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CNN Headline News Reports on the Push to Save Farscape
by Mary Wood - Wednesday, September 11th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

Renay San Miguel, "HotWired" reporter for CNN Headline News, ran a piece this evening on the efforts of the Farscape online community at large to get the show renewed for a 5th season. He plugged farscape.wdsection.com specifically as the main site coordinating efforts and said that several other sites have also helped in organization and coordination (while no other sites were mentioned by name, several site pages were shown onscreen as Mr. San Miguel spoke, including FarscapeWorld).

He said that he spoke earlier today with Matt Roush, the popular critic from TV Guide who has been a longtime supporter of Farscape. Roush told him that while he didn't know how effective such a campaign would be in reviving the show, he was impressed with the fact that the news broke on a chatroom, with how quickly the news spread, and with the organization of the fan base thus far. San Miguel also pointed to the fan campaign that got "Once and Again" renewed after ABC had cancelled it. He ended the story by saying that he ran it largely due to an influx of emails from 'Scapers urging CNN to cover the campaign.

An hour later, San Miguel reported that in that hour, CNN had received more than 30 emails from fans all over the world regarding the story and his coverage of it. "We think that's worth a recap for our West Coast viewers." He recapped the previous story and urged fans to keep the emails coming. It was also mentioned at the end of this second story that Farscape is number 2 in SciFi's ratings behind SG1, making one wonder why it was canned.


As a result of this story, Dani and I urge you to keep it up! Coverage like this is exactly what we need! The ball is literally in our court ladies and gentlemen. If the fan outcry is organized, unified, and steady (we can not simply send a couple of emails this week and sit back to see what happens - that's expected), people will listen. Anyone remember New Coke?

For all the blood, sweat, and tears the cast and crew of Farscape have given us over the years, we can give a little back now. You can email CNN Headline News via their website by clicking here. Go to "contact us" on the left side menu on the front page. Thank them for running the story and urge them to keep running it. We also urge you to email Matt Roush via his new feature, "The Roush Room" at TVGuide.com.

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