more lesson in geekdom for me today
one second
*** Barbarella sets mode: +m
*** Barbarella sets mode: +m
*** Barbarella sets mode: +o DK
no probs
Barb, Are you there? I lost my ISP connection.
one second
Same happened to me a little while ago
I lost my ISP connection
ok guys sorry I'm tryin here
there's alot goin on
*** Barbarella sets mode: +l 1
*** Barbarella sets mode: +m
anything we can help you with?
no its the wtinks flooding you guys hon
just keep the room +m
and +l
not touching a thing
Ben did you talk to them?
+l 600
nope... not really
waiting on you
*** Barbarella sets mode: -l
*** Barbarella sets mode: +m
Is everyone still there?
This Chat connection isn't working good tonight
sorry guys had to kick a troll off the server
I can't take it off that
Is this working?

At this point, everyone was flooded off. Soon after Mr. Kemper returned.

David Kemper (Note: someone joined the channel after a flood pretending to be him, and spread some false words, which the real Mr Kemper addresses)

[DK] Hey Guys.
[DK] Thought I'd check in.
[DK] Ben called this morning to say someone was in here blabbing
[DK] about this and that. Wasn't me. I was at the chiropractor, trying to unkink from the wrap party last night
[DK] Anyway. Point is--
[DK] Two points, actually
[DK] and you may be highly interested in both.
[DK] 1) When someone purports to be
[DK] me or Ben, there is a way to check.
[DK] Barb and I have a secret password.
[DK] She PMs the guy nicked as "DK"
[DK] If he has the password
[Barbarella] OH ya put me in the hot seat...that's ok
[DK] He's me.
[DK] If he doesn't
[DK] She'll let you know.
[DK] Anyone in the whole wide world can log
[DK] on as me and say things that aren't true.
[DK] Don't believe it.
[DK] This IS me. I can tell you a few things.
[DK] Ben and Claudia and Lil and Andrew and Deb and Baba and I ended the
[DK] wrap party in my office and talked and cried the night away.
[DK] I got home very late/early
[DK] and my phone was ringing.
[DK] The pressure you incredible people are applying
[DK] through civil and concerned means
[DK] is
[DK] unbelievably as you may find it
[DK] actually having an effect.
[DK] There are no promises.
[DK] There is no anything.
[DK] But people who were once not talking
[DK] are now talking again.
[DK] My phone rings.
[DK] There is calm and there is conversation.
[DK] While people are decent and sensible
[DK] and interacting in a positive and productive
[DK] way, things ALWAYS have a chance to get done.
[DK] I am the most optimistic person you've
[DK] ever heard about. It's what I do.
[DK] I am hopeful.
[DK] I am seriously hopeful.
[DK] It is because of you.
[DK] But it is nowhere near being done.
[DK] That said,
[DK] I am hopeful.
[DK] Now....
[DK] What to do?
[Barbarella] have you seen the operation big push email?
[DK] First -- do not listen to DK this and DK that.
[Barbarella] I put together for this campaign?
[DK] If Barb hasn't given him protective status
[DK] he ain't me.
[DK] Once again,
[DK] this IS me.
[DK] I am hopeful.
[DK] Frankly, I'm so thrilled
[DK] by all of your support.
[DK] It's all the cast and crew
[DK] talked about
[DK] on a difficult last day.
[DK] I read Matt Roush's
[DK] fabulous on-line obit for us
[DK] everyone on wrap.
[DK] We all cried.
[DK] 200 plus people. I swear to you. We ALL cried.
[DK] Together.
[DK] You fans are great.
[DK] Keep it up.
[DK] Keep letting the world know you want to see
[DK] more Farscape.
[DK] It's like pre-booking
[DK] your seat at a movie.
[DK] If they know you will watch
[DK] they will make the product for you.
[DK] "Hope" is a word
[DK] you will find in all of my scripts.
[DK] I give it to Crichton whenever I can.
[DK] I always have hope.
[DK] Yesterday I had less hope.
[DK] Today I had more.
[DK] You get the idea.
[DK] Specifics don't matter.
[DK] We're taking a breather today.
[DK] Nothing to write for Farscape for the first time
[DK] since Oct 17, 1997.
[DK] First night I went to be without a story or an arc
[DK] or a new character in my head.
[DK] A peaceful night's sleep.
[DK] Keep it up.
[DK] I'll get back to you
[DK] HERE, in this room
[DK] with Barb,
[DK] If and when things progress or die down.
[DK] In the meantime
[DK] Please understand how important you are to us.
[DK] Spread the word that calm
[DK] reasoned
[DK] rational
[DK] expressions
[DK] of dismay are appropriate.
[DK] They are helpful.
[DK] They work.
[DK] I'm done, Barb.
[DK] Just wanted to set the
[Barbarella] kewl you want me to open the floor?
[DK] record straight re: the imposter today.
[Barbarella] and yes its important to remember we need to act like scapers no matter what the circumstances are...especially when dealing with scifi
[Barbarella] especially after today

Anthony Simcoe

[Ploppy] No I didn't get to keep the blade - or anything else. That's understandable though and normal practice.
[Barbarella] awwwww....you know if it had been me I would have hidden it and run
[Barbarella] :)
[Barbarella] taken off with it
[Ploppy] I started ADR again yesterday on my big ep for season 4. It was sad.
[Ploppy] ADR has moved back to Fox studios so images of season 1 came flooding back
[Ploppy] Boy has my life changed in 4 years. I couldn't believe it!!!
[Barbarella] Oh one thing you might be interested Anth we got something in TV Guide
[Barbarella] http://tv.yahoo.com/news/eo/20020910/103171770000.html
[Barbarella] check that out when you get the chance
[Ploppy] I must say once again thank you so much for all your efforts. We are watching your efforts and are overwhelmed by your love and kindeness
[Ploppy] I think that if you keep it up something MAY happen. All I know is that people OS are suprised by the vehemance of the fan response - so your work is having an impact!!
[Ploppy] Who knows what that will lead to but here's hoping!!!
[Barbarella] well we're gonna rock their foundations
[Ploppy] I cleaned out my D'Argo room yesterday and found dome cool stuff - the original stencil for my tattoos, polaroids of the first make-up test etc
[Ploppy] I also found a wonderful Rygel bust made by Johhny (the first Rygel puppeteer), whcih made me sad
[Ploppy] So I'm auditioning for things each day, as are everyone else here, it looks like we've each got little jobs coming up which is great
[Ploppy] I'm doing a sci fi short at the AFTRS and a very tiny role in four tele films. Yep as a cop. Welcome back to the Australian reality cops and doctors!! I'm then doingf a play and I'm then doing some lecturing
[Barbarella] wow the call has been sent
[Ploppy] What call is that Barb?
[Barbarella] do they let you carry a night stick..not as effective as the Luxan Lick but well...nightsticks are good too...good cop or bad cop
[Barbarella] the people all the people joining
[Barbarella] its only 4PM here and its close to 400 people
[Ploppy] I'm talking TINY TINY role
[Ploppy] Maybe we could open up some questions. As you can see I'm a slow typer and I can't look at the screen when I type so I'm sorry if I miss something
[Barbarella] hey wanna field a question or 2?
[Barbarella] people don't flood me ok...be nice...I don't wanna die
[Barbarella] heheheh
[Barbarella] [ostentatious] Anth mentions some memorabilia he's found cleaning out his dressing room. Has he (or anyone else) considered donating that sort of thing to be auctioned for any of our Save Farscape funds?
[Ploppy] The key to keeping the cast happening is conventions. I was talking to other cast members and the only way we are going to be able to reject long term job offers (which we want to do in case we can ressurect Farscape) is to pay our rent through conventions. So a part of saving the show is about lobbying convention organisers to book Farscape people!!!!!
[Barbarella] believe me the scapers will keep cons alive and request you guys
[Barbarella] we'll do all we can to take up your time
[Barbarella] hehehe
[Ploppy] We don't own anything that is Farscape. Once found it has to be returned to production. So I have no power to donate anything. So sorry. I can give you 100% of what is mine though - my effforts thanks and appreciation
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] wastelandgraphics] question- where do you get your motivation for your more serious scenes?
* Barbarella pokes Anthony
[Ploppy] I love taking D'Argo through the emnotional spectrum. Make-up characters are harder to get there when things are intimate because the make-up can distance
[Barbarella] I can't imagine wearing that...it looks so...heavy
[Ploppy] people. I always search for all my moments as a character in the person oposite me. Their eyes will hold all that you need. This also stops you being indulgent
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [UnchartedTerritoriesDRD] WHEN we save FarScape will you drop everything & come back?
[Barbarella] I couldn't resist
[Ploppy] I can only do what I can legally do. You musn't interprate this as anything. Realise that we are normal people with normal commitments. If I don't work my mortgage doesn't get paid - and that's the same for everyone. We're not movie stars - we're jobbing actors. THis is why I mention conventions - get on to it!!
[Barbarella] we're there man we're everywhere...and growing everyday
[Ploppy] Of course we will all do EVERYTHING we can to be bak in this world. It's not just a job it
[Ploppy] 's been like family. ga
[Barbarella] [LeNnA] Anth, we (spanish scapers) would like to see you here, in Spain, there's some posibility┐?
[Ploppy] Only if someone is having a con and invites me - WOW I would LOVE to go to Spain!!!!!!
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [RedEyeMambo] will we get a chance to see you on any American TV/Film in the near future?
[Ploppy] I doubt it. I wish but I doubt it. I am probably the only cast member without an American agent. (This is my choice)
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [Gi-Smeghead] do people reconigize him as Dargo when he is not in make up
[Ploppy] Never!!!! My life is very anonimous. ga
[Barbarella] [LoneFerret] What will be your greastest memory from working on the show?
[Ploppy] boy my tyoing and spelling are crap!!
[Ploppy] Ben's last speech on the final day was heart breaking. ga
[Barbarella] JadesHand] Ploppy - have you ever considered coming to Hollywood and trying your luck there?
[Barbarella] sorry lots of Pm's to sort thru
[Ploppy] (Please indulge me by allowing my patriotism here) It was amazing to hear how much the Australian character had infultrated Ben's life and it was a wonderful way fopr me to rediscover my love for this beautiful and exciting city
[Ploppy] His absolute dismay at leaving Sydney was incredible
[Ploppy] "I vow I will NEVER be taken prisoner again" NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scapers never give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Barbarella] OH ya our call to arms
[Barbarella] [Revolos55] Hi Mr. Simcoe! What did you think of Ben's script 'John Quixote'?
[Ploppy] As those of you who met me at con's know from meeting me I'm probably not very hollywood - Too much of the Aussie bush in me
[Ploppy] "John Quixote" was cool. It was great to shoot because so many old friends were able to come back and play
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [PKAerynSun1] A question I've always wanted to ask: what was it like preparing for a role of an alien character? if that's not too goofy to ask? :-D
[Ploppy] Not at all!!! It was difficult. I feel D''Argo arrived season 2. This was because we ironed out lot's of the suit problems by then so I could concentrate on my job more than my physical discomfort
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [Xhorder] Question to Anth: What were your expectations for Farscape when you got the role? Did you think it would become as popular as it is right now?
[Ploppy] It's hard for us to guage its poularity even now becasue we were axed in Oz. ga
[Barbarella] [SunSpecOps] You've said that we've made an impact over there.. can you tell us how the buzz has changed between friday and now and what you personally feel our chances are if we continue the same amount of pressure over the next little while?
[Ploppy] The fact that people watch it is almost surreal because peole here have either never heard of it or know it as a show that failed
[Ploppy] No cast member is in the suits loop so it really is impossible for me to answer. My own guess is that polite fan pressure can work - keep it up - never say die. ga
[Barbarella] alot of people are asking what your favorite prop or gadget is from the show?
[Ploppy] Definitly "Mr Sparky" this was the big in camera firing gun - it rocked!!
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [KalanaKatana] Hi, Mr. Simcoe. A little shameless heroworshipping here. I love D'Argo. Is he hard to play or is he very much like you? :)
[Barbarella] [HaMm3rEd] Anthony, do you have an estimate as to how long we have before the cast gets committed to other projects, in case it takes time to get the show renewed.
[Ploppy] You wouldn't htink it from meeting me I guess but in many ways he is me - that's how close I feel. I especially relate to his feelings of not being wjere he should be and tha if only...ga
[Barbarella] [Ravenwing] For Ploppy, how do you feel that D'Argo has grown as a character from his introduction through the fourth season?
[Ploppy] Everyones looking for work right now!! Don't allow that to worry you. That's life. Any Farscape pick-up, no matter what time frame, will have to deal with that
[Ploppy] Fourth season finally allows the Macton stuff to resolve - if you love D'Argo this ep will now be his swan song ( I think it's 15). ga
[Barbarella] [Tudorf] If you have spoken with any of the other cast members lately, has there been any meantion of the efforts that are going on here on the Internet to save the show, and what kind of reactions have they had in knowing how many fans out there truely care?
[Ploppy] YES!!!!! We are all talking about it and we are AMAZED and SO greatful and humbled. As I said yesterday, even if your efforts don't win us the show they win you our hearts and gratitiude forever
[Ploppy] ga
[Ploppy] woops spelling hell - sorry about that
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] no worries we all ready typo
[Barbarella] :)
[Barbarella] oh oops read
[Barbarella] [Tudorf] If you have spoken with any of the other cast members lately, has there been any meantion of the efforts that are going on here on the Internet to save the show, and what kind of reactions have they had in knowing how many fans out there truely care?
[Barbarella] oops
[Barbarella] sorry repeat
[Barbarella] ignore that I'm being swamped with PM's
[Ploppy] You're doing an AMAZING job Barb - what a legend!!!!!!!!
[Barbarella] there is one thing alot of people are asking...about the sets?...what's up with them...are they dismantled yet or is there any new developements?
[Ploppy] As fara as I know theuy're coming down as we speak
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [Jenni] When we save farscape, :::wink::: any thought at writing an ep yourself?
[Ploppy] Sets can always be rebuilt - Moya would have had to be rebuilt anyway - it's life span was almost up.
[Ploppy] No I'm not a writer
[Ploppy] Can't you tell from my typing!!!
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] hehehe
[Barbarella] [SalmonCanyon] Anthony, i'd really like to know what your highlight has been over the four seasons, whats your favourite farscape moment?
[Ploppy] Another great moment was seeing Namtar for the first time. It still remains my favourite thing the creature shop did. It also came out at the same time as Episode 1 and I thoiught to myslef "wow. This stuff is so much better!! How special"
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] Ok here's another one I'm getting alot of what are your feelings about another network picking up Farscape? Although with all the scapers out there we KNOW scifi will be airing season 5
[Ploppy] As I understand it (don't take this as gospel I'm really not the person to ask that sort of stuff) it's difficult for another network to pick-up because sci fi will hold the back catalogue
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [Harmon] Anthony, in "Out of Their Minds" and "Unrealised Reality" you all had the chance to 'jump' to each others skins. How was it for you?
[Ploppy] You guys will know more about that than me in fact
[Barbarella] [Cush] HI Anth, whats been the reaction from Guest Stars and Recurring Characters, for example Tamm Macintosh?
[Ploppy] Incredible becaseu during "Out of ...) I was rushed from set to hospital an nearly died. No exageration. So when I think of those eps I only think of that scare
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] oops I think I'm jumping ahead..hehe...I'll repeat it
[Barbarella] [Cush] HI Anth, whats been the reaction from Guest Stars and Recurring Characters, for example Tamm Macintosh? (regarding the cancelation)
[Ploppy] Reaction from whom? We love Tam. In fact Tam and I are old mates - we used to flat together years ago
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [QuietI] If we were going on a pub crawl, what would you be drinking? When can we go?
[Barbarella] hehehe
[Barbarella] you know I can't resist a good round of beer
[Ploppy] Aah cancelation!! Tam called me tha day it happened adn left the most gorgeous message on my answering machine - It made me cry I have to admit. She said it was the most special show she'd ever been on
[Ploppy] I'd be drinking carlton crown
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] Alot of people are asking how's your band and are you doing gig's right now?
[Ploppy] Our band rocks. Can't wait to play for the scapers in LA. We only do originals so I'm afraid you won't know the songs but I hope you will like them any way. We are a rock band so expect some noise. (We aren't heavy metal. Think...uuhm. Matchbox 20? I don't know hard to say)
[Ploppy] We're hoping to start doing our first gigs around Sydney this month. Im so excited and nervousat the same time
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [sierraleone] Hello Anthony. From Canada here and haven't seen seasons three and four yet :) Very much looking forward to them though :) Which relationship of D'argo's do you enjoy/like the most?
[Ploppy] "D'Argo's girlfriend" from season 1 ep 6 rocked!!!! ;-) but of course Chianna presented D'Argo with the most interesting stuff
[Ploppy] ga
[Ploppy] Oh my god - I have to go soon I'm sorry
[Barbarella] [squishy] to ploppy, were you ever tempted to go back to the set after filming, and pretend to fly one of the ships? southern california loves you!
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] I had to ask that one cause frankly I think I would do it myself
[Barbarella] hehehe
[Ploppy] I'm always mucking around like that. When I was a kid my favourite toy was my Hoth battle set. My life has been like having my very own life size battle set - it
[Ploppy] 's been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
[Ploppy] Last q ga
[Ploppy] ga
[Barbarella] [indyraven] Hello Anthony from Indiana! :) My son Christophor would like to know; how tall is Dargo?
[Ploppy] I'm about 6'5 and D'Argo is about 7'2
[Barbarella] First I wanna say how awesome you guys are for showing your support to us and helping us to keep the flames buring here at Save Farsape Command...YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

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