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Information on the Farscape Webmasters Association
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, November 6th 2002

Category: Future Farscape

Overlooked in the flurry of life that's been surging all around me lately, we have information on the Farscape Webmasters Association (FWA), which you may have already heard about. Hopefully this article from Deneba will provide some explanation.

The Farscape Webmasters Association was announced with a whisper in the Save Farscape.com bulletin boards. Now that we're more organized, we want to give it a shout!

The purpose of the Association is to share news and information with other Farscape websites, and to collaborate on projects. This helps us access the power of the Scaper community all over the world and creates unity from the many solitary Farscape sites.

Here's how the Association works: The core groups is comprised of some of the largest and most active Farscape websites, as well as sites dedicated to the Save Farscape campaign. These sites have the charter to reach out to all of the Farscape related sites we can find to share information and solicit ideas. There are so many talented people eager to help in the campaign; we want to open the door to everyone to give them an opportunity to participate.

The core group of the Webmasters Association is now the oversight committee for new projects going forward in support of the marketing plan and the disposition of new monies contributed to the Farscape: Beyond Hope fund starting Monday, October 21. We are looking at ways to raise money for the fund to pay for national or international projects to increase publicity for the campaign or increase viewership.

These are the core members of the Farscape Webmasters Association, with associated sites bulleted beneath.

BritAngie’s Ben Browder Site
Farscape Escape 2002
Farscape Fanrotica
Escape to Farscape
Exodus from Genesis
Farscape Create
Farscape DarkScape
Claudia Black
Farscape Fantasy
Farscape Webring
Farscape World
Save Farscape Canada
Save Farscape.com
a toe in the water
chairs, candles & cloth
divine collective
Farscape Alley - BBQ
Jmax’s Uncharted Addiction
orchid's ... place
Reminiscent Bay
Sanctum of Scorpius Save FS
The Max Factor
The Province of Red
The Slime Pit
Scaper Sanctuary (SACC)
The Ultimate
Un4Scene's Hidden Memories

Questions & Answers

How does my Farscape related website get to be a member of the Association?

Send an e-mail to Deneba at deneba@attbi.com. Core membership is currently at manageable capacity, but associate members are welcome to share information and to work on projects. We will assign you to a core member so you have direct access to everything that is going on.

What kind of projects will be subsidized by the Farscape: Beyond Hope fund?

Projects that support the marketing plan. This plan is designed to promote the Save Farscape campaign to the media, and to increase viewership in the general population from a national and international level. Such projects most fully utilize the contributions at the most broad level possible.

What’s been done with the $8893.81 already contributed to the Farscape: Beyond Hope fund?

Those monies remain in the control of Save Farscape.com to complete three projects in process now. We are gathering costs for the projects, and will announce them early next week. The three projects are:

Media kits – these kits contain information about the campaign and will be sent to various national and local media outlets. This will help promote media interest in the campaign for future events.

Guerilla Radio Network – this is a national radio promo scheduled for January in the top 10 markets in the United States. We will have Farscape related prize packages for people to call in and win. The win for us is that we’ll have information about Farscape as part of the on-air contest announcements hitting the ears of many thousands of people across the country, hopefully for five days in a row in each market.

Traveling Convention Package – This package will include a vinyl banner, some sculptures of Rygel and Moya for display, and other pieces to help our convention teams get attention at cons across the United States. The package will travel from con to con, maximizing the use of the pieces included.

There is also a national television commercial project underway by [insert names here]. Save Farscape.com will provide the funding to air this commercial nationally on cable stations pending artistic approval of the commercial by the Strategy Team, and the availability of funds after the originally committed projects.

The FWA is also very interested in this and a related project, and will consider funding it under the same conditions of artistic approval and availability of money if Save Farscape.com does not have enough money to support it.

Why not discuss this news on the Farscape World Forums?

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