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About "The Locket" and "LGM 1" coverage
by Dani Moure - Sunday, March 4th 2001

Category: Site News

Okay, firstly I know that on Monday, I promised coverage of "The Locket" today, however, when I went to rewatch the episode to do the review, I discovered that the tape that the episode is on is completely unwatchable. "Oh dear", I thought. "What shall I do?" Well, since I was planning it anyway, instead of "The Locket", what you get today is full-on coverage of Liars, Guns and Money, Part I: "A Not So Simple Plan". Yes - review, full synopsis and images*, with movies to follow on a little later. Hopefully that makes up for it.

We don't stop there, however. Oh no, because tomorrow the rest of the missing season 1 image galleries will be on their way, along with a "Multimedia" link on the left of every page, for quick access to images and movies. As well as that, the movies for season 1 should start drifting in tomorrow, captured from the season 1 DVDs no less! We don't rest here at Farscape World, and indeed continuing next week we have the rest of the Liars, Guns and Money trilogy coverage plus, on Friday (to coincide with the repeat on SciFi) we have the review, images, synopsis and movies of "Die Me, Dichotomy", which is arguably Farscape's best episode, ever. So stick with us - lots to come next week and forever after.

*A little note about the images for "A Not So Simple Plan", and some of season 2 in general. Basically, much of season 2's image galleries will vary in quality compared with season 1. This is because season 1 was captured entirley from the DVDs, hence the best quality on the net, whereas some of season 2 will not be - yet. You can rest assured though that as the season 2 DVDs are released (they begin on March 12th) we will go back and re-make all the images captured from VHS tapes, capturing from the DVDs.

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