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Anthony Simcoe says Sci Fi meeting on Monday
by Dani Moure - Saturday, September 14th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

In #Farscape chat yesterday evening, Anthony Simcoe, who was joined by Ben Johnson (his co-ordinator), confirmed that there will be a meeting on Monday (USA time) at Sci Fi to discuss the current Farscape situation. It's believed that this will be the true crunch date in further negotiations with Sci Fi, and it's likely that by Monday we'll know the fruits of all our efforts in this campaign. The complete transcript of the chat is below:

hey there anth
* Barbarella sets mode: +o Ploppy
ok guys give me a sec to get setup
* Barbarella sets mode: +o PloppyTwo
few minutes guys
Cool to be a flunkey
would you like to introduce your self PloppyDeux?
* Barbarella smiles
Actually, I'm a little shy - I was hoping Anth would do it :)
OK Guys this is the Co-ordinator that Anth told us about Ben Johnson
I'm not much for introductions
Thanks Barb!
and guys PLEASE PM PYGAR with your question so I can put them in the que
don't pm me
wb Ploppy
* Barbarella sets mode: +o Ploppy
Ummmm - OK, while Anth's trying to log in I'll give you the heads up
[16:38] no one is PM'ing anthony right?..please since he's having problems do not PM him
bear with us guys I'm tryin
its not the server I think its lag on his side
Sorry about this gang
* Barbarella sets mode: +o Ploppy
I think we MAY have it
Anth is currently seeing a lovely grey screen...
oh good
its lag from his ISP I think
he IS on the applet I recommended right?
not using scifi?
Using the URL you sent me
let me check something I'll try and sign on thru
please bear with us folks there's alot of lag
* Barbarella sings and dances around the room humming the Jepardy theme
Sorry guys - were getting there - I hope
tryin to entertain while we work thru technical difficulties
well Ben you can begin by telling us what exactly is it you do for Anth
* Barbarella sets mode: +o Ploppy
What a drama!!!! Hi everyone! I've been trying to log on for over an hour
* Ploppy sets mode: +o Ploppy
* PloppyTwo sets mode: +o PloppyTwo
We did it
he's finally here and I used superglue to make sure he stays
* Barbarella giggles
Hi everyone!!! persistance has paid off
Typical! Flunky has been waiting here for ages!! ;)
ya but I superglued you in early
my tube ran out
Mmmmm - sticky
I must say thanks to everyone once again for all the suipport - tha add in the Telegraph here yesterday reallylifted our spirits
Oh no I have an angry flunky ;-)
Folks I am so proud to introduce you to my oldest and greates friend - Ben
Ben = Ploppy2
such a pretty shade
We went to high school together, shared a flat through uni years etc
Man, is he untidy or WHAT!!!!!
And as of this week he becomes part of the Scaper community becaseu he will now be handling all my convention appearances
OH that should be fun for you did you know what you were getting yourself into?
Of course I'm untidy!!! Creative minds always are
Nope - but I'm enjoying it so far!
Nice save...
I know he's going to be getting intouch with some awesome people by joining our little Farscape family
wow Ben is getting questions this time
I've nearly finished ADR for 15 - my big D'Argo ep for season 4
Cool - I can actually type more than 3 words a minute too
Sorry, Flunky apologises
I wasn't gonna comment
Yes I know I'm a crap typer
people remember PM Pygar with your questions so I can have them in que
But at least I'm here
Yes I think some Q's wold be great. Remember to ask Ploppy2 some things. Maybe you have some advice? We'd appreciate it
I'm gonna start with this one cause I can't resist
Q for Ben - so tell us what a big dork Anthony was in high school...
* Barbarella snickers
Careful Ben...
Surely you want to say I was charming and funny...;-)
Actually, as I'm sure you can imagine - Anth was always one of the most popular guys in school. I think it has something to do with having a cool sense of humour
Adored by woman
Pursued by women
Oh yes - sorry, stick to the script!!!
Worshiped by women
Pursued by women
OK..I'll admit it...maybe I was exaggerating about the women stuff
*Mike* Ploppy2 (Ben) you need to get Anth to DragonCon! You have a large following there (but then what Farscape char does not?:).
OK - details for DragonCon??
Give me a website so I can scope it out
This is exactly the stuff I need
we'll get that for ya and email it to you
Ok here's the deal!! Ben has an email address for ideas and stuff re: conventions
I'm talking to United Fan Con and SFX in MASS at the moment
Give it to them Ben
I think most people want to know what they would need to do to get Anth to a convention in their area
Were doing our best to get Anth there for November
PLEASE don't use this email to contact me or ask for anything to be passed on to cast - it won't happen
All they need to do is send me the details so I can check it out
That's not being rude - It's having respect for Ben and his email account
okey doke we'll make sure to get it out to the scapers and make sure its con appearances only
It is a "convention bookings only" email - otherwise you will always see me from time to time on bb's and you can leave messages on the bb at anthonysimcoe.com
Just heard that Gigi is doing a little role on the telefilm I'm doing (my role ius tiny as well)
We're here today to try and get Anth out to meet as many of you as possible - as well as helping him pay his mortgage (not to mention his flunkey!)
If there's a con in your area, let me know about it
Can't tell you more about it beyond - Melissa Jaffa is in it as well as Gigi and I - our roles are very small (no more than a few lines)
hey we're a good network for that kind of stuff just ask scifi and the media
we can get word out
*Jothee* for Anthony: whatever happened to Jothee? (I don't know the actors name... bad scaper) For Ben:how many places do you have Anthony booked at currently/how many are possible per year. I'm sure there's lots of cons hat would love to have him there
a 2 parter
Jothee is played by Mat Newton. He is a wonderful actor and FYI the son of a VERY FAMOUS Australian tv personality Bert Newton
We've only just started booking Anth for cons. That's part of the reason we're here this morning
I taught him briefly at NIDA. His carreer is incredible. He's really broken through and mainly does films these days - what a talent!!
Talking to United Fan Con in Springfield, MA and SFX in Boston at the moment - things look positive
Two November Cons
Obviously Anth will be at the Creation Cons in CA and NY in November as well
I love working with Mat - he also does lots of high level theatre
Also talking to a guy in the UK about an appearance in March next year
Looks like a big one!
I want to see snow!!!!! Any cons near snow?
Any cons near Disney world? I've got to spend a week in that place
Take me! TAke me!
Be a good flunky and I will :-)
[sits and behaves]
But remember - girlfriend first, flunky second
question for Anth: We're starting to believe our campaign can get a 5th season - is the cast and crew starting to believe this?
Hmmmm - a plot hatches to do away with.... Wait a minute - did I say that out loud...??
To be honest no-one really knows how close or far our efforts aretaking us until the powers that be have a meeting Monday USA time
What's ga?
Are your fingers choking?
*Sermon* Ploppy: What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself as an actor?
Hey Ploppy2. You've lasted 20 years and about twice as many girlfriends - I think you're fine
I see myslef moving more into comedy. Sadly csting directors see me moving on to the Dole cue
Once again - flunky arrives WAY before Ploppy
ok we got a 2 parter again
!!! :)
In fact I came up with the idea for a comedy show last night
*Bjeldor* For Ploppy: Is all of D'Argo's dialoge run through ADR? For PloppyTwo where does John get his fly threads? Gap and Bannana republic don't seem to carry the style...
Man - I don't understand my question! LOL
No not at all!! We do a lot of ADR but over 50% is sync (ie what we recorded on the day)
Who is John?
I think they think you handle everyone's stuff...
ok I have a better one for you P2
*longlivefarscape* Ben, Can you tell us what we need to do to get anth on Conan Or Letteman??
At the moment, doing Anth's stuff is keeping me VERY busy!
To get on to a talk show takes a LOT of fan demands - the network has to see an attraction for their larger audience
Contact the producers of Letterman and Conan and flood them with (polite) requests
they can't have missed what's going on in the news at the moment
they'd know FS is a hot topic
HAs the second Rally been organised - execs will be wlaking into a meeting about Farscape Monday - How many people will be there as they walk inot work?
we have tons of rallies planned
just for your info
*JML* Hey guys! What do you think about all the media coverage the fight to save Farscape has gotten so far, and do you think it's having any effect?
yes my typing sucks
It's amazing.
I'm not directly involved with the show - except as my relationship to Anth - but I've almost been in tears at some of the stuff I've read and seen
We were amazed. Ben called people with the CNN article and played it to people over the phone - we were so jazzed
Very emotional issue!
OK I'm getting this one alot from many people...the scapers as a group have raised over 80,000 dollars and the number keeps climbing what are your thoughts on that?..and can you guys find a use for the money to help with funding?
You guys are so dedicated - no one could help but be moved by that
they expect it to be up over 100,000 by the end of weekend
Wow!!!!!! Incredible!!! That would be somehting to ask a suit at Henson's
Get that info out to the suits! That is so impressive!!!!
Funding the campaign to save the show too! Could make it very high profile
An idea is to make 1 enmormous donation on behalf of Farscpe fans to a charity at a very well managed press event
Number crunchers will always be swayed by the people with the most clout
That's an awesome idea Anth!
Everyone wins - the charity - Farscape - you folks are awesome
*Gastroff* question for anthony...before it seemed the show was cancelled, were there any plans to revive the d'argo/chiana relationship? or is that something you can't talk about cuz it might involve the second half of year four?
remember guys please PM pygar with your questions PM's to me won't be looked at
All I can say is that D & C have a future - what that is and in what form will be part of the fun of the end of this season
[Aside] Are we getting any info from fans in Europe and UK about convention appearances for Anth??
Remember the D'Argo Jool kiss?
yes actually we're getting tons of quetsions about that ben so make sure to get me that contact info and we'll make sure to get it out on all the sites
D'ARgo is in serach not only of love but HOW to love
*aughra* Anth....how's your neck, hon...still going to physio? Gotta watch those hyperrages! ;-)
It's Ok - not great - yes still going - just ADR'd the scene where it went yesterday
For those who don't know I damaged my nexck this season doing a FULL ON hyper rage scene
Another injury for this job
*LJinx1* Hi Anth and Ben. I heard rumours that say you are coming to a Starfury event in the UK next year, is this true? We'd love to see you!!!!!
remind me never to make you mad then Anth
We're trying as hard as we can to make it happen - a 6 month ban on other events is hampering us at the moment but the people at Star fury are wonderful so I'm sure we'll work something out
"I vow I will never be taken prisoner again!"
*newmedia303* For Ploppy, I remember an interview where you said that you find what you need for a scene in the other actor's eyes. What do you when working with the puppets? Like when you had to apologize to Rygel??
Great question!
THe puppeteers make his eyes come alive - it's the same principle and a key to acting - take the focus and drive to something outside yourslef - affect the world around you
This stops your performance becoming indulgent
"I pay my $60 to come out of the theatre an emotional mess. Not to watch you in one" I wish more actorws learnt this lesson - we'd see better performances
How Raelee and Melissa Jaffer have reacted to the news of the cancellation?
how has sorry
Crying does not a good actor make - I know plenty of crap actors who can cry on cue
by the way gang, if you want to see Anth at conventions near you - contact the organisers and make your voices heard
You're all good at that!
They're resigned to it - Very sad and shocked but as R said to me a year on a show is a lot diferent to 4
*JessicaSeven* how did you decide acting was your thang?
I didn't decide. God did.
*commy* anth- Where would u like to see the character go? how would u write the character in the final ep (when weve won!!!) ie how would u like the character to be ended?
I would like to see D'ARgo utilise all his new found wisdom and experience to aid in the plight of hsi people
*zoowho* Is the farscape set still intact? I heard in a previous chat that it was to be destroyed soon after the cancelation was announced.
It was scheduled to be taken apart but the enormous fan response has made the suits delay until Manoday USA time
rememeber guys PM pygar
not me
My understanding is that there will be a phone hook up by the suits to discuss
So come Monday afternoon the campaign will know the fruits of its efforts
*Magess* P2: are you also going to book gigs for Anth's band? :)
Would LOVE to do that. It's a more expensive prospect for the organisers but hey - they get the big D and Scorpy plus a great rock band
If a convention is interested in Anth's band , then definitely! Otherwise, the band is not within my sphere of influence
When Scapers let organisers know they wnat Farscape cast at conventions you should also request the band
*CraisLover* Anthony, If you could take any characteristics of Dargo's and have them be a part of you, what would they be and why?
Craislover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello darling!!!!
Craisloveer has taken the most fantstic shots of me at cons people - great photographer - great lady
I would take hsi spaceship of course! :-)
*Jota* If the campaign here in North America is successful, is that likely to have affect Australian/New Zealand networks at all?
God I hope so! It's really annoying how they program FS here!
I don't think so - The sad truth is that no network belives the show works for an Aussie audience - Our ratings here were more than appalling
*TankGrl* Who are you going to be for Halloween?
I thihnk that's to both of you
remember folks please PM pygar
Thanks to crappy programming - that's my 2 cents
Not an Australian tradition I'm afraid. But happy halloween anyway (If that's the right thing to say)
Morticia Addams
But Ploppy2's always dressed like that
My secret's out!
*RomCen* For Anth: Which Farscape episode is closest to your heart and why? You'll always be close to our hearts, btw! :)
does that mean if I speak french you'll swoon?
I've seen photos and of course in movies kida going around collecting lollies but I can't say I've ever had someone come to my dorr "Trickl or treating" HAve you Ben?
No, that was Gomez
you must have nasty candy then
Been to a couple of Halloween partied though - they're always fun
I know I always left those houses alone
Aussies always looking for an excuse to party
And I'm always looking for an excuse to dress up!!
My favourite ep is the one I'm in ADR for at the moment 4/15 - big D'Argo ep that ties up some interesting stuff about his back story
Please send headless roses to:
ok this is coming from alot of people...more band questions they all want to know how they can hear you guys play?
We will be selling a demo at the cons (trying to self fund an album)
We are booked to play at the LA creation con
well put it up on your website trust me you'll get loads of orders
*JessicaSeven* to both of yas: what's the lowdown on Aussie beer? XXXX or which do you prefer?
Any other bookings whil wer'er in the states will be happilly accepted - just contact Ben (Ploppy2
yes the magic word beer
remember guys pm pygar I'm not looking at pm's
I like Fosters Lite Ice - Mmmm, cool and refreshing, and light
(Queensland is an Australian state) An Australian joke is "Why do Queenslanders call their beer XXXX - because they can't spell beer"
Hahn premium light is also a goody
I'm partial to Cascade myself or Crown
Ploppy2 is a Queenslander (So was I)
*Galvin* what are the food cubes made of, what do they taste like?
I used to drink VB when I lived in Melbourne
I think they're coloured Tofu from memory - long time since I've had a scene with the good old food cubes
*oskum* In a British Ad at the moment Dame Edna Everage says he/she can't wait till the world leaders think like a melbourne housewife...Would it work????? ;-)
I had to ask it
Depends which Melbourne housewife
there are a lot of them
That add is here as well. The laughter that Dame Edna brings the world has to be a good thing
I think we asked this one already
I prefer his chracter Sir Les to Dame Edna but they're both great
*aBracaDabra* For Anth - What's your favorite part of doing cons? Our family in Rhode Island just loves you!
Thank you. The best part of doing a con is looking into peoples eyes, if only for a second, and saying g'day. I hope that everyone who gets to meet me at a con comes awy feeling that I am a genuine normal guy and tha we are ll on the Farscape hjourney TOGETHER
*Macabre* Hi there! ;D Here's my question for Anth: Does anyone ever get nauseous regarding all the disgusting things that happen? Re: D'Argo's DNA all over his ship's controls, lots of vomiting, eating stuff that other people have... produced.
I love laughter and energy - that is my job at a con - to give out good, high energy vibes to everyone - I'm a race car at a con not a gondala ride
OK gang - I'm going to give you my contact info....
yes please
We find it funny. It's never as disgusting when you are conronted with the technical aspects of your job
A couple of rules first....
I dunno I've seen some of the things you guys are asked to eat Anth
Ooh Ploppy2 sounds tough
Please, please, please only send information about Conventions
I'm terrible on set - usually all the "space food" is normal food recoloured of course so I will spoen dthe day nibbling away
I'm sorry, but I CANNOT forward messages on to Anth - or to anyone else
Then I'll feel ill and stand by props are angry becasue IU kleep eatin ghte props!
They started to tell me all the props were sprayed with insect spray to stop me eating them :-)
My job is to organise Anth's appearances at cons and events so I'll have to ignore anything that comes in outside of that scope
It was very funny - I ate them anyway - who;s going to argue with an angry Luxan
You'll do much better by getting me the con info anyway. That way, if it's in your area - you'll get to meet him in person! Way better than talking to a flunky (Sniff...:( )
OOOh Ploppy2 - You're so much more than that!!!
Ohhhh - thanks man [coy]
So what's the Addy Ploppy2?
OK everyone cut and paste your hearts out!!!!!!!!!!! simcoebookings@netspace.net.au
I can take 2 more q's
If you regularly visit Anth's website, there's a link there to an address (conventions@anthonysimcoe.....) - you cannot contact me at that address! Use the one I just gave you
ok This is to both of you...I think I've had almost every scaper here say Try to get Anthony and Ben to say NEVER SAY DIE for us (for Ben that's our Call to arms for the show)
they gotta have it man
I'm bowing to pressure
I know - I've been lurking.... heheh
Anth takes a deep breathe
He stands
Wind blows his hair
Somehting is building
Energy starts to grow
His mouth opens
the ground rumbles........
NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Windows shatter
OH that feels gooooood
light bulbs explode
Man, I'm quivering
tvs change stations
the city shuts down
That was powerful - I mean it!
the only thing the whole world can hear is the cry of millions of angry scapers
NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's it for me people - off to the weekend
I guess I'm heading off too...
thank you so much Anthony and Ben we really appreciate you showing up and doing this with us
and now I'm gonna open up the floor
I'll be back now and again to remind you to harrass you're con organisers
Thank you so much once again - it IS having an impact - I promise you and I repeat -It IS having an impact

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