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David Kemper talks again on Interstellar Transmissions
by Dani Moure - Sunday, September 29th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

Interstellar Transmissions invited David Kemper back to the show last Friday, this time for the full hour, fielding questions from fans as well as getting more of Mr. Kemper's thoughts in general.

The main topic, of course, was the cancellation of Farscape and what perhaps can be done about it. It's another fascinating listen, where David Kemper tells us why it may not be economical for another network to buy Farscape (rerun rights being the main problem), how feasible a movie would be, why a mini series of TV movies would be so difficult to manage (and not exactly what anyone would want), why fan funding would be so very difficult given the huge amounts involved (while at the same time adding how amazing any effort is), how the TV scene is changing in the current economical climate, why he and several others blame themselves for what happened, why great ratings for the new episodes in January would really help the cause more than anything, how many shows they have left in them and so much more. Trust me when I say it's a must listen, and to quote Kemper, "Farscape isn't necessarily dead, it's just taking a vacation."

Click here to hear the transmission from Interstellar Transmissions.

Click here to visit Freepilot.org and download the interview in MP3 format (see the "Information Timeline" section).

Click here for a transcript of the interview.

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